Friday’s Mailbag – Give Until It Hurts

spaceIt’s usually feast
or famine
for picture
in the mailbag —

I’ve got
nothing in there,

— or I’ve got so
much good stuff
I don’t know
where to start.

Right now,

I’ve got a mess
of fascinating pics
and postcards,

from SC.,
from VA ,

( this post was also
partly her idea ),

( totally responsible
for most of the
dirty references-
just kidding )

and Ropey
( yeah, bananas
and biscuits, my ass ) – –

I want to thank everybodypetmonkey
who has submitted stuff,

and especially those
four folks —

— and to encourage
to send MORE:


Cause everybody knows
that more IZ better.iam

(Ok ,
maybe not absolutely-
-everytime-always. )

And your item
doesn’t have to
be a postcard,
or have a double
be sexy,
or some weird
bizarre feature, either.aktablets

a great submission
can simply be UNIQUE…


It can scream :

hey —

just what the fuck
is going on here ??????


Today’s batch gives
me a very cool
opportunity to
use some really
neat-o submissions,

that probably wouldn’t find
a place on here otherwise,

— this being a pretty
smart-alecky kinda
blog usually —

and pursue my
dream of making
this thing of ours
a bit more interactive
at the same time.

With all the old
postcards and stuff
I’ve been getting lately,valetinesfuneral

I had gotten
to wonderin’ —

Just how much/far back
can one see into the past
by looking at them ?

There are all kinds of
interesting aspects to these pics,
— for me, anyway…..

I’ll give you an
example of what I mean.

( and of course,
— I’d pick a suggestive one )

Here’s an antiquebanana
French postcard–

—  featuring the
various ways
a beautiful woman
could choose
to savor a banana.


if that one
doesn’t take you
out of your sense
of time and place

Here’s another one:

about how she shouldbiscuit
eat lady finger cookies.

Just to cover the whole gamut
of lewd food, ya know.

Now, there’s
all kinds of spins
you could put on
that, right?

….. like,

exactly WHO would you
SEND that card to, and

—whether it wouldn’t
make a good substitute
for a Valentines Day card—

Or, maybe it’d make
a pretty kinky invitation
to even a kinkier party,

Who knows.

Perhaps I just got
a dirty mind.

And truthfully,
I’m much more interested
in what details/inferenceslivewire
that the readers of the
Muscleheaded Blog would pick out.

So, I would very
much like
to hear from you
in comments —

Pick out one or
two of your favorites
— tell me:

What do YOU see ?bananas

What kind of caption would you add?

What questions does it inspire?

What kind of things
can you assume
from the picture?

What’s most
appealing about it?

That kinda thing.drunk

I was gonna number the pictures,

— so you’d have some reference point,

but then, I figured:

it’d be more fun to see
how you described
which picture you
were talking about….

——– so, you’re
on your own, pal.





10 thoughts on “Friday’s Mailbag – Give Until It Hurts

  1. Peach6972 says:

    Thas how I feel if I closed my eyes everything will be okay and back to normal …🤭☺😘🙃🤑🤪

    • Peachie: I don’t know what you’re going through, but I relate to what you mean. Keep your head up and remember there are people who care about you – but that the world ain’t never, never, never normal- ever. 😀 🙂 🐻

      • Peach6972 says:

        😔😞😢believe I’m lucky to be alive …my house catch on fire and I burn my self,I don’t know I u knowest I wasn’t posting for a while it was that I’m being to alot of surgeries 50+ .n is a life changing, I don’t want this to my worse enemy. 93%burned my daughter 30% trying to help me, bc my hair was the first thing that catch on fire 2 explosion both of them got was in 1-11-17 is been a ur. I die they brought me back, I was in coma for 2 n half wks..

  2. HA! Nekkid statues, pet monkeys, blowing oneself, bananas, biscuits, men in boxers, live wires, all paid for funeral…s’all good! 😉 😀 😛

    I’ll put some captions and you figure out which card I wrote them for:

    Buy a bunch of bananas, ladies, and practice, practice, practice!
    It’s never really a party until somebody’s pants come off!
    Lady: “Are you sure part of it didn’t fall off? I thought it would be bigger.”
    Whenever you feel horny, instead of blowing your own horn, let someone else blow it for you! Saxy, for sure!
    Sparking with a live wire is always hot and fiery!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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