Hemingway says:

“Do not think about sin, he thought. There are enough problems now without sin. Also I have no understanding of it.”


Baah Humbug

Baah Humbug ! ”

That olde Scrooge
certainly was an
expressive character,
wasn’t he?

But —
I got to thinking
the other day —

(probably after I realized
the garden section space
of the local Wally World
had been completely
subsumed by lights,
decorations and Holiday
stuff — two months early)

— why would he have
chosen that
particular expression?

Sure, it’s an insect –
– or is it?

No, not really….

it’s actually
a micro-organism,
that lives
in jet fuel, of all things.

Don’t think they had
jet-fuel back then.

I do know that in Britain,
there are candies
called ‘Humbugs’.

One type is a black and
white peppermint,
but another, found in
the Somerset region of England,
featured toffee with
an almond center —

— and there’s a theory
that this gastronomical
let-down (running out
of toffee, and left with
a dry nut) was what Dickens
could have been thinking
of when he wrote
” A Christmas Carol ” .

Could be, I guess.

It was certainly an English
vulgarity of the time to use
the term ‘hum’ as a way
of referring to a deception –
or to a practical joke.

How the bug got in there–
well, that’s another thing

There’s plenty of theories.

Interestingly enough,
an Italian expression much
in vogue at the time was
uomo bugiardo’ –
(which equates to
our phrase
— ‘lying bastard’).

I like that explanation a lot,
despite the absolute lack
of any evidence whatsoever
that’s what he had in mind.

Cause that’s the
kinda guy
Scrooge was, I think —

– to figure everyone
was lying
about the potential beauty
and virtues of the season–

After all,
who else
could hate Christmas?