Reflecting The Halloween Season

oukid3Tomorrow will be 
Friday the 13th.

And 17 days
until Halloween.


There have been many
fascinating aspects of
celebrating the Hallowe’en Holiday over the years….

like door-to-door
‘trick or treat’,
are only now
starting to wane
from popularity,
as our culture
continues to get
more dangerous
and the holiday
evolves into a
more adult
oriented one.

Other customs —

like, for instance,
the time-honored
‘midnight magic mirror’-
— have completely lost
most of it’s relevance
and meaning to the

it is an interesting facet
in early 20th century
Halloween folklore —

The idea that:
at midnight,
on Halloween night,
an unmarried maiden
or gentleman might,
if the candles are lit just right,
and he or she be pure of heart,
be enabled to behold their
future spouse in the reflection
of the looking glass.


And judging from the
media of the time,
something that many folks actually believed could happen.

all kinds of strange things
go bump on the night of Halloween —
so why not ?

Superstitious or not — destiny
I’m sure it made for some spooky fun.

I imagine it had a numinous quality that was very appealing to folks.

The images of this rite abound in postcards of the time.

We all know that the folks of the early 1900’s were postcard crazy–

They sent cards
for any and all occasions.

It seems like this
was especially the
case around Halloween.oukid

It will absolutely amaze you
how many different varieties
and themes of Halloween
postcards that there
were published…
mainly between
1900 and 1930.

And of course,
before Halloween arrives,
you can certainly
expect me to revisit
this theme again.

But today,
we’ll look at just
two of the
popular motifs —

The Magic Mirror,
like you can see in cards
# 3, 4 and 7…

and another
very interesting
fancy from the time —

themed on the
‘ O U KID ‘ .

(cards #1, 6, and 8) oukid2

If you caught my post
on the whole ‘ Oh, You Kid
craze —
(of course, you did… )
you won’t be surprised
to see it appear on the
Halloween cards of the period.

And here it is.

The rather subtle sexuality inferred in the expression,
and the stranger qualities
of the vintage version of the holiday mixes surprisingly
well on these cards.

I’ve always felt that halloween
had an inherent sexy
undertone about it,
and apparently,
so did our ancestors.

Even the magic mirror cards
invoke a mystical romanticism —

And everybody knows how
sensual candlelight is, right ???





Happy Fourth

and a
Happy Fourth
of July to you !!!!!!

You might just
have figured that we
here at
” The Müscleheaded Blog ”
would have come up
with something completely
appropriate for the holiday,

since you asked —

Oh sure, maybe some
people would consider
it inappropriate —

As for me,
I just can’t think
of anything better
than pretty girls
riding rockets,
setting off fireworks,
and generally
with things
that could be,
might be,
oh, so
suggestively suggestive.

Phallic, you say?


well, I guess if I knew
what word meant,
I might agree with you,
but —

Hey, subtlety is not
our specialty around
here, ya know.

And who wouldn’t love
to ride a rocket,
I ask you?

Like Slim Pickens
would say-

” Yeeee Hawwww !!! “

And you would
never question
Slim Pickens’ discretion
would ya, huh ?

I should say not.

if by chance,
we still have not
convinced you
of the complete
of our motives,
and the utter
moral rectitude
and propriety
of the images
herein contained,
and choose to interpret
such symbols sexually,
what can I do about it?

I can only assume
that you possess
a dirty mind,
and suggest that
you run right off
and confess your
intellectual turpitude
to that TV preacher
who will weep heartily
for your eternal soul
while reaping richly of
your earthly wallet.

Personally, I can’t
find a damn thing
wrong with these
vintage Fourth of July
pin ups —

And I hope you
enjoy them,
your Holiday, too.


!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!

It’s April Fish Day

Hey Y’all .

A very happy
April Fish Day
to you and yours.

it’s already
that time
again, huh?

C’est comme ça .

Ya know….

I’d love to take credit
for the cool postcards
on this post,
(and on a lot of my
other posts as well)
but I really can’t.

Lemme ‘splain…..

As you probably know,
aI have a couple
very sweet friends
who like to send me stuff,

… with the idea that,
some of it at least,
might work
as part of a post
of one type or another.

I’ll occasionally send
them something
that will work on theirs,
etc., etc.,
et cetera.7

A lot of the stuff you see
here on the Muscleheaded Blog
got there just that way….

Either it was sent to
me originally,

— or it was sent BACK to me —

submissions from me1908
that were,
for one reason
or another…

— deflected,
or rejected —

deemed unusable,
or completely asinine.

Usually the third one.

ya see,

if you don’t like something
that appears here,

I probably had nothing
at all to do with it.

Sure  —
that’s the ticket.

Although, I can’t see
why anybody with any taste
wouldn’t like these…

I’ve been posting a lot
of antique postcards lately,
so an old friend in Oklahoma
sent me a few fascinating cards
from France, circa 1910,
just in time for April Fish Day !

How someone with
her intellect, taste
and sophistication
keeps her sanity living and
working in rural Oklahoma,
I will never know.a4

(or why she won’t ever
update her blog, either..)

It must be that
whole big fish
in a little pond thing,
I dunno.


We share a love of
all things French —

and one of the more
interesting traditions
there has to do with
the first day of April.

They call it
Poisson D’avril
(‘April Fish’).

Many hundreds of
different cards
Poisson D’avril
have been issued —

— but they invariably
look very strange
to someone outside
of La Belle France
not familiar with
the holiday.

Or maybe they look strange
to almost everybody, I dunno.

But, it’s really no different
than the April Fools trick here…

What you do is take a paper fish
and stick it to someone’s back —
afterwards yelling:

” Poisson d’Avril ” !!!!!!!!

Sorta like a ‘kick me’
sticker in the U.S.
without having to
scream an obscure
French phrase.

You get the idea.

Whether a real fish
can be validly used
as a substitute for
the paper one
is a matter of some
controversy, though.

I will say,
I wouldn’t try it
on my first visit to Marseille,
if I was you.

HOY !!!!