Baseball Cards Been Very Very Good To Me

It’s true.

Most of the boys
of my generation
collected baseball
cards at one
time or another…..

They were invaluable
to a grammar school
kid as a form of currency,
and as the main
playing piece of
a game we called ‘flip’.

Basically, we would
throw (flip) a card
against a wall about
10 yards away, and
it would land on the
sidewalk –

– then guys would
take turns flipping
until their card
landed on top of
which now
became theirs.

Another variation
had the cards leaning
up against the wall
and the object was
to knock it down with
your own.

It sounds simple,
and I guess it was,
but there was an art
to it, I think….

Let’s just say I lost
one helluva
lotta baseball
cards in that way;

– I did learn a lot
about professional
baseball players, and
also about human
nature, and
that’s for sure.

But, I’ll bet
it’s been a while
since you’ve seen
any baseball cards
quite like these…………..

These were Goudey
“Heads-Up” cards,
produced before
World War II, in 1938.

They’re quite different
looking than the ones
we usually see —

there’s a head shot,
and then any body
parts/action shown
are cartooned in.

Goudey had been
making cards to sell
with their packs of gum
since 1933 – and they
were the first American
company to do that.

And it might seem
strange to us today,
but most of the
company’s now-would
-be-valuable printing
plates, records, archives
and unreleased cards
were destroyed in
the early 1960’s as
fuel to warm the
factory building
in the waning days
of the company.

But in the 30’s
and 40’s, the
Goudey Gum Company
did a great business in
these gum-cards over
two full decades, and
they didn’t just do
baseball themed
cards —

some of their other 
subjects included:

(1933-1940, 1947-1948)
Boy Scouts
Sea Raiders
World War (I) Gum
Majik Fold Pictures
Auto License Plates
The History Of Aviation
Jungle Gum
Our Gang Gum Puzzles
Soldier Boys

I hope you
enjoyed these !


!!! HOY !!!


She’s Good With Tools

Collections can be
a wonderful thing…

Even when
they run you
out of house
and garage
for storage space.

It’s one of those
weird manias
that never really
goes away —

— in the back
of your head,
you’ve always
got that
collectible that
might just
complete things,

and make you
feel like you’re
all done
and collectin’ –

aaaaaaaaah —

— it’ll never happen.

I saw a nice card in
this set the other day –

and knowing I had
several of them already-

I spent the rest
of the semi-annual
card and stamp show
looking for the ones
I still didn’t have.

As luck
would have it-


I didn’t find them.

Although some very
nice pin-up style
Mutoscope cards
also made my


I filled in today’s set
with ones from online.

That inter-webs thing
can really be magic
(occasionally) .

The set dates
from the
very early 1900’s –

— when female carpenters
were about as rare as
talking ducks without
speech impediments.

I dunno–
you just might want
to give that one
a minute.

Another sixty seconds
you’ll never get back.


As I was sayin –

They show various
trades-hotties getting
busy with their tools.

I love a little glimpse
of stocking when I’m
in the workshop,

— who doesn’t?

And where would we be-
-I ask you –
without the cute-sie pie
flirtatious captions
to go with them ?

I love a good pun,

They’re pure vintage,
pure harmless fun
from another age.

Despite having the
fore-knowledge that
I’m going to get raving
emails about how
women plumbers,
mechanics, tanners,
tailors, coopers, and
machinists are getting a
raw deal by being portrayed
in such a ham-handed
sexist, misogynist
manner –

— even if the cards are
over a hundred years old.

To which,
I will give the
fore-answer as :


Now, it’s a big set,
since it’s Christmas,
I didn’t want to be a
Grinch about it and
cut them into two or
three posts, cause I
especially hate that
when people do
that with gifts.

the jibber-jabber
that usually represents
the ‘blog’ part of the
picture-blog concept
is a bit more jibbery
and jabbery on today’s
post than is standard,
and the reader may
well take comfort in the
fact that the writer’s
fucking hand is about
to fall off from all this
spurious word typing,
I can tell you.

Some day I’m really
going to have to learn
to type with more than
one finger, man.

Let me assure you
just as soon —

I mean
at the very moment,
that each and every
one of these
wonderful pics
are safely ensconced
in the required
puerile blurbage
that qualifies it as a
proper Muscleheaded
blog post,

you will be the first to
be spared any further
mindless tomfoolery.

we take our

! HOY !

A Space Case

I guess like a lot
of boys of
my generation,
I was space-nuts
when I was a kid.

I mean, anything that
had to do with
space exploration
or science fiction –
– man, I was into it.

And ,
once a year,
when my birthday
rolled around,
I always got to pick one present –
– not too expensive, mind you –
– from the local department store…..

Which meant ,
quite obviously,
some kinda space gadget
of one kind or another.

You might remember
my post about my
7th birthday present
a space-age toy ray gun –

– well, every year
( until I discovered girls ) 
I chose something like that….

My eighth was a ginchey
space helmet with ear plug
and a wire antenna that
worked on the tin can
and string principle.

High tech, right ?

Hey, it came
with a bonus –
– what else,
but another ray gun ?

By the time I was nine,
I had every space gizmo
that could be rendered
into a cheap plastic toy
I could get my greedy,
grubby little hands on –

– a lot of my friends had
lost interest in theirs,
and I seized my chance
to build a virtual empire
of used, unwanted
galactic space junk.

Unfortunately, that’s
about the time my
hormones really kicked in –

– so, my universal take-over
would, quickly enough,
be put on indefinite hold,
but it all got stashed
away safely in the garage,
for the day when my space
empire-building days would
return with a vengeance.

of course,
came the
incident –

— where-in,
somehow or other,
all of my astral treasures
were confused with trash
and jettisoned into the
of the local dump.

Nobody really
has a good
explanation on how all
that happened —


My Mother claims that
she was busy cleaning
the upstairs bathroom
when it happened ….

— and my Father
asserted until the
day he died that
the rental truck that
he was seen driving
was in no way
related to the

a likely story, man.

!!!! HOY !!!!!