The Daily Retro: In Car Record Players


Sunday Morning Music

Hey there
Hi there
Ho there

Welcome to another
Sunday Morning Music.

Today– the blues.
‘Nuff Said.


Gregg Allman —
I Live The Life I Love


Bobby Blue Bland —
Straight From The Shoulder


Donald Byrd w/Isaac Hayes —
Feel Like Loving You


Luther Allison —
It’s Been A Long Time


Ray Charles —
Don’t Let The Sun
Catch You Cryin


Ramones —
” What a Wonderful World”


Devil Blues Band —
Come Fly With Me


Jimmy Smith —
Midnight Special


Led Zeppelin —
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You


JT Coldfire —
She’s Crazy


John Lee Hooker —
Boom Boom Boom


Eric Clapton and Robert Cray —
” Old Love ” 


Wes Montgomery —
Besame Mucho


Buddy Guy —
Five Long Years


Leon Russell —
Lady Blue


ZZ Top —
Blue Jean Blues


Curtis Mayfield —
Give Me Your Love



Motley Mish Mash

Let me tell
you a story ….

About how another
one of those motley
mish-mash posts
that this here
Muscleheaded Blog
seems to specialize in
came together.

my friend Katie
sent me a
strange page that purported
to be from a car manual . 

Here it is. —>

She wondered about it,
and so did I.

When I looked at it,
I thought –

“hey , that looks like
something out of a
1950’s humor magazine.”

I went searching
for it online.

Ya know….
a Mad Magazine
or similar type
of sarcasm/comic/
humor mag,
I figured.

But I didn’t find
the original source.


What I did find was
some other neat-o cool
shit —-

like a cover of “Dotty” comic
from the late 1950’s –
” a real hep cutie ” .

Apparently, this was a
kinda popular genre.

like our lead off piccie:

which is a cover from
Life Magazine in 1908-
— the art is called
“The Candle of Love ” .

Go back and look at it
if you want –

— it’s magnificent.

I found all sorts of other
groovy vintage-magazine
related stuff, too.

And since there’s
a damned deadline
hanging over my head
like the sword of Damocles
to get this tripe of a blog
out in a timely manner

— or our science editor
Suzie Wonder will beat
me within an inch of my
life —

— that’s what’s cooking on the
Muscleheaded Blog today.

You may well ask why the hell
the science editor thinks she’s
the boss —

— and I’d ask her myself
if I didn’t think she’d
try that new set of
cat o nine tails she just
ordered on Etsy on me.

That used to be
such a nice site, too.


Weird Ads And A Plenty

It’s been a couple weeks
since we dug real deep
into the mailbag —

— we’ve been getting
some funny and
very interesting things
from our friends,

and I’ll be saving most
of that for the next
mailbag post.

Keep sending stuff, man !

Today, though–

I think we’re going
give you the ‘weird factor’ —

which of course,
is nothing new
around here —

— these are real ads that just
beg the question —

Like the official steam roller
of Doris Day ?

Or a wool nose warmer.

Magnetized food?



It was a quack remedy available
in the 1880’s.

The colorful card was
intended to grab the
attention of children
who were then to
sell their parents
on the value
of the stuff–

read for yourself.

Tastes awful nice,
is vitalized by magnetism.


You get the idea, I think.

Anybody remember
” Farm Film Report ”
on SCTV starring
John Candy as
Billy Sol Hurok
and Joe Flaherty
as Big Jim McBob ?

” Yep– 
he blowed up real good.

Ok, so I may need
to provide a video
as a reference
for all you


Man, if you only
had any idea what
you’ve missed before
cell phones
and reality TV.

some of it, anyway.

So until next time,
May the good Lord
take a likin’ to ya and
blow ya up real soon.


!! HOY !!