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happy weekend .

I’ve taken off to see some
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Happy Weekend Y’all !!!! .

!!! HOY !!!

Spend A Penny

Depending on
where you are,
and who
you talk to —

– to “spend a penny”
certainly has more
than one implication….

If you’re in Britain,
for instance,
it means that
you need
to go to the bathroom –

– the phrase being
derived from the coin slots
you’d find so commonly
on public toilets beginning
in the early 1900’s.

Talk about a
captive audience.

If you were growing
up with me,
in my neighborhood,
we had our own version
of ‘spend a penny’

– it referred to theImage result for cheapskate postcard vintage
miserly types
otherwise known
as ‘cheapskates’ –

— people who would rather
NOT spend any money
at all —

but if necessary,
a penny was
about as much as
you could expect.

For instance, the relative
who would tape a penny
to the inside of your
birthday card,
and tell you to
learn to save them –

– all the while cheapingImage result for cheapskate postcard vintage
out on the stamps, so
my Mom would have
to pay the postage due.

Or furtively hand you
a penny while no one
was looking, and tell you
Don’t let your Dad
take it from you

Like my Dad would
need his penny to pay
the electric bill
or something….
what a dickhead.

Yes, indeed
I had
one of those…..

I didn’t see him
all that much.

But then,
I imagine
most folks
are related to,
or at least
know somebody
like that.










you get the idea.

And that’s what our
post features today —
all vintage cards
having something
to do with….
errr….. them.

!!! HOY !!!



( ” In front of the pawnbroker’s poster . “ )