Vintage Pin Up: Enoch Bolles


Earl Mac’s 1949 Sketch Book Calendar

In 1949,
Earl MacPherson
was one of the
most popular
illustrator and
pin-up artists
in the United States.

This Oklahoma-born
painter’s annual
” Artist’s Sketch Book ”
regularly outsold
any other calendar
series of it’s time –
and would commonly
adorn the walls
in offices, workshops,
barracks, dens, etc.

A graduate of the
Chouinard School of Art,
he started drawing
pin-ups in the late
1930’s for the
Calendar Company,
and then with
the famous
Brown and
Bigelow Publishing

— and he continued
his pin up work until
Polio forced his
retirement in 1951.

During the war,
he had created two
sets of pin-up playing
cards for a series called
” Win, Lose, Or Draw” –

– which sold over 165,000
copies in the first four
months of it’s publishing.

Earl Mac’s work has been
seen regularly here on
the Muscleheaded Blog –

but I thought that,
for today’s post –

we’d bring you an
entire calendar –

— to give you an idea of
the beauty and detail
that typified the
“Artist’s Sketch Book ”

This one is from 1949.

The captions for
each month reads:


January –
” On The Beach ”

As the tide rolls in
And the sun shines down
Their sun-bathed skin
Turns a honey-brown .


February –
” Dude Ranch ”

You got me covered, stranger
Cause cactus scratches skin
And a cowgirl is in danger
When the dudes come riding in.


March –
” Reading Improves The Mind”

Reading behooves
A Gal, they say
She really improves
When she tries this way.


April –
” Native Belles ”

It’s never too late
For the fun to begin
As the native belles wait
For their ships to come in.


May –
” Sweater Girls “

Sweaters worn only
Early in May
Are not necessarily
Here to stay


June –
” Sun Tan Gal ”

If a lovely would tan
In the manner royal
It’s a good idea 
To use suntan oil 


July –
” The Fisherman’s Daughter ”

The net full of charm 
Is the fisherman’s daughter
She’ll come to no harm 
If she stays in the water 


August –
” Exposure ”

If a lot of exposure
Puts a girl on her guard 
She’ll risk the disclosure
When a man’s the reward 


September –
” September Morn Sandwiches”

When a sandwich we’re pickin’
Lets cut out the guessing
We’ll order cold chicken 
Without any dressing 


October –
” Soup’s On “

Remember the tale of
The tortoise and the hare
The turtle will fail 
Cause he’s stopping to stare 


November –
” Sophisticates ”

Artistic MacPherson 
Will surely win fame 
With this cute little person
Who’s easy to frame 


December –
” Holiday Festivity ”

In the holiday season
A yule log fire 
Gives our model a reason
For the Christmas desire. 


That’s it !

It’s very unusual to come
across one of these complete…

And I hope you enjoyed it —

!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!