Li’l Folks

I’m a Snoopy fan
from way back.

I consider Charles
Schulz not only a
pioneering cartoonist
but a genius at
exemplifying the ins
and outs of human
nature in his

And some of these
characters seem to
have an interesting
history of their own.

Three years before
the first “Peanuts”
cartoon strip
Schulz was drawing
a weekly strip for
the St. Paul Pioneer
newspaper called
” Li’l Folks ”  —

— starting in 1947,
which featured a
few characters
that seem very familiar

Schulz’s strip soon
gained popularity,
and in 1948, the
Saturday Evening Post
published 17 pieces
of his work.

This led the artist to
approach the influential
United Feature Syndicate,
which distributed comic
strips to hundreds of
major newspapers…

United Features agreed
to carry a new daily
Schulz comic –

— but since there
was already a national
comic called
Little Folks“,
to avoid confusion ,
the Syndicate
decided to use a
name derived from the
Howdy Doody TV show
that was popular at the
time –
Peanuts ” —
( as in ‘Peanut Gallery’ ).

Schulz didn’t like the
name – he considered
it meaningless and
irrelevant to the
characters- but the
success of the strip was
almost instantaneous.

And while the
kids in “Li’L Folks”
were nameless,
and the kids in
” Peanuts ”
not only names
but distinct personalities
as well; one can see how
the 1947 strip represented
a fertile germination period
for Schulz, and paved the
way for characters like
Charlie Brown
and Snoopy.

I hope you enjoyed
this peek into their

If you’d like to see the
whole set of strips from
1948-1950, check out a
book published by the
Schulz estate called
Li’l Beginnings”
by Derrick Bang .

!!!! HOY !!!



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Mary And Her Monkey

edAs I have been
heard to say
more than once…..

Our Edwardian
predecessors could
get downright weird.

Their postcards
show this
tendency very clearly.

Oh sure, I know — monk
it’s just harmless fun, sure.

Until somebody puts
an eye out or something.

Alright, so I don’t know
what I’m talking about.
That’s never stopped us
around here before.

The truth is that sometimes,
their humor has completely
lost it’s meaning to us
modern-day in-the-know folk,

monk3— and we really don’t know
what the hell they
were talking about.

I’d LOVE to say
I get the joke,
but a lot of references
just get very lost in
the fog of history
and changes in language.  4

So, even a seemingly
simple, dirty spin
on a nursery rhyme
requires a PhD in
cultural anthropology
to really be understood.

As far as the naughty
symbolism 5is concerned,
I’m thinking that we
we might have simply
switched animals over
the course of a century……

And I’m betting she woulda
had a lot more fun with
that monkey if she had
just gone ahead 6
and shaved it.

Just sayin’.

!!!! HOY !!!!!!!

Cast A Kitten

It’s been a
couple weeks
since I last
about the
nifty lingo of
the Flapper
age –

– and if you
missed that
one, you can
catch up


I got some really
interesting questions
about 20’s slang
expressions, and
I thought I needed
to stop being a
lollygagger and
get a wiggle on
to answer em.

Lest you think
that these wonderful
stale chestnuts are
nothing but grade-A
phonus balonus ,
we used several
reference books
on the subject
to double check …..

They’re the
Real Mccoy

cause we wouldn’t want
to find you inadvertently
spouting piffle at a smarty
or a cute tomato during
the next hoppin’ rub .

You’ll be a regular
live-wire —

– the cat’s particulars.

One of the swells that
sent in questions asked
about the exclamation:
Tell It To Sweeney ” .

It was an expression
of disbelief sorta like
‘ Tell It To The Judge “,
although it’s derivation
is kinda hazy flavored
chewing gum

But it was being used
well before a fluky movie
of the same name
was released in 1927, so
that premise is all wet.

I was also asked about
” Bug Eyed Bunny ” —

well, I think that might
be a combination of
two different ideas —

a ” Bug Eyed Betty
which was a term for
a chunk of lead,
(an unattractive girl-
a cancelled stamp,
usually not a Flapper) …

while a bunny was
just a clueless deb.
( a dumb dora ) .

Considering the time
period was called the
“Roaring Twenties “,
it probably doesn’t
come as much of a
surprise that there were
numerous ways of
describing the state of
inebriation —

On A Toot 
Half Seas Over
Half Cut 
Well Oiled
Pie Eyed
et al.

it’s not like
I’m giving you
the air or anything…

(so don’t
cast a kitten)

but I really gotta

I hope you
found enough
static to
mix the hooey
that kippy hopper
or sharpshooter
the next time
the opportunity
presents itself.

And with
the aid of
a couple more of
these Muscleheaded
Flapper Terminology
posts, you’ll really
get to
know your onions.

Then you’ll really be
on the trolley, man.

!!!! HOY !!!


Baseball Cards Been Very Very Good To Me

It’s true.

Most of the boys
of my generation
collected baseball
cards at one
time or another…..

They were invaluable
to a grammar school
kid as a form of currency,
and as the main
playing piece of
a game we called ‘flip’.

Basically, we would
throw (flip) a card
against a wall about
10 yards away, and
it would land on the
sidewalk –

– then guys would
take turns flipping
until their card
landed on top of
which now
became theirs.

Another variation
had the cards leaning
up against the wall
and the object was
to knock it down with
your own.

It sounds simple,
and I guess it was,
but there was an art
to it, I think….

Let’s just say I lost
one helluva
lotta baseball
cards in that way;

– I did learn a lot
about professional
baseball players, and
also about human
nature, and
that’s for sure.

But, I’ll bet
it’s been a while
since you’ve seen
any baseball cards
quite like these…………..

These were Goudey
“Heads-Up” cards,
produced before
World War II, in 1938.

They’re quite different
looking than the ones
we usually see —

there’s a head shot,
and then any body
parts/action shown
are cartooned in.

Goudey had been
making cards to sell
with their packs of gum
since 1933 – and they
were the first American
company to do that.

And it might seem
strange to us today,
but most of the
company’s now-would
-be-valuable printing
plates, records, archives
and unreleased cards
were destroyed in
the early 1960’s as
fuel to warm the
factory building
in the waning days
of the company.

But in the 30’s
and 40’s, the
Goudey Gum Company
did a great business in
these gum-cards over
two full decades, and
they didn’t just do
baseball themed
cards —

some of their other 
subjects included:

(1933-1940, 1947-1948)
Boy Scouts
Sea Raiders
World War (I) Gum
Majik Fold Pictures
Auto License Plates
The History Of Aviation
Jungle Gum
Our Gang Gum Puzzles
Soldier Boys

I hope you
enjoyed these !


!!! HOY !!!

The Dog Days Of August

about that ?


time to break
out my monthly
calendar and see
just what the
going on.


Did you

August is National
‘Admit You’re
Happy’ Month?

What was that song….

If you’re happy and
you know it,
get the clap.

Maybe I got
the words
out of place,
I dunno.

It’s National
‘Clown Week’
between the 1st
and the 7th.

it seems to me
that it’s
actually been
‘ Clown Week ‘
for sometime.

That might
just be my bad
attitude talking,
or so say some.

Hoo boy.

August 3rd
is gonna
be busy –
It’s National
“Grab Some Nuts” day.

I’ve always said
they were
as far as
grabbing em,
it depends on
of course.

‘International Beer Day’
is also Friday, August 3-

now, that’s a
holiday I think
maybe has some
definite potential.

Yeah, man.

Can you name
three of your
favorite foreign

Off the top
of my head,
I’d say:

” Guinness “,
” Żywiec ” ,
and “Duvel “,

but I could
go on
on and on
and on, and on…

And it makes
sense that
the following day is
Hangover Day”,

‘National Underwear’ Day
is the 5th – the day after
‘Coast Guard’ Day.

What you do to celebrate
it as a package deal is
go deep sea diving in your
underwear, and then call
for rescue.

better not.

‘Left Handers Day’
is the 13th.

Hey- who doesn’t
need a little variety,
right ?

‘Bad Poetry Day’ is
Wednesday, August 18-

– try to come up with
something that doesn’t
start with a line like:
“There Once Was
A Girl From Nantucket ”

Kiss and Make Up
day is the 25th —

– in case you’re not
still wearing your
wet underwear.

Dog Day’ is
the 26th —

— which just
proves the old
adage about
every dog
his/her day.

Except my dog.

Daisie’s day

!!! HOY !!!