Don’t Call Me Sunshine

a1I see a lot of
the same people
in my day to day life,
especially at the gym.

And so it stands
to reason that
some people feel
familiar enough with
my ugly puss to fla
say hello, even though
they might not
remember my name.

(5 letters are a
lot to remember
for some people,
— I guess)

“Hey man”,
“good morning sir”,
hello there buddy“,
“nice day, huh”, 
hiya big fella
are all on the 1906
approved list of
perfectly good substitutes
as far as I’m concerned.

“Hi Sunshine”
is NOT one of them.

I know I’m angry
from Florida, but NO.

I dunno what
it’s even
supposed to mean-

whether it’s a
sarcastic commentary
of my rather surly
(at times) demeanor,

— or whether I just
appear happily
clueless about
the world to them…..sunshin
(basically, cause
I don’t care about most of it)

— or is it simply
patronizing and
meant to say
that they are so
much fucking
better thanbeet
me in every way.

Either way, it seems
like a pretty passive
aggressive thing to
call somebody.

And when I get aggressive,kick
there’s nothing
passive about me.

Anyhoo, as you can
probably already guess,
I got that one
just this morning,
and it ruined a few peoples’
day, I can tell you.

Cause it flat out
pissed me off, frankly.

Who am I –
Little Miss Muffet ?croc

Oh, you want a
workout, do you?

Ole Missah Sonshane
is heah ta safe da day.

You’re gonna end up hurting
in places you never even
knew you had,poke
and that’s a promise.

Bad attitude ?

Oh sure,
but what else.

Do me a favor, ok?

Don’t ever call
anybody ‘sunshine’.

Nobody really likes it.


!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!


And Now, Fish Balls In Their Own Juice

fishballsYou have to admit……

Despite the fact that this post
has absolutely nothing at all
to do with bizarre food products ,
it sure makes a dandy way
of starting things off, doesn’t it ?

They are indeed,
fish balls in their own juice.

I had no idea that fish even had ’em.

Jeeez…. sailor
the stuff you learn on the internet, huh?

Of course,
SQUIDS got em.

Knowing me like you do,
how could you doubt it?

And we can be right handy
with them at times.

You put us in the right kinda boat,
——– and you’ll find out, too. slipoffshore

As you can probably tell
from this mindless prattling
that I seem to be doing,

This is one of them
‘no subject’ posts that I write
when my mailbag is full,
and my mind is idea-free.

I’m not saying
that reading this post will
be a total waste of time, though.

Because I think the pictures alone,
are worth the 30 seconds of your life,coffee
you’ll spend perusing it.

these are some of the
best ones in the mailbag.

Just how to connect the dots,
as it were,
is the only real issue.

And as,
idley just rambling along,
literarily speaking is concerned,
is a specialty of mine…

you can’t call it stream of consciousness. throttle

You gotta be conscious for that.

The goodies we’ve got for you
today all relate to stuff I like.

Other than those damned fish balls, that is.

Girls in boats hiking up their dress
so they don’t get wet —
Oh, yes,
I like.

Coffee —
well, who doesn’t like coffee,
I ask you.

sure, man, I’m in.

Motorcycles —

Come on,riding
how easy can these
pop quizzes get anyway ?

If they’d stuck to
these subjects in school,

……. I might not have ended
up a juvenile delinquent.

Ahhh, well….
……………….. who knows.

that I’m an adult delinquent,

I’m kinda happy about how it all turned out.