Oh Clémentine My Dear

when we talk
about vintage
pinups and such
art here on the
Blog,  I think I
might put a little
more emphasis
on American pin-ups
and leave out the
contributions of
some great British
and French artists
in the field.

And I certainly
wouldn’t wanna
do that.

Take Jean Bellus –
and his Paris Pin-Up,
Clémentine “.

Bellus was a self-taught
French illustrator from
Toulouse, born in 1911,
who developed several
popular comics series,
like “Georgie, Laurel,
and Hardy” in the
“Benjamin” magazine
before the invasion of
France in World War II.

He was taken prisoner
by the Germans in 1940,
and put his work on
hold for 4 years, because
he refused to work for
the collaborationists.

But, after his release in
1945, he returned to
drawing, and worked
for several large French
publications like:
and “Jours
de France”.

He also published,
(with a preface by
Paul Colline), a large
collection of sardonic
cartoons based on
his experiences
during the Occupation,
released in 1945 as
Humour Verboten ” .

In 1947, for the
daily newspaper
he worked
on the comic
strips ‘Le Roi Pausole
and ‘Marie-Claire‘.

Perhaps he is best
however, for his
wonderfully sexy
and light hearted
renderings of his
“Clémentine Chérie”
in the late 1950’s
and early 1960’s,
which led to several
popular books,
including :

“Clémentine and Love” ,
and Her Men”,
and Her Family”,
“Clémentine Chérie
The Rage Of Paris”,
“Clémentine And
Her World”,
“Clémentine And
The Boys”,
” Oh Clémentine “…….

– and even
a movie
based on
the adventures
of his lovable
pin up.

Originally available
only in French, his
work has been
translated into
English, German,
and many other

Clémentine, and
other Bellus
creations, also
ended up being
marketed on

He died in 1967,
but his work is
still being
in France and
Great Britain.

The books are
highly collectible
and a lot of fun
to read, too !!!

And in tribute to
Jean Bellus and
the other great
French illustrators
of the era , I say :

Vive la France ! ”


!!! HOY !!!






4 thoughts on “Oh Clémentine My Dear

  1. Yes! Vive la France! And Vive la belle Clemintine!
    What fun it would be to keep up with her adventures! 😉
    HUGS!!! 😀

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