Blondie Circa 1930’s

I guess just about
everybody’s seen
the comic strip
“Blondie”, featuring
a pretty lady named
Blondie, her husband
Dagwood, and,
of course,
Daisy the Dog.

What many folks
would be surprised
by, I think, is how
different the comic
was back when it first
started in 1930.

Back then,
( yep, her
maiden name )
was a rather wild
free spirited
single flapper ,
living in Joplin,
Missouri, who
was engaged
to a bumbling
dolt and heir to a
fortune in
railroads —

Dagwood Bumstead.

Originally, the artist
( Chic Young )
had toyed with several
names for the Blondie
character , including
Beautiful Bab and Dumb
Dora- but decided those
names would limit the
development of the strip
too much.

After several
years of hemming
and hawwing
with Dagwood’s
family trying all
sorts of dirty tricks
to keep
them apart –

including a 28 day
hunger strike on
the part of Dagwood to
protest his family’s
rejection of Blondie…

(which explains
for huge sandwiches….)

– the couple decided
to go ahead and tie
the knot, followed
with disastrous
consequences –

– Dagwood was
disinherited !

The announcement
of their engagement
was part of a
huge promotion
of the strip to
syndicators –
with a publicity
mailing in the
form of a cardboard
suitcase, that included
a paper doll of Blondie
in her lingerie, and
cut-out clothes, too.

With only
enough money
to finance their
honeymoon in
Niagara Falls,
the couple
soon got back
on their feet,
and started
living as a
pretty average
family –

– even
sleeping in
the same bed !!!

Scandalous !!!

!!! HOY !!!





4 thoughts on “Blondie Circa 1930’s

  1. Interesting! I didn’t know any of this! But loved the old comics AND finding some of the old B&W Blondie movies on TV channels like AMC and TCM.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Jules says:

    Wow… the background I never knew… kind of like the secret meanings of fairy tales. Cool. Thanks.

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