Watts With Electric Motorcycles ?

Porsche 618 Concept

You probably know
that many of my
posts have been
inspired by conversations
I have with folks
in the gym….

I guess it’s
natural enough, right?

BMW LS-218

Ok –
so I’ll tell ya
what’s not natural…
for me, at least.

Electric Motorcycles.


Oh sure, according to
a gym buddy of mine,
they’re the next big

They’re sleek, smooth
riding, quick, light, and
simple to operate.

And there’s certainly
been some solid
entries in the category

Bultaco “Rapitan”

I saw a electric Lotus
motorcycle at a car
show, and it not only
looked like something
from outer space, but
it woulda been a bitch
to ride- offering so
much power to the
throttle instantaneously
you’d need to strap
yourself to it to
stay on.

(of course, they
weren’t giving
test rides, but
yoweeeee. )

Voxan “Wattman”

There’s a new
electric street bike
by Voxan they’re
talking about now;
the “Wattman” is
a 200 horsepower
beast that will get
you 0 to 100 mph
in less than 6 secs-
again, though, it
looks like you could
ride it to Mars.

Harley-Davidson “Live Wire”

fixin’ to release the
“Live-Wire” in
August, 2019-
which is supposed
to be blazing fast
(0-60 MPH in 3 secs) –
with a range that
averages about 120
miles per charge.
If you don’t look
hard at it, you might
think they brought
back the Buell, but,
still, the $30,000 price
tag is bound to
shock you.

Brutus V9

If you’re throwing around
that kinda money,
(you know, like for
a Christmas gift ) then
maybe the Brutus V9 is
more my speed, anyway –
it looks like a traditional
cruiser, has a top end
around 115 MPH, and
gets about 250 miles
per charge; chicks
not included.

Fuell Flow 1S

Oh, speaking of Buell –
well, Erik Buell
is back in the
motorcycle business,
and his electric Fuell
“Flow 1S” will become
available in 2
versions, a 15 HP
and a 47 HP .

And, if you’re
more into dirt
than asphalt,
the Zero FX

Zero ” FX “

can be had
for under
$10,000 – 44 horses of
pure voltaic power with
70 foot pounds of torque
driving only 280 pounds
of bike – which really
only means a faster
crunch and munch
to me.

Yamaha PES-1

Yamaha has one too…
it’s the PES-1, with a
readily replaceable
lithium battery pack.
No price on that, yet,
but it does look more
like an honest to
goodness dirt bike,

BMW’s street entry,
the Lightning LS218,
is a natural for the
Autobahn –
and the world’s
fastest production
electric motorcycle:

BMW “Lightning” LS-218

200 horsepower
means a stunning,
0 to 60 MPH in 2
seconds flat.

Now you see it,
now you don’t.

And that brings up my
main problem with
electric motorcycles —
they’re so quiet and
powerful that you can
become a rather
large bug-splatter

BMW ER-80 Concept

– on somebody’s pickup
truck who was changing
lanes unexpectedly
without the driver even
noticing you were there.

I want to be seen,
and I want to be heard.

I want that V-twin rumble
to be felt in any surrounding
cage driver’s bottom when
I’m sharing the road with

Honda Electric Concept

And all of these bikes
are almost noiseless
and vibration-free.

So, despite the
amazing speed,
simplicity, and
smooth glide;
at least for this rider,
electric motorcycles
are still a piece of high
technology that I don’t
want or need, thanks,

!!! HOY !!!


Yamaha Gen-Yu Electric Concept



13 thoughts on “Watts With Electric Motorcycles ?

  1. I would agree with you! But, wowza! and Interesting! Very rocket-man-like! 🙂
    vroom-vroom-HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Stella says:

    Lots of information here! Have you been watching the Isle of Man TT? 😉

  3. Well said, but look and look good, before you cross the road — you can’t hear these things coming!

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