So You Say

When I was a little
kiddy winky, whenever
any adult didn’t wanna
tell me where they
heard about a mischief
or misadventure of mine,
(and I had plenty),
they’d say something like:
A Little Bird Told Me ” .

For a while, that certainly
caused me consternation,
and more than a bit of
suspicion when it came
to any ” feathered
friends” that were
lurking about.

Those winged little bastards
had a lot of nerve spying
on me, I thought.

They had a distinct
disadvantage over me
in that they could check
out whatever what I was
up to from the safety of
the telephone pole.

I didn’t mind ’em
watching me, but
there was no excuse
for ratting me out.

Plans for an extensive
retaliatory strike involving
a purloined pellet gun
were still in the making
when I suddenly realized
that I had grown up, and
I found out the whole
thing fell under the
general category of
“popular expressions”.

Man, it’s no wonder
we kids hadn’t
trusted adults…

— they’d lie to us
in a heartbeat, jeeez.

Sure, use
the excuse that
they were rhetorical
devices –
but we all knew

And, I never did
believe that Easter
Bunny shit, ya know.

Birds making sure I
went to school, ok,
but I drew the line
at giant rabbits
laying artificially
colored eggs.

Anyhoo ;
many of
the expressions
didn’t make a
whole lot of
sense to anybody,
never mind a kid.

” Raining Cats
And Dogs.”

Under what
would anybody
think that
was possible?

A troglodyte
cave dweller
under a kennel
during a

Not all that
likely, right?


!!! HOY !!!



11 thoughts on “So You Say

  1. kirizar says:

    Sounds like you wandered into an alley full of aphorisms, an exemplar of expressionism, and a quandary of quips. Perhaps you need to bring your anti-idiom umbrella to ward off getting drenched in maxims?

  2. Cats and dogs and birds! Oh, my!!! 😮 HA! Fun expressions! 😀
    Yeah, that little birdie was a snitch…a cousin to the stool pigeon!!! 😉 😛
    Love that “cake walk” postcard…style, colors, artwork, etc.! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. msjadeli says:

    Nice feature today.

  4. J.D. Riso says:

    I’ve often wondered where some of our expressions come from. Some of them make no sense at all. Happy belated Easter. Hope you got lots of candy in your basket. 🙂

  5. Jules says:

    The raining cats and dogs thing… was due to a freak weather. The wind being so strong it swept up the strays and put ’em back down again… so I read somewhere. But yeah there are just some things that are weird that parents say or do… like; You need to put a sweater on because I’m cold. Or the ever popular: Do it because I said so. That might not quite fit the category… But when Mom or Dad said they had eyes in the back of their heads… ewe and ick!

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