So You Say

When I was a little
kiddy winky, whenever
any adult didn’t wanna
tell me where they
heard about a mischief
or misadventure of mine,
(and I had plenty),
they’d say something like:
A Little Bird Told Me ” .

For a while, that certainly
caused me consternation,
and more than a bit of
suspicion when it came
to any ” feathered
friends” that were
lurking about.

Those winged little bastards
had a lot of nerve spying
on me, I thought.

They had a distinct
disadvantage over me
in that they could check
out whatever what I was
up to from the safety of
the telephone pole.

I didn’t mind ’em
watching me, but
there was no excuse
for ratting me out.

Plans for an extensive
retaliatory strike involving
a purloined pellet gun
were still in the making
when I suddenly realized
that I had grown up, and
I found out the whole
thing fell under the
general category of
“popular expressions”.

Man, it’s no wonder
we kids hadn’t
trusted adults…

— they’d lie to us
in a heartbeat, jeeez.

Sure, use
the excuse that
they were rhetorical
devices –
but we all knew

And, I never did
believe that Easter
Bunny shit, ya know.

Birds making sure I
went to school, ok,
but I drew the line
at giant rabbits
laying artificially
colored eggs.

Anyhoo ;
many of
the expressions
didn’t make a
whole lot of
sense to anybody,
never mind a kid.

” Raining Cats
And Dogs.”

Under what
would anybody
think that
was possible?

A troglodyte
cave dweller
under a kennel
during a

Not all that
likely, right?


!!! HOY !!!



Meet Lady Brett

If you’re a Ernest
Hemingway fan
like I am, you probably
remember the character
in ” The Sun Also Rises
named Lady Brett Ashley.

Or, maybe you saw the
movie based on the
book – in which the
character of Brett was
played so wonderfully
by North Carolina’s own
Miss Ava Gardner.

Now, you have always
probably considered
that book ‘fiction’,
and of course, it
technically is –

– but many people
who knew Hemingway
claimed that it was
taken almost verbatim
from his real-life
experiences at the
festival of 1925 in
Pamplona, Spain.

(see photo at bottom)

And more especially,
the nature of the
interplay between

conflicted anti-heroine
Lady Ashley Brett was
an almost biographical
description of a soon-to-be
divorced socialite named
Lady Duff Twysden —

— accurate even down
to the two lovers
she brought in tow
with her to Spain that
year – Harold Loeb
(represented in the book
as Robert Cohn ) and
Pat Guthrie ( as Mike
Campbell ).

Not only did
this situation
create a lot of
tension by itself,
but the real Lady Duff
seemed to love drinking,
partying and letting the
fur fly just as much as
the ‘fictional’ Lady Brett:  

– another
“Lost Generation” writer,
Donald Ogden Stewart,
who was also with Hem’s
group that traveled to
Pamplona that season
(and is represented as
Bill Gorton in the book )
described the drama :
We were all
in love with
her – it was
hard not to be.
She played her
cards so well

The attraction that
(the already married)
Hemingway himself felt
for the rather randy Lady
Duff was underplayed in
the novel, by writing the
protagonist Jake Barnes
as a wounded war veteran
who’s physically incapable
of consummating his
relationship with Lady Brett.

Yet- even aspects of the
dialog in the book were
said to have been derived
from real life –

And in the end,
after the book was
published, Stewart
claimed he was surprised
it was being called fiction
at all, as it seemed to him
as :
nothing but a report
on what happened …

Read it,
and let me
know what
you think !

!!! HOY !!!


Photo, 1925 Spain 
1: Hemingway
2: Harold Loeb
3: Lady Duff
4: Hadley (Hem’s wife)
5: David Stewart
6: Pat Guthrie




Love’s First Sight

“When I saw you
I fell in love,
and you smiled
because you knew.”

I wonder…..

Is ‘ Love At
First Sight ‘
a real possibility?

Or is it just
the stuff of
soulful songs,
and soapy

That whole
just one look

It does seem
that just about
everybody has
weighed in on
the subject at one
time or another …….

A recent survey
found that 2 out
of 3 Americans
believed it was
possible –

and 1 out of 3
claims to have
actually experienced

The Old Test talks of
Isaac’s first loving
glimpse of Rebekah —

And of course,
there’s Jacob
and Rachel….

The ancient Greeks
called their perspective
on it “theia mania” –
– a form of love
madness that was
sent by the gods.

Classic literature
just abounds
with references
to it —

— that’s even how
Narcissus fell in love
with himself.

And Plato, in
his Symposium,
while explaining
Aristophanes ideas,
wrote that it
happened almost
spontaneously when,
after a complicated
cosmic process of
separating all humans
into individual males
and females, the two
halves somehow found
each other again.

That’s taking the
idea of soul mates
to a whole
new level,
right ?

It was a favorite theme
for the early medieval
love poetry of the
Troubadours, especially
the concept of the
‘Love Dart’ that emanated
from a special lady’s

This affection for the
idea carried right along
through the eras of
Dante, Shakespeare,
and Victor Hugo –

— up into our current
time, where there’s been
so many books written
on the subject it’d be
impossible to list them

Music ?

Oh man,
don’t get
me started.

“Magic Flute”,

The Beatles’
“With A Little
Help From My
Friends ” ,

“Some Enchanted
from “South Pacific “,

” Maria
“West Side Story” ,

And that list would
go on and on,
and on…..

Talk about a current
reference …..

Did you know Homer
and Marge fell in love
at first sight , too ?


Some writers suggest
that there are physical
signs to warn you when
it’s happening to you —

Those include :

widening of the eyes,
sweating of the scalp,
palpitating of the pulse,
butterflies in the tummy,
and a dreamy quality in
your interaction.

But, that all happens
to me when I order
Buffalo chicken wings —

So, my advice would be
to use your own

If you have any left,
after her love darts
have their way with

Good luck
with that.

!!! HOY !!!