Sunday Morning Music

and Willkommen !

From the clock
on the wall,
I can tell it’s —

Time for another
Sunday Morning Music Post —

So hold on to your hat
( not to mention
your sense of adventure,
and taste for soul )
’cause we’re………

Molly Hatchet —
Flirting With Disaster


Al Green —
” Let’s Stay Together ” 


Autograph —
” Turn Up The Radio ” 


Ann Peebles —
” I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down” 


Roxy Music —
” There’s A Band Playing On My Radio”


John  Legend —
Everybody Knows


Kate Bush with David Gilmour —
Running Up That Hill


Buggles —
” Video Killed The Radio Star ” 


Marvin Gaye —
” Inner City Blues ” 


Detroit Emeralds —
” You’re Getting A Little Too Smart” 


Gap Band —
You Dropped A Bomb On Me


Elvis Costello —

” Radio, Radio ” 


Michael McDonald
and Ray Charles —
” Hey Girl ” 


Donna Summer —
” On The Radio ” 


The Vapors —
” Turning Japanese ” 


Barry White —
“Never Gonna Give You Up ” 


Wall Of Voodoo —
” Mexican Radio “


Joe Bonamassa, Dusty Hill,
Derek Trucks and Billy Gibbons —
” Goin Down “


Taj Mahal —
” Senor Blues ” 


Warren Zevon and
Jackson Browne–
” Mohameds Radio ” 


Jimmy Smith and
Wes Montgomery —
” Mellow Mood ” 


Beach Boys–
” That’s Why God Made The Radio” 


Warren Haynes,
Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks–
” I’d Rather Go Blind “


Ann Peebles —
” I Can’t Stand The Rain ” 


Golden Earring —
” Twilight Zone ” 


Al Stewart —
A Song On The Radio


Well, that’s it for today….

Tune In Again Next Time
On This Same Channel
For More
Sunday Morning Music !

!!! HOY !!!


Sunday Morning Music

phoneHey Ya —
It’s SUNDAY, man !

That means Music —

Our Sunday Morning
Music Post in particular !!!

Fun’s a-poppin’ today.

No phonin’ it in here.

I’ve got some cool ‘live’ stuff
that I’m hoping will thrill youbettie
down to your very underwears.

Assuming you wear the things.

Have a great week !!!!


Al Jarreau —
” Take Five “


Michelle Branch / Santana —
” The Game Of Love “


Gerry and the Pacemakers —
” Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying” 


The Real McKenzies —
” White Knuckle Ride “


No Doubt —
” Sunday Morning ” 


Dianne Reeves –
” Obsession ” 


The O’kaysions —
” Sunday Will Never Be The Same ”


Alicia Keys / Santana —
” Black Magic Woman ” 


Cowsills —
“Monday, Monday ” 


” Night Rider ” a4


Moody Blues —
” Tuesday Afternoon “


Amy Winehouse —
” Back To Black ” 


Guess Who —
” Wednesday In Your Garden “


Joss Stone / Dave Stewart  —
” Here Comes The Rain Again “


Linda Ronstadt / Nelson Riddle
” I’ve Got A Crush On You ” 


Jim Croce —
” Thursday “


Mighty Mighty Bosstones —
” Everybody’s Better ” music


Cure —
” Friday I’m In Love ” 


It’s A Beautiful Day —
” White Bird ” 


Chicago —
” Saturday In The Park


And our album of the week:

Tom Waits — ” Closing Time ” 


!!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!



Album Covers Bad Enough To Give You Eye Rash

I hope you’re not busy
for the next couple
of minutes…..

– because I’ve got
something to show you.

(No, I didn’t bring candy)

Actually a few things,
and they’re so badly done,
they’ll probably cause you
to break out in some
kinda weird rash, so,
I recommend having some
hydrocortisone creme
(that is safe for the eyes)
on hand, just in case.

Eye rashes in particular
can be very unpleasant-
as are many of these
vintage LP Record Covers.

Now, usually,
if I want to do a
post on awful
album covers —

— all I need to do is
dust off some Tiny Tim,
or a record by a puppet,
or my collection of Gospel
records from the 1970’s —

There’s just so many
horrible choices,
and so little time–

— it’s enough to virtually
melt your brain.

And brain melts can also
be very unpleasant, ya know.

But, I realized that I had
some Jazz albums that
also qualified–

and then there are the
“Todays Hits” things that
were badly performed
‘hits’ by some unknown
garage band,

( the name of which
was printed in such
small letters you couldn’t
hardly see it )

and released to look
like they were
compilations of the songs
that you had heard on the radio
and you actually wanted
to listen to.

But they weren’t even close.

I hate that.

It’s not the record companies
did it unintentionally —
— oh no —
they knew they were
selling you a bill of bads —

— which is why they sold
most of those things on TV.

It was much harder to
return them once you paid
your hard earned $3.95,
(plus shipping and handling)

… and you had nobody
at Peaches record store
to yell at or blame, either.

Anyhoo, I picked out
a couple of stand-out
stink-outs for you today……

What about
” Squirt Does It’s Thing? ”

Brought to you by
a soda company. 

And performed by some
Tijuana bukkake group,
for all I know.

( Would it still be called
‘bukkake’ in Tijuana, I wonder? )

Just kidding.

Now taking all
the mental detritus
I just gushed into your
subconscious mind —

consider our first album
cover at top — by some
creepy looking guy named
JJ Worthington with
the title
” If I Should Touch You”.

You touch me, and you’ll
need an ambulance,
and tout quick, buddy.

Man, that cover skeeves
me out every time. 

But there are,
of course, others.

Like this one which seems
to indicate that Rock and Roll
can, indeed, give you wings.

Even if you’re wearing
a petticoat.

Hey- it’s in
Full Color High Fidelity. 

Whatever that means.

I’m a huge Miles Davis fan,
but just how did they get that
woman to grow out of his
chest like that?

And she kinda looks like
she’s ‘missing the concert’
somehow, anyway.

Maybe she’s still confused by
that bukkake reference.


Clowns and kids…

I just don’t know, man.


There’s actually nothing
wrong with these last
covers, at all.

I just figured you deserved
a treat after what I put
you through, today.

a ‘Tit For Tat’,
ya know.

So, enjoy.

Sunday Morning Music

rompHi you
and you,
and you,
and especially you !

How’s your pet?
(doggies are preferred,
but pet ducks are ok, too.)

I hope all is well
with you and yours,
and you’re ready fora1
another exciting adventure
of Sunday Morning Music ….

We’ve got a special little
surprise for you, too !


Lani Hall —
That’s When Miracles Occur


Red Hot Chili Peppers —
” Dark Necessities ” 


Adele —
” Someone Like You “


Joe Cocker —
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”stevie


Foo Fighters —
” The Best Of You ” 


” The Jack ” 


ColdPlay —
Fix You


Neil Young —
” Cortez ” 


Tracy Chapman —
” Fast Car ” 


Led Zeppelin —
” Kashmir “


Simon and Garfunkel —
” Faking It ” 


Red Hot Chili Peppers–
” By The Way ” 


Frank Sinatra —
” Watch What Happens ” 


Audioslave —moto
” I Am The Highway ” 


Michael Franks —
Chemistry Of Love


Deep Purple —
Perfect Strangers


Sweet —
Fox On The Run


David Gilmour —
” Where We Start ” 


Humble Pie —robot
Live With Me


John Legend —
” Love Me Now ” 


Otis Redding —
” Cigarettes and Coffee ” 


Jerry Reed —
That Lucky Old Sun


And to wrap up–
here’s a very rare recording –
It was numbered #1 in the Apple archive,
but cut out almost immediately after,
and the masters destroyed.
From 1968- and made by Ole Blue Eyes
in honor of Maureen Starkey’s birthday,
who was Ringo Starr’s first wife…..
Only bad sounding copies still exist,
and this is one.
Oh well.
Cool is still cool.

Frank Sinatra —
“The Lady Is A Tramp /
Maureen Is A Champ ”


!! HOY !!


Pattie Of Troy

pattieHer face was an icon
for 1960’s London fashion.

She was considered
(and really was)
one of the most beautiful
women of her generation.

She wined and dined
with royalty, celebrities,
and the upper crusta2
of British society.

She had a one word role
in a Beatles movie —
and soon found herself
immersed in the crazy
world of rock and roll.

So much so, that she
inspired 10 rock and roll hits,
written by several different artists.

She was Pattie Boyd.

I was looking through my
Rolling Stone Encyclopediacrisps
the other day, and I happened
to show my son a picture
of Pattie Boyd, and explained
how she might be thought
of as Rock and Roll’s
‘Helen of Troy’ —

as influential as she had
been on Rock Music…..

He looked at her picture,
then back at me, with a
kinda confused expression,
and finally asked me what
was so special about her.krissyronniepattieeric

It’s true, I guess….

Every picture doesn’t really
tell THE story.

Just ask Ronnie Wood.


Pattie Boyd was working
as a model in the early 60’s,
when she happened to be cast
in the role of a schoolgirl
for the movie
A Hard Days Night “,a1
starring the Beatles, in 1964.

Her one word in the movie
” Prisoners? “.

Somehow, though —
that short appearance on the set
led to George Harrison asking
her out —
using the line :
“Will you marry me? 
Well, if you won’t marry me,
will you have dinner
with me tonight?”

George always did have
a way with women…

Anyhoo… after some ups
and downs, they were
indeed married – in 1965.pattieboydgeorgeharrison

Now, as you probably remember,
the Beatles all had rather active
love-lives, and so,
it appears, did their wives
( who could blame em)
— and pretty soon Pattie was
hanging out with the Faces
( soon to be Rolling Stones )
guitarist Ronnie Wood.

And in the meantime,
Eric Clapton of Cream had also
caught the Pattie Boyd affliction —

Oh, this story can go
on for a long time, more…..

But, suffice to say that at least 10
Billboard chart songs can be
attributed to her inspiration.ericpattie

And our post today will give
you a chance to come up
with them–

Yes, you could win
a no-expense-paid
trip to nofuckingswhere .

Hey, oh sure
we’re cheap bastards,
so what?

But to add a bit of mystery,
I will list the songtitle in yellow,
and you can click on the linka1
if you can’t come up with it.

Or maybe you just wanna
listen to the damn song, I dunno.

Anyway, here they are:
( in no particular order )

“Layla” – Derek & the Dominos

“For You Blue” – The Beatles

“Mystifies Me” – Ronnie Wood

“So Sad” – George Harrison

“I Need You”The Beatles

“She’s Waiting” – Eric Clapton

“Breathe On Me”Ronnie Wood

Bell Bottom Blues” – Eric Clapton

It’s All Too Much” – The Beatles

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

“Something” – George Harrison

“Why Does Love Got
To Be So Sad” – Derek & the Dominos

“Old Love”   – Eric Clapton


Thanks to C for ” Bell Bottom Blues “,
which I plum forgot.

I’m told there are still others —
and if anybody knows
what they are, well,
drop me a line.

In the meantime,
have a groovy Thursday.

!!!!! HOY !!!!!!



Note: all of the pictures
used in this post
are used in accordance
with the “Fair Use”
provisions of Title 17
U.S.C. Section 107-
and the material on
this site is distributed
without profit.


Sunday Morning Music

subHiya .

Today on our
Sunday Morning Music post
we have some new stuff,
a couple unique things,
and some classics —

— all mixed up together .

Somehow it all works.

Man, I love it
when that shit happens.

I hope you enjoy it.


Henry Gross —dance
” Shannon “


No Doubt —
Hella Good ” 


Stephen Bishop —
” A Fool At Heart “


Blackfield —
Where Is My Love


Devil Doll —
Queen Of Pain


Chico Manndoody
w/ Alicia Shakour–
” I Feel It “


Al Jarreau —
” After All ” 


Dead South —
” In Good Company ” 


Rolling Stones —
” She’s So Cold ” 


Alice Francis —
” Shoot Him Down ” fender


Prince —
” Erotic City ” 


Allman Brothers
w/ Eric Clapton —
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed


Dido —
“Here With Me “


Peggy Lee —
” Why Don’t You Do Right ” erot


Steely Dan —
” Gaslighting Abbie ” 


Swing Republic —
” Crazy Love ” 


Amy Winehouse —
” Back To Black ” 


Mofus —
” Sex In Space ” 


The Cult —
” Little Devil “


Grateful Dead
W/ Janis Joplin —
” Lovelight ” 


Sade —
” By Your Side “


Train —
” Drive By “


Alicia Keys–
” No One “


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy–
” Jumpin’ Jack ” 


OutKast —
Land Of A Million Drums


And finally, a request from Feve,
who always demonstrates the
most exquisite taste in music…..

Herbie Hancock, Joss Stone,
and Jonny Lang:
” When Love Comes To Town ” 

!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!



Mongrel Melodies

doggieFrom the dark labyrinth of
musty, dusty storerooms
beneath what used to be
a major metropolitan
missle silo / tavern,
comes another in
a long string
incoherent paragraphs,
mindless drivel,dogcatcher
and totally pointless posts —

Yes, it’s time again for
the next edition of the
Muscleheaded Blog.

As for today’s topic,
well, I’ll get straight to it.


They’re one of my
favorite kinda peeples.

And you might remember
that the Muscleheaded Blog
has a new canine mascot –daisy

Her name is Daisie Doggie,
and she’s an Australian Shepherd.

Cute as lace pants.

And I must say,
she fits right into
my rather eccentric household.

One of the things I do
to drive Daisie Doggie crazy –

( that’s my role in the house-
— to drive everybody else crazy )dog

is to sing her praises to her –

— she hates that —

( everybody’s a critic )

and to adapt popular
song titles/lyrics
to that end.

I think I’ve covereddog
the easy ones already,
but I’m finding myself
having to become more
and more creative every day.

(so she won’t get
bored, ya know. )

I was working on some
new ones tonight, and
I thought I’d try the
titles out on you —

— as my volunteer
experimental subjects, dog
if you will.

( mad scientist laugh follows )

See if you can figure
out song title I’m mangling.

I’ll even give you the artist,
and a link to the original song,dog
should you find any of that
really necessary.

A bit of a caveat:
A couple of em are tricky,
— and you have to let me
know how well you do !

Okey dokey :

“How Much Is That
Daisey Doggie In The Window”
( Patti Page )

” Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun ”
( Cyndi Lauper )

” A Whole Lotta Daisie “1dog
( AC/DC )

” Pup It Up ”
( Elvis Costello)

” Another Park, Another Poopie ”
( Doobie Brothers )

” Daisie Don’t Lose That Dogtag”
( Steely Dan )dog

” Gimme Back My Dogbowl ”
( Lynyrd Skynyrd )

” She’s My Best Friend’s Dog ”
( Cars )

” Green Eyed Puppy”
( Sugarloaf )

” Me, and You, and A
Dog Named Daisie”dog
( Lobo )

” Doggie My Eyes ”
( Jackson Browne )

” Barkin’ In The Moonlight”
( King Harvest )

” Come and Get Your Dog ”
( Redbone )

” Daisie You’re A Desperado ”
( Warren Zevon )

” Chooie Chooie “frenchbulldog
( Kingsmen )

” Puppies Gotta Move ”
( Gino Vanelli )

” You Ain’t Nuthin But An Australian Shepherd”
( Elvis )

” Canines of Sanchez ”
( Chuck Mangione)

” Bark Away ”
( George Harrison)

” Dark Eyed Cajun Doggie”dogs
( Doobie Brothers )

” Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap ”
( AC/DC )
( you ain’t never had a dog
if you don’t get that one)


PS: my very lovely buddy C
contributed a few of her own —puppy

“This Puppy is a Dog Now”
by Gary Puckett

“I Want To Hold Your Paw”
by the Beatles

“Daisie Stardust”
by David Bowie

“Jumpin’ Daisie Flash”
by The Rolling Stones.

Nicely done, C !!!!!

!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!