Friday’s Mailbag

Hey Hey
It’s Friday !

Today’s kinda a weird
topic for us around here
at the Muscleheaded Blog
being generally considered
sinners and heathens and all.

Actually, I had to ask
somebody that was
familiar with it-

how this whole thing
worked –

– cause I personally
had never
experienced it.

I went to a parochial
school, and our religious
classes were part of the
daily curriculum.

We went to church on
Sunday, sure, but we
didn’t have to go early
for Bible class, and
until I started to
collect postcards,
I had never heard of
such a thing as a
Sunday School

Personally, I don’t
know what would be
worse, since if missed
my classes, that means
I skipped school-

– and we’d have a gruff
old Mother Superior
banging on the front
door of my house PDQ.

Resistance is
futile, sinner.

But for some reason,
these cards seem even
more invasive than that.

Maybe it’s the
guilt-trippy tone –
– the ‘you let us all
down’ kinda thing….

And I’m told that it
was a way of a guy’s
pastor of ratting you
out to your parents
that you had opted to
go fishin’ instead of
draggin yourself to
Sunday School.

My buddy remembers
getting one from his
church – and his sister
was apparently on their
send-one-every-week list.

Funny, she’s the type of
girl who’d be sending
them out now.


They were a big
money maker for
the postcard publishers,
and were thought to
really improve the
attendance of the
classes that used them.

There were several
types sold…

one called a “Rally Day card”,
which was used primarily in
New England…

A 1905 book called
“How To Conduct
A Sunday School” explains:

“(Rally Day) is used as a
means of rallying the forces
again for the work of fall
and winter. When a general is
preparing for a battle he is
said to rally his forces.
When a sick person begins
to recover it is said of him
that he his rallying. When a
bookbinder brings together
in one place the different
sections of a book to be
bound into one he is said
to be rallying the book.
All of these phrases may
be applied to the Sunday
school work; we are rallying
our forces for the great
campaign of the fall and

Another were
“Attendance Committee”
notices –

– they seem pretty harsh
and demanding in tone,
and were used a lot
in the South, and were
the kind my buddy’s
sister got.

Still others were of the
“Look At How Much
Fun You’re Missing”

And of course, you
had the more generic
“We noticed you
weren’t there, Sunday” type.

All in all, they seem
and patronizing,
but then again ,
maybe if you grew
up with them, they’d
just be another relic
from the past;

although I’m informed
that some churches are
still using them.

Just think of the postage
they woulda wasted on me.

!!! HOY !!!



2 thoughts on “Friday’s Mailbag

  1. Interesting! Guess there was a postcard for most everything, especially back in those days!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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