Life Can Be Beachy

Man, do
I miss the

I grew up in South
Florida, and I rarely
took advantage of
the opportunity,
despite living within
5 or 10 miles of all
kinds of great beaches –

— now that I live in
the Piedmont of
North Carolina, I’m
too far away from the
coast to just casually
go anytime I want to.

I was kinda reminiscing
about that out loud in
the gym yesterday,
as one of the guys
asked if I had learned
to surf while I was
living down there….

No, of course,
surfing in Florida
is much like mountain
climbing down there –
– if you can find a hill
a wave big enough
to suit you-
good luck to you.

As I recall, the highest
elevation in the State
was an arched bridge
on the Florida turnpike,
and aside from during
hurricanes, you’ll never
see a wave over 5 feet.

(Remind me to
tell you about the
time I had a spare
tire from another
guys’ trailer bouncing
along with me on the
side of that bridge
going 60 MPH
during a hurricane. )

So, anyway,
better to save your
big board aspirations
for the Golden State
or Hawaii…..

— you got a better
chance of hanging
yourself on seaweed
than hanging ten
down there.

Still —
there are beaches
in the Sunshine State
that can compete
with the beauty of
anywhere else’s
beaches –

— many of them are
hidden away , far
from the hub-bubhop
of Daytona Beach,
hurly-burly of
or the hum-drum
hubris of Miami

(but, I gotta say,
if you like Deco,
Miami Beach is the
place to see it )nf

Places like
Captiva Island,
Bahia Honda Key,
Naples Beach,
or St. George Island.

I like St. Augustine’s
small town vibe, too.

Like the song says:

” I’ve still got
sand in my shoes, 
And I can’t shake
the thought of you 
I should get on,
forget you 
But why would
I want to? “


!!! HOY !!!


12 thoughts on “Life Can Be Beachy

  1. hjonasson says:

    Beach? Oh yeah… some places don’t have ice. 😉

    It’s a shame that we rarely take advantage of things when we live in the area. As I’ve gotten older, I try to keep that in mind and play tourist where I live.

  2. Life is beachy! Beaches are fun! So, life is fun! 😉 😀

    I love this beachy post and the fun postcards! 🙂 and Ha! on the bathing-suit crack revealing butt crack! 😉

    We once lived in a home 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean and I still miss that place eons later! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 😀
    PS…tell me about the time you had a spare tire from another guys’ trailer bouncing
    along with you on the side of that bridge going 60 MPH during a hurricane.

  3. ktz2 says:

    You mentioned surfing.. an odd fun fact I just learned recently is : there’s surfing in southwest England ! (Cornwall county).. I saw a video.. hey, who knew ?

  4. We go to Panama City Beach nearly every summer. I would love to talk my family into finding a smaller, less commercial place to go. Maybe an old, sand-worn cabin somewhere. But they like the excitement of PCB. Still, it’s always a relaxing week of fun.

  5. Jules says:

    I like St. Augustine…
    They’ve got peacocks wandering around. An albino pair too!
    But ya gotta pay to get in there.

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