Just One Look

Just one look…..

That’s all it
takes sometimes.

Just one look.

It might be a subtle,
hesitant smile.

A flirtatious blink
of the eyes.

A self-conscious bite
of the upper lip.

A salacious lick
of the lips.

A daring sneer.

A swipe of hair.

A short gasp of air.

Eyes widen.

Pulses race.

you know what
I’m talking about.


Words aren’t nearly as effective
a weapon of mass flirtation as
are facial expressions and body

Words are thought generated.

And as such, can be
easily manipulated.

That other stuff comes from
way down deep.

Faking those are a whole
different ballgame, man.

And while it’s important
to always keep your
monster on a leash,
life would be very,
very dull without
some episodic
such as these ….

… those little points
of contact that show us
each as the sensual beings
we are.

Besides, these aren’t
the kinds of flirtations
that are implicit invitations
to a Crisco party,

— or some kind of free
pass to grab a handful
of somebody else’s
personal space…..

it’s just a nod to
the people we are in
an alternative universe
that can appreciate up
close, empirical relations
with another human
being without losing
all perspective.

Another time …

Another place …

Another love.

!! HOY !!



Image result for postcard Navy vintageYou know,
if there’s one
topic that a Sailor
can always speak
about in a
knowledgeable way,
it’s knots.

Tying knots are ,
along with:
swabbing decks,
chipping paint,
manual of arms,
and standing a
lonely fire watch
at oh-dark-thirty
in the morning,
are about the first
things you learnImage result for lonely postcard Navy
about when
you’re adjusting to
Navy life in boot camp.

Add shining boots,
dropping quarters
on bunks,
scrubbing the head, Related image
doing push-ups
till you die,
cleaning rifles,
and just generally
looking busy are also
very important lessons –

– oh, and
of knots……..

– who could forget
the most important one-

–the maintenance of
those all essential
emotional knots via
the art of writing letters.

You might be totally
illiterate the day you
arrive at boot camp,
but by graduation,
you’ll have written so
many letters to your
sweetie and back home,Related image
you’ll be a pocket

One of the advantages
of military service
( at least when I was in )
was that you could write
a letter home on a piece
of box from a C-Ration,
put an address on it,
and it would get delivered –
– no postage required.

I’m not sure how that was
handled by the Navy  –

– all I know is I scribbled
many a line on many aRelated image
scrap of paper and the
letter always got there.

Even the steamier ones.

And boy, can a Sailor
write a steamy letter.

Naturally, it would
be a lot easier
to just go to the
Navy Store and buy a
postcard that already
cut right to the point
for you…..

but in whatever
spare time one
finds himself with
in boot camp, the
loneliness and
boredom makes
one naturally
take to pen and paper.

And that especially
applies when it
comes to that ‘special’
person —

— such things can’t be
left up to random
chance and generic
postcards, ya know.

You’d be surprised
how easily even the
toughest character
finds it to
use terms like:
and ‘devotion’
and epithets like: 
‘my dearest’,
‘darling’, and
in a letter
when he’s far
from home.

When it’s time for
mail-call —

a desire to read a
reciprocal expression
of the feelings expressed
in ones’ own letters
becomes oh, so
very important — 

— when you don’t
hear back right away
sometimes it seems like
you’re totally cut off from
your loved ones.

It can drive ya crazy.

And of course,
you always want to feel
connected to the ole

Why does that
sense of being so far
from home make for 
better letter writing ?

Perhaps because
it’s really the only way
to express certain ideas
and feelings at a particular
moment in time —

one is inspired
to make his message
run deep, and clear,
like the blue ocean —

and to tighten the
knots of sentiment,
and intimacy.

Even today, with all the
different technologies

I’m sure that
a heartfelt letter
goes further
to express the
emotions, and
the sense of
for those
far from you
in distance
but close to you
in spirit.


!!! HOY !!!


From Italy With Love

Italian food and art —

– a couple of things
that most folks can’t
help but love.

And I am a huge fan
of both.

Art goes back a long
way in that part of
the world, as I’m sure
you know —

— as you probably
know the names of
the truly great
Italian artists like:
Da Vinci, Botticelli,
and Caravaggio.

I love them, sure.

But one of my favorites
ain’t on that list.

His name was Adolfo Busi,
and he did a lot of work
on postcards around the
turn of the 20th century.

Born in Bologna in 1891,
he studied art at the famous
Accademia della Felsinea-

— he initially got his career
started illustrating children’s
books like:
“Puss In Boots”,
“Little Red Riding Hood”,
and ” Cinderella “.

Posters were a favorite
medium for Busi-

— his advertising art for
products like “Baroni”
and “La Ducale of Parma”
are very well remembered.

He also created
postcard art
in every description
and purpose-

– from World War I propaganda
to romantic and humorous

And today, we have
two wonderful series
which I like a lot and
wanted to share –

The first set is called:
“All Is Fair In Love And War”,

—and were issued
around 1920.

(pics # 2-5 )

They illustrate several allegories
of a lovely maiden undergoing
the challenges and dangers
related to an affair of the heart.

Here she is launching
an all out attack with
her heart cannon upon
her potential love-mate.

Busi certainly has an
interesting and
rather straightforward
approach to it, for sure.

His message is clear –
– the pain and struggles
involved in romance can be
a matter of life and death.

Something that should
always be handled seriously.

IS love
really a battlefield?

Only Busi
and Pat Benatar
know for sure, I guess.

But our second set today
( pics # 6- 9 )
sends a different message –

a man and a woman so
involved with each other
( and their silky pajamas )
that their passion could
possibly light the whole
house on fire –

— and will, if they’re not
more careful with
those candles.

I like this set much better –

– it’s simply a happier setting…

but both sets are beautifully
done and represent some of
Busi’s best illustrative work.

( I might mention that both sets
are missing individual cards, at
least one from each. Anybody ? )


!!! HOY !!!


Oh, So Dirty

Awhile back,
my friend R
gave me
an idea for a
dirty ditty ….

I wrote one,
not a great one,
but here it is,


My little playful puppy
was out digging
in the garden
I said
No, no
no, no
Don’t you see
how dirty you are
Now you’re gonna
have to get a bathpuppy

My little darling daughter
was out digging
in the garden
I said
Oh, oh ,
oh, oh

Don’t you see
how dirty you are
Now you’re gonna
have to get a bath

My little sultry sweetie
was out diggingwitchcraft
in the garden
I said
Yes, yes,
yes, yes

Don’t you see
how dirty you are
Now we’re gonna
have to get a bath

And I’m so grateful.


!!!! HOY !!!!!

She’s A Teaser

jSomething that
I’m reminded of,
on an almost
daily basis,
is how much
our social structure
has been transformed
in the last 50 some years.

I’m not saying
that it’s bad,
or that it’s good —

to me,
for the most part, anyway– a
— it’s just been weird.

And you know me,
change is something
that I never really
like all that much.

Take flirting,
for instance.

The rules seem to have
been altered wildly
without me ever
even getting
the first memo.

Here I thought that
there was this long process
of talking, courting and datingb
before you even thought
about touching a woman
that way ‘ —

— when all that is
apparently required
is a first class seat
on an aircraft,
a bad comb-over,
and ooodles
and oodles of money.

In that case,
all a lady
has to do is plunk down
in the seat next to you,
smile —

— and it’s all you can eat ?? c

Nuts, man.

What a creep.

Be that as it may…..

At the annual
collector’s swap-meet,
I was browsing a 1952 issue
of a magazine called
“The Girlfriend and The Boyfriend“…..

Sure, a strange title for
a magazine, but who am
I to argue with media moguls?


According to the expert
who wrote the article….

( I dunno,
is relationship-ologist
a word, or what?
I just made it up,
so maybe not. )

“High on every boy’s
list of pet peeves

is the type of girl
shown on these

and the next two pages.
Because she is a teaser.

Almost all girls that
are pretty flirt a little.

It’s the natural thing to do.
But a girl who is a teasere
is not content with simple,
wholesome flirting;
she goes out of her
way to bait boys

with an obvious display
of her physical charms

— baits them with
unspoken promises

that she hasn’t the
slightest intention of fulfilling.

In addition to her other
unflattering qualities,

therefore, a teaser is dishonest.
She has no real sincere
interest in the boys

whose attention she f
sets out to capture;

she is simply playing
a game in which

she holds all of the
cards and doesn’t

mind resorting to
the cheapest of tricks.

A few of these tricks
are illustrated here.

Sometimes they work,
sometimes they don’t.

But whether they are
successful or not,

a teaser never wins in the long run.
For no boy wants to
marry a girl

who enjoys showing off
her charms to others.”

Now, pardon me for interrupting
an obvious expert on stuff like this,
but it seems to me that teasing
is the very essence of flirting —

— and without flirting, g
— well—
life would be pretty fuckin dull,
…. let’s just put it that way.

The noble art of teasing
has been around for centuries —
and has got absolutely nothing
to do with honesty or
any other such millarkey.

I love to be teased,
and any man worth
his salt would say h
the same thing.

If the hook sinks a bit
too deep once in a while,
I dunno what to tell you,
but hey–
grow up, man.


!!!!!!!  HOY !!!!!!!!!



The Exquisite Pain

It’s true.

Look how they
shine for you.

Look at the stars…..

And how they
shine for you.

And all the
that you do.


now ….

I wonder if you can glean
our blog topic today from
the first five lines, written,
I might add, by Chris Martin
and the band Coldplay
in the lyrics of ” Yellow “.

It’s a song about
unrequited love….
which I guess we’ve
all experienced
in one form or another .

( There’s also a
seperate experience
called ‘unrequited lust’
which is a constant problem
around here, but that’s
a different post. )

It’s not a simple thing,
though, to cope with
or even understand.

And everyone has their
own sets of feeling about it……

Edna St. Vincent Millay
wrote about it :
” I know I am but
summer to your heart,

And not the full four
seasons of the year. ” 


Washington Irving wrote that:
” Love is never lost.
If not reciprocated,
it will flow back and
soften and purify the heart.”

I do believe that, even if
maybe it’s an awful bitter
tonic at the time.

as Charles Shultz
once penned
Charlie Brown saying:
” Nothing takes the taste
out of peanut butter quite
like unrequited love. “

Hey, you can always try
some marshmallow
creme with that, Chuck.

fluffernutter !


One writer I read called it
“The Blissful Torture
of Unrequited Love”,
and I think that might
have some real substance
behind it.

Indeed, the French
even have
a phrase for it –
— “La douleur exquise” —
( ‘ the exquisite pain ‘ )

( — which of course
in my personal terminology
might mean something
altogether different ,
but never mind —  )

and you know better
than arguing with the
French over matters
of the heart, dontcha?

If I may throw my own
stupid opinion into the mix
of heretofore very sensible
quotes on the subject,

— I think a bit of unrequited
love is a lot like the chicory
in Café Brûlot —

Sure, it’s bitter,
but you’ll never understand
the drink without it.

It’s also good to
wash some of
that ‘unrequited lust’
stuff out of your
system, too,
while you’re at it.


Our vintage cards have
something or other
to do with it, so I
hope you’re ready for
some exquisite pain.

Hey- who ran off
with my leathers?

!!!! HOY !!!!