Friday Mailbag

No matter how
unpleasant a subject
you might choose,
there have been
plenty of vintage
postcards produced
about it.

Take our
general theme

– divorce –

a disagreeable,
kinda thing
to have to deal with,
I guess, but
thought it would be a
good idea to send
another person one
of these postcards.


well, with
friends like
that, etc, etc, etc.

But they certainly
are interesting cards-
so, it’s not like I
couldn’t still post em.

So, instead of dwelling
on what for most folks
is a pretty depressing

Our text for the
mailbag today will
have nothing at all
to do with the
illustrations, and
deal instead with
one of those TV
items I often
do like to
talk about :

The choice of Rowan
Atkinson (Mr. Bean)
to play fictional French
Inspector Jules Maigret
in the recent British
(ITV) series.

Brilliant casting,
if you ask me,
absolutely brilliant.

No fan of the
previous Inspector
Maigret series
(especially the wonderful
1990’s production with
Michael Gambon  )
woulda seen
that coming –

and yet,
it works.

The world-weary
detective in Georges
Simenon’s books
wasn’t all that effusive
to begin with –

— his characteristics
were those of
a thoughtful,
careful, committed,
experienced and
cerebral officer –
and, Atkinson slides into
the role perfectly.

His relationship with
Madame Maigret
(Lucy Cohu) and
his Police associates
is also spot on.

There are two series,
each with two episodes,
and make highly
recommended viewing,
and stay surprisingly
close to Simenon’s

They currently
are available
on a Roku service
called “BritBox”
in the United States.

You might be able 
to access them on
YouTube as well,
I dunno.

But you should
definitely check
it out.

!!! HOY !!!




” She said……

All your women
burn in your flame.

And as it dies,
they’ll leave you
and seek revenge .

I wish I could
find her now…

My love is soft
my love is warm –

I’d take her to bed
Tenderly. “

( lyrics from:


Mars Bonfire
and John Kay )

Most of us
that fall
into the
‘middle aged’
category can
admit that,
over the years,
we’ve made
mistakes –

Acts of
fervidity –

– in the
name of,
what we
at one time
or another
called LOVE.

It takes a lot
of time to
pass before
you realize
that you
might have
had it all
wrong —

…. so
wrong …

— that your
particular spin
on it was more
of a sporadic

I’m not
saying that
you ever
an expert
on the

love at
55 or 60
feels quite
than at
20 or 25 –
but there’s
at all to
prove that
you will ever,
ever really
get it right.

But there’s
with trying,
right ?

were painted
by the great
French artist
Raphael Kirchner –

they date
from around
1905 :

and the
series was called:
“Fleurs d’ Amour”.

I hope you
enjoy them.

And if, somehow,
you ran out of music
while staring intently
at these wonderful
samples of Kirchner’s
art, well,
here’s another
song you can play
in the background
that somehow
goes with these
cards perfectly.

It’s a Leonard Cohen
piece, rendered
exquisitely by
Luciana Souza —
Here It Is ” .

!! HOY !!

In The Mood

There are
oh so many
tricky aspects of
keeping a rewarding
relationship going –

– as anyone who’s
ever tried doing it
will be so happy
to tell you.

I’ve never been one
to harp upon the
Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus

thing –

— because we all really
are from around these
parts somewhere ..

.. but, there’s a
lot of truth being
conveyed there
when we get around
to talking about the
intrinsic differences
between the two.

And, when it comes to
‘being in the mood‘,
the one thing you can’t
argue with is hormones.

While it may be,
at times, easier
to know when
your S.O. is a bit
lopsided on their
hormonal balance
than others —

— more often than not,
it’s a matter of guesswork
for a semi-aroused other

Guess right,
and you win that
night’s prime
prize –

Guess wrong,
and you snatch
only the booby prize
(and not at all
in a good way ) :

– drilled by the dull finger
of rejection in the bottom
end of reverse motivation,
resulting in a healthy
heaping helping of
futility and depression.

And that monster don’t
exactly like to just
lollygag around.

you’re not alone.

Your S.O. is probably
having those same
feelings, despite being
the bearer of the
nay-saying news …

– an imbalance
of endogenous
hormones doesn’t
really do any
body any good.

And as folks
get older,
this becomes
rather a
repetitive issue.

We here at the
Muscleheaded Blog
want to do our
smarty-pants best
help resolve the

Failing mind-reading,
I think most people
recognize that good
communication about
the whole thing is

So, our post today
features vintage
‘communication aids’ –

– you know,
ways to tell
your lover
when to turn
on either :
the strobe light
or the cold water.

And all I can really
say, is:

May the light
ever shine on you.

!!!! HOY !!!


Home Cooking

motherI always enjoy
giving my mother
on the phone
a hard time about
how good (or not)
of a cook she was
back when I was a kid.

( It’s her birthday month,
and so she’ll be ready
for a drive-by call
from me any day now. )

if I were
to admit it,
she did make
some pretty
good stuff –
along with the
occasional disaster.

But, seeing how
most modern families
seem to operate these
days, I must say that I
really do appreciate
her and how she
was always busy
trying to make her
family happy.

And every once
in a while, while I’m
razzing her on the
phone about such
stuff, I’ll also remind
her of how lucky I
know I was to have
had a mom who
really cared.

I just don’t do it
enough that it’ll
go to her head,
ya know.


It woulda been
hard to imagine,
considering how
difficult a kid I was,
to foresee a day
when my Mom
wouldn’t have
mentioned 272 of
my worst flaws and
gaffes to counter the
few that I could come
up with for her.

She must believe
that in the end,
that I turned
out ok,

— and she’ll
settle for that.

Cause I know
she hasn’t forgotten.

And no matter
how much I kid her,
I haven’t forgotten


🙂  ❤   🙂

Blind About Dating

medusaI was talking to a
gym buddy about
his personal life,
and somewhere
along the line
he brought up a
subject that I didn’t
even know they were
still doing……..

Blind dating.

very ‘old school’
if you ask me…..war

I really hate
that expression)

It’s kinda a
strange deal,
doncha think?

Sure, you got all
kinds of digital dating
and sexting these
days, where you
basically know everydate
detail (up and including
nipple size, probably)
about another person
before you show up to
actually consummate
your first face to face
meet and greet.

And if it’s for dinner,
maybe I should use
the word ‘consomme’,
ya know…
soup to nuts.

But agreeing to
date somebody sight
unseen, without anya1
previous contact or
introduction, simply
because the person
in question is an
acquaintance of your
crazy second cousin ….

You just show
up at a placeblinddate
without a clue of:
what they
think like,
look like,
smell like,
dress like,
talk like
or even
what they like ….

what you’ll think
of them,
or what they’ll
think of you….

— well,
the more grotesqueblinddate
potentials of that
scene really
creeps me out,
and I mean goose-

I frankly don’t know
why anyone would
do it that way.

or crazy.

And so when
he said that he’d
recently gone
on one of theseblinddate

I realized that I didn’t
have a clue about the
ins and outs of the
whole blind dating
phenomena –

and really,
after having asked
a dozen or so
stupid questions,
I still don’t.

I might as well
have been writing
a blog post on the
more complicated
aspects of “Anti
Field Theory “.

that I’m not gonna.

But I did find some
funny cartoons and
stuff, so there’s that.

!!! HOY !!!





Wild West Wedded

I have made a number
of acquaintances over
the years in my travels….

… and if I happen to
run into one or two
of them after having
lost touch, it’s not
really surprising…

I spent some time
out around the
Continental Divide,
and got to know a
few lasses that were
big into the whole
Stetson hat,
blue jeans,
big belt buckle

One in particular
was quite adept at
riding anything that

Horses, bulls,
tractors, cars,
dirt bikes,
and men.

Yes, she was
good at that….

and more power
to her, I say…


She also had a
wonderfully wild
and self-reliant
streak, and struck
me as the ideal
Western Girl
in every

I got a note
from her
a couple
weeks back,
(with an invite)
saying that she
was finally
settling down
and was marrying a

Well, I hope
that guy is
in for the long haul,
because it sounds
like she certainly is.

And she really
is a keeper.

You know,
love can make you
do things that 20
years ago you never
woulda expected..

And this, I think,
is a good example.

So, to kinda charm
the fortunes, as it
were, for her sake,
I figured today,
her wedding day,
would be a fortuitous
day to post these very
fun vintage “Wild West”
themed postcards.

Good luck, Chey.

!!! HOY !!!

More of these here.