W.B. Yeats says:


“I think that a
fierce woman’s better,
a woman
That breaks away
when you have
thought her won,
For I’d be fed and
hungry at one time.”


Vintage Marital Sex Guides

Something that always
strikes me as funny
about our modern
technology levels…..
is just how simple it is
to get information on
just about any subject.

I mean, it’s not
necessarily accurate information, granted,
but just type any
old term into a
search engine and
**PRESTO** —
there’s a gazillion or so
references of one type
or another.

Now, I remember just
how it was to find
information on stuff
before the net —
especially controversial,
esoteric, or anything the
slightest bit ribald .

(three of my favorite subjects.)

Digging through the stacks
at the college library was
absolutely no picnic, and
usually you came out of
there with more allergies
than new information.

And if your interests were
more on the risque side ,

— all you could hope for
was something they used
to call ‘marital aid books’
like these.

I doubt anybody really
read them expecting
advice even at the time,
but as far as openly
obtainable books,
these were about it in
the 1950’s and 1960’s,

I’ve always liked to
read them –
early on in life,
hoping for a cheap thrill,
and then later-
because they really
are pretty funny,
especially as
regards to the way
they avoid the ‘nub’ of
whatever topic they’re
supposedly discussing.

For instance,
you might
find an article
on cunnilingus,
but it’ll end up being a
couple of ‘case studies’,
some vapid research facts,
and an over-technical
(perhaps in Latin)
that won’t exactly
send your prurient
imagination into
outer space.

The illustrations,
if there were any,
seemed more in line
with an anti-VD textbook
than anything else….

and after reading them,
you usually ended up
walking around why
they bothered even
printing the damn things
in the first place.

But they were
to the publishers .

As silly/simple as the
information provided
often was, the local
authorities would often
raid the sellers
and publishers
‘to protect the public ‘ —

— which drove up both
demand and prices
on the things.

Ads advertising books like:

” Sex Life in Marriage “
” Eugenics and Sex Harmony”
” Picture Stories of the Sex Life ”
” 10 Lessons In Sex Technique ”
” Ideal Sex ”
” The Modern Sex Manual ”
” The Pleasure Primer”
” True Love Guide ”
” Freud to Kinsey ”
” Marriage Mischief ”
” Sane Sex Life & Sane Sex Living”
” Sex and Marriage ”
” Yours Alone “
” The Love Life of
Modern Homo Sapiens”
“Secrets of a Healthy Sex Life”
” The Ideal Sex Life ”
appeared almost everywhere
– – even in comics.

And if one good publication
was banned from the mails
as ‘obscene’ (like several
early guides on birth
control were) several
of lesser quality
would quickly take
their place –
which meant
that by the early 1950’s,
it was almost impossible
to read anything on the
subject in the U.S. that
had any substance.

It wasn’t until the
early 1970’s that this 
trend started to reverse.

Books like the ‘Joy of Sex’
demystified the genre once
and for all —
with detailed and accurate
information and illustrations.

And while I very much appreciate that fact —

— occasionally I do
miss the more furtive
and hush-hush tone
of the old marital
sex manuals;
just a tit.

!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!

More Secrets of Flowers

You mighta seen yesterday’s
post about the “Secret
Language of Flowers” —
if you didn’t well,
here’s a link to it.

If you did, you’re probably
a lot like me, sayin’ :

” HEY- You cut it off
at the most interestin’
part —
SEX. ” 

I’m on your side –
I really am.

It’s just that I had made
a New Years resolution
to try and balance my
posts out a bit so I wouldn’t
come off like some kinda
over-sexed under-sexed
extra-horny middle-aged

But everything considered,
it hasn’t really worked
all that good I don’t think –
so I don’t know why I bother.

Still, it gives me a
perfect excuse, so
that’s my story and
I’m stickin’ with it.

And I might mention
at this point that all
the pics of flowers
in this post are in
order of mention.

So, #1 is cornflower,
#2 is bluebell, etc, etc.

Anyhoo —
to the matter at hand .
Or wherever.

If that hand thing
happens to be your
idea of a good time,
you might want to
wear a cornflower (1) 

Or just stay home, I dunno.
A hand’s a hand, man.

Did you know that if
you wear a harebell
(bluebell (#2) to a club,
you are telling people
you have ‘submissive’

Well, there you are.

And since one side of
the coin isn’t much good
without the other,
we’ll tell you that a person
wearing a cherry blossom (3)
indicates an inclination
toward ‘dominance’.

And one who likes to
inflict pain might be
wearing a marigold (4).

And one who likes to
receive it might be
wearing stinging nettle. (5)

Sounds like the beginning
of quite a fascinating
party to me.

It’s all hidden inside
the secret language of flowers …

A person who likes to enjoy
affection from several folks
at once might, for instance,
wear a morning glory (6)
like the one shown.

Bright colors are a key usually
to spotting flowers being used
this way —

And as you can see-
being color blind isn’t going
to be exactly helpful here….

but if you learn your blossoms
well enough,
— you’ll get by, I bet.

Especially if,
(I’m hesitant to mention it),
you happen to be into wearing
or folks who wear diapers,
since there’s a flower for you too –
and no color perception needed.

Yes, Baby’s Breath (7) is
actually used for this.

Seems almost logical, huh?
I guess.

And please remember,
you can’t just jump in
and assume that just
because somebody likes
a certain kind of flower,
that there’s an instant
social contract or such –

— man, this ain’t supposed
to be valid in the produce
section of the supermarket.

It’s just for a frame
of reference
in the right circumstances…..

So, don’t blame me if you end
up on the wrong end of a big
stick or other weapon of
individual destruction
wielded by a totally
not-interested party
(Burdock #8)
or a pissed off virgin
(Orange Flower #9).

(of course, they could
just be fakin’ it —
#10 FLAX )

Bird of Paradise (#11) indicates
someone of a more or less
Greek disposition.

And Lily of the Valley (#12)
suggests one likes to watch/or
likes to be watched.

Confused , yet ?

Well, I am.

!!! HOY !!!


The Secret Language of Flowers

” I am the rose of Sharon,
and the lily of the valleys.
As the lily among thorns,
so is my love among the
daughters. As the apple tree
among the trees of the wood,
so is my beloved among
the sons. I sat down under
his shadow with great delight,
and his fruit was sweet to my taste. “
— Song of Songs 2: 1-3.


the symbolic language
of flowers.

Quite aside from the very
specific language of roses
that many of us still use
today (see my post here ) ,
the secret language of flowers
has a long and fabled history –
— going back to biblical times.

Shakespeare and the
Bronte sisters used it often.

For instance,
the laurel has long
been seen as an
emblem of glory,
the oak, of patriotism;
the bay, the poet’s crown,
and daisy, of innocence.

Europeans of the
eighteenth century
experienced a revival/
standardization of the
earlier traditions,
especially in France,
and later Victorians
became particularly
fond of using it.

It gave people of
those eras an
opportunity to
express themselves
without being
limited by the very specific
and stodgy rules about
verbal romantic communication
especially between the sexes.

To Victorians, there was
a vast repository of flowers
and emotive meanings
from which to choose–

— from simple friendship,
innocent flirting,
to suggesting dalliances
and full bloom engagements.

Flowers could ask questions
or make statements, express
gratitude, impatience,
or even curiosity.

It was believed flowers
could bring even
the coldest heart
to blossom into
floriferous ardor.

pedantic, ain’t I ?

Well, so is this
whole secret
language of flowers.

In the United States,
there were also
several very popular
floral dictionaries,
( like ” Flora’s Interpreter”
and The Flowers Personified”)
in print around mid century
1800’s, and those guides are
still considered by experts
as definitive on the subject.

Interestingly enough,
the sexual revolution
of the 1960’s has also
caused a renewal of
interest in the
of flowers —

— wearing a particular
kind of flower,
sending one –
or leaving one at
a table or at the bar,
can be used as a very
subtle signal to those
in the know of a
person’s particular
preferences and
peccadilloes, if you will.

Tomorrow, we’ll
feature some of those.

But it just goes to show you
that floriography is not a
dead language, at all —

— it’s growing and changing,
and adapting as
flowers themselves do.


!!!! HOY !!!!