Baby Talk

I have to admit,

I can find
other people’s kids
a bit annoying
at times ….

( i’m not talking
about little babies –
even though some
of the illustrations
on today’s post might
lead you to think
but nope.)

.. and maybe the
irritation I feel
about certain
kiddie winkies
is pretty normal for
someone who used
to travel as much
as I did.

The ones I have in mind
seem to try to get under
your skin whether they
know you or not .

.. and since they’re
somebody else’s problem,
you hesitate to administer
what would otherwise be
patently called for..

— the hearty whack on the
ass and a loud ‘stop doing

Basically, you have to
resort to call them a
‘little ratbag’ under
your breath and leave
it pretty much at that..

Although sometimes
I think the father
(when available/identified)
should be liable to pay the
consequences of the child’s
lack of discipline.

A good
‘how’s your father’,
or similar.

sweet justice.

Not that I was an angel
when I was a kid –

No, far from that,
but my parents
had the situation
well and truly
handled when
I acted up
in public.

you ain’t jest
whistlin’ Dixie.

Faster than
a speeding bullet –
my father’s hand
would descend and
give me the painful
instant karma I was so
obviously begging for.

If you don’t learn it
when you’re a kid,
you’re not gonna wanna
learn it later, and
discipline is something
we all should understand,
for the whole society’s

But sometimes,
I guess, kids are ok.

And today, we have
postcards featuring
( a few ) adorable kids
(if it’s possible to put
those two words together
and not form some kinda
oxymoronic improbability) .

Oh wait…
my kids were adorable,
so it is possible.

I was not adorable.

So, thank heaven
there must be
nothing to that whole
genetics thing.


well, that’s probably
not gonna help me any.

!! HOY !!



The Friday Mailbag Post

Hi —

I’m so glad that
you’ve joined us
for another one
of those posts for
folks who love
surprises —

— when we reach our
hand way, way down
into the mailbag and
pull up heaven knows

it can’t be
can it ?

Actually, when we
say ‘bad’ around here,
we mean ‘good’….

and vice versa,
which kinda does
confuse things a bit,
I guess, now that I
think about it……

but worry not,
my dear reader,
for we sort it all
out in the end.

Remember –
‘linguistics’ is only
a couple letters away
from being ‘linguine’.

Whatever that means.

In the meantime,
we have several obscure
postcards that will delight
and astound you.

Or maybe just make
ya go ‘WTF?’,
I dunno.

It does make you
wonder, though —

— just why do we find
strange vintage stuff
so appealing ?

Does it touch a small part
inside of us that reminds
us of some-long-lost-

Is it a learning experience ?

Scratching a sensory itch?

A way of connecting with
our ancestors?

Or are we just happy
to find out our great
grandparents were
just as loopy as we are ?


I thought so.


I’d like to thank our
friends and readers
for keeping the mail
bag well stocked with
goodies —

and I do
mean goodies.

If you’d like to submit
something ,
simply send a
sized image

Hey, with these
newfangled technologies
you don’t even have
to stand in line at the
post office to buy a
stamp – just click

Easy, peezy, man.

In the meantime,

I hope you enjoy this
week’s installment !

HOY !!!!


Musing With The Mail Bag

the mailbag is back —
with another weekly
batch of mixed
minutia and …
ya know…
stuff like that.

Fridays seem a perfect day
for this kinda thing, for
some reason.

And the good thing a1
for me is that I don’t
have to work too hard
on coming up with
a complicated or tasteful
theme ….

(like that would ever
happen, anyway)  .

All I gotta do for content
is to reach down into that
mailbag and wait until
something bites me.

I mean,
grabs me.

What this melted Mallo
Cup is doing in here,
who knows, but you get
the general idea, right?

I think we may be seeing
an unconscious pattern
developing as far as what
I’m pulling out for this
week’s episode, though.

It could be a total
coincidence, ya say?

Sure, man.

And of course,
I am completely
innocent of any malice
aforethought if it turns
out that way, though.

It’s simply my nature
to prefer things that
display my interests in life..

And my friends who keep 
the mailbag full of cool stuff
seem to like the same kinda
things too.

Call it kismet
if you want.

That’s the kind of draw
that I’d call a ’21’

If I could only figure out
how to double down on it.

!!! HOY !!!


Respect Your Local Lima Bean

Yes, friends,
April is almost
upon us.

And you know
what that means.

Lima Bean Respect Day
on the 20th.


wasn’t it
“Lima Bean Respect Day”
a couple months ago?

Ah well…
it really does only
come around once
a year, and you can
probably wait until
the last minute to
get ready for it,
(as you always do)
but consider what else
you’ll have to deal
with this month.

“National Tartan Day”
on the 6th means you’ll
have to get that old kilt
out of the closet and
aired out.

anybody seen my sporran?

That’s ok, though —
cause you’ll be just in time
for “National Beer Day”
on the 7th –
and you can get a free
Tennants Ale when you
wear it to the local pub.

Well, mine, anyway.

My dog Daisie is all
excited about “National Pet Day”
on the 11th– although she’s
already had her snack quota
for the month, in advance.

But, the day after that
is “Grilled Cheese Day”,
and as long as it’s Irish Cheddar,
she’ll be getting most of my
sandwich that day, I’ll bet.

Saturday, the 14th of April is
“Cake, Cookies and Cunnilingus”
day…. which sounds like a
natural combination to me.

Hey- I wouldn’t kid you about it-
and besides,
“National Tell A Lie Day”
is on the 4th.

Monday, the 16th, you can
look forward to
“Wear Pajamas To Work” day…
which, if I participated in,
would mean that the
next day would be
” First Day Outta Work” day.

seems like a lot
going on in the first part
of the month, considering
that the last 10 days in April
include boring  stuff like
” Herbalist Day” ,
” Bicycle Day” and
“National High Five Day” –
although “National Talk Like
Shakespeare Day” is the 23rd,
which will be an excellent
opportunity to tell somebody
you don’t like that:
“A weasel hath
not such a deal
of spleen as you
are toss’d with.”

No worries —

they’ll probably be already
too worn out from the Lima
Bean Day festivities to retaliate.

That’s the theory, anyway.

!! HOY !!

Getting Into The Grind

Cheap as I am,
it took a while,
but I finally sprung
for one of those online
movie gadgets to get
stuff on Hulu, Netflix,
and such..

It had seemed to me that
paying almost 200 bucks
a month for cable would
scratch everybody in the
house’s TV itches,
but apparently not.

500 channels-
a mere drop in
the bucket, pal.

Technology marches on.
And so do the costs.

And, now there’s another
HDMI input and cable needed,
and all sorts of new sign-in
codes to remember.

But it has given me a chance
to catch up on a genre of
movies that I had been
meaning to watch
but hadn’t had the

They’re called
‘grind-house’ movies —
and while you’ve probably
seen some of the posters
for these kinds of movies
right here on the
Müscleheaded Blog,
the flicks they advertised
weren’t usually available,
until now with these
new-fangled independent
movie channels.

I like the ones
that promise
stuff in their titles or
advertising that
you know damn well
ain’t really gonna be
in them —
— especially those from
the 1930’s.

(Sure, I guess you could
say the same about us
around here ….. )

I’m sure you’ve heard of
‘pre-code’ movies —

— and that’s not really
what I mean …….

— more like ‘outside-code’ —

movies that weren’t made by
the studios that were part of
the MPPDA Hays Production
Code or shown at the studio
sanctioned/owned theatres.

Of course, the people
who made these movies
still had to be careful
what was shown because
of obscenity laws and such-
so while the subject matter
might have been taboo,
the content usually
was pretty tame.

One example I got to see
was a pretty good example of
what I mean —

— it was 1948’s
“Test Tube Babies”.

The posters suggest some
very racy content,
and indeed,
there were a couple pretty naughty scenes that were fun —

but generally, it was pretty
much 95% sizzle and hardly
any steak.

(reminds me of one of
them there fajitas at Chileez
or Applebuzz )

You might well ask why
someone would expect
some ribald scenes in
a movie about this
particular subject –

— but that’s how the
genre worked —
they had to have
some kind of ‘moral’
or redeeming social
purpose to hang on it –

in this case,
‘educating’ people
about artificial insemination.

I was actually a bit taken
aback to learn something
from it- that they had been
doing those kinds of things
in clinics for decades.

And I guess the history of it
got a little strange on the way,
but why should that surprise

The film’s title is also a
bit misleading, of course,
in more than just one way –
– most folks would have
imagined an in-vitro
fertilization process
(in a petri dish or the like)
would be what was being
talked about, especially from
the whole mention of a ‘test-tube’,
but in actuality, when they did
finally get around to the baby
making, it was the old “squirt-
(from a syringe)-and-then-hope”

A special mention to the
guy playing the doctor —
who had the bed
side manner
of soggy bacon,
— you can always see
more of his hammy acting
style in movies like
Ed Wood’s “Glen Or Glenda”,
and ” Jail Bait “.

As for rating it,
I’d give it a 2 1/2 stars
for the general grab assing
and the swing-party scene
circa 1948 – and about none
for anything else, really.

Which is exactly
what you’d
expect with one
of these flicks.

My advice is:

if you have some time
you’ll never want or
need to get back,
waste an hour
or so, see it,
and pick through
the wasteland.

Then, if you’re not
totally exasperated,
check out these
other ‘grindhouse’ films
whose posters are featured
on this episode of the
Muscleheaded Blog.


fun is where
you find it,
ya know.


!!! HOY !!!

Shut Thy Pie Hole

Folks can really get
on your nerves

Ever spent any time
with a person who for
whatever reason will
not stop talking —
no matter what you do
to discourage them?

You can walk away
from em — they’re
still talking.

You come back,
they’re still talking .

Or they just follow you.

You interrupt them,
you change the subject,
you start scratching your ass –

– it doesn’t matter —

they just drone on and on
about whatever they were
originally blathering about.

I wear earphones in the gym,
and I’m constantly pulling
them out of my ear to hear
the latest gossip about
next week’s weather or
how many dates it’s going
to take to get into a certain
gym bunny’s yoga pants.

Man, I don’t care —
– leave me alone and
lemme get my work out.

But noooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooooooooooooo .

So, I took to putting duct
tape over my earphones –
– ya know, to make it obvious
I was listening to something
more interesting than
people talking –
– but it’s just a waste of tape
most of the time.

People talk right over
the tape….
and of course,
since I can’t hear em, and
they might actually be trying
to tell me something
constructive like:
“your ass is on fire” ,
I need to find out what
they’re talking about-
so off the tape comes, and
it’s never anything that
compensates for that 2 cents
worth of tape I just wasted.

and Phooey.

I’m going to start
carrying around
a coupla these postcards…
and handing em out
when appropriate.

Too subtle?

Yeah, probably.

!!! HOY !!!

Tributes to Venus

here we go again….

— into the land of
obscure comic books.

Today’s subject?

You’ve heard of
Venus, right?

Long after she made
the myth parade in
ancient Rome and got
a planet named after her –

– she got the ultimate tribute –

– no,
not a tribute
in the Urban Dictionary
sort of way —

tsk, tsk, tsk….

I mean, that she
got her own
comic book.


Now, maybe that
doesn’t impress you
the way the other kind
would, I dunno….

but anyhoo,
from 1948 until 1951,
her Marvel comic told
the story of how she had
gotten tired of ruling her
own planet
( guess which one )
and came to Earth
to inspire good works,
truth, justice,
and the American way.

Oh yeah, and she was
apparently pretty hot, too.

There seemed to be some
indecision on the part of
the artists at Marvel
whether they wanted to
draw a comic about the
adventures of a beautiful
girl out and about in
post-war America or
whether they wanted to
make her a superhero –

– so, they kinda faked it —

which makes the
whole thing
rather difficult
to explain.

And after a while, the readers
gave up trying to figure it out,
too –

— and so she became a
running character, showing
up in various other Marvel
comics in the 1950’s, and
eventually fazed out.

That is, until she was
reincarnated, in the 1970’s,
with the same basic identity
but a whole new look, and a
relationship with the
super-hero Submariner.

The plots, as you can probably
tell were still as convoluted
as ever.

But, hey-
it doesn’t have
to make sense —

— it’s only comics, right ?

!!! HOY !!!