It’s On The Map

Whenever I travel,
I like to raid the
postcard racks
in the local gift shops
and see if there
are any forgotten
‘vintage’ ones still
in there —

–you’d be surprised
how many times you’ll
find some old goodies –

– which goes to show
just how long ago it was
that anybody actually
took inventory in the place,

(or dusted, for that matter)
I guess….

They probably just change
(price) sign once in a while.

That’s quite
all right with me.

Finding almost anything
vintage in those places
is preferable —
— except when it
comes to tourist MAPS.

Now, out of date maps
may look cool,
be very collectible–

— but usually,
they’re worthless in
helping you find your
way around a strange city.


I don’t like or even trust
those consumer quality
GPS systems —

oh no….

— one missed update,
and you’re lost —

you might as well
just have an outdated map,
without the benefits
of cool graphics
and collectibility.

And when you think
about it, old maps can
be a lot of fun
as long
as you don’t really
need directions.

Being a Florida boy,
it was quite common
to see maps that pointed
people to ‘attractions’
that were no longer extant —

— still being stocked
and sold for a good
long time after.

Some places have left
absolutely no other
trace of them ever
even being there —

except on the maps
of the time, and,
of course,
the postcards
of the place.

Combine the two,
and whammo

— you got today’s post.

And no update required !

whatdaya want
for nuthin, anyway?

!!! HOY !!!!!