Happy Anniversary Muscleheaded

saucyI got my Happy 4th year Anniversary card
from Word Press this month…

Has it really been 4 years
since the Muscleheaded Blog
took the big plunge
off the deck of the
quickly sinking
that was the good ship
S.S. Xanga ?


Time flies when
you’re having fun, right?driben

Never mind that we’ve
got almost exactly the same amount of subscribers now,
that we had at the beginning —

And never mind that
the writing on this blog
hasn’t exactly improved
over that same course of time.

We still got some great pin-ups —
that’s gotta count for something.

Hey, man ..
what do you want for nothin’ ?

my 4th anniversary, ay?lace

that means lace.

wood is for the 4th, right?

Well, lace on the right person
gives me wood,
so lace’ll work fine.

I just hope Word Press
gets my size right this time.

I kinda figured I’d do a
‘greatest hits’ compilation and all,


I HATE that when I’m waiting for fresh music out of an artist I like,

— and they do nothing but shorten some past hits and reissue them as a new album.

I don’t know how many times Chicago did that — 5 maybe?


artfrahmI’m not doing that, today.

I mean, there’s precious little original about this blog to begin with.

Of course,

that means I’ve got to come up with some new content–

— which means I’ve got to shake my lazy muse outta bed,

and see if she can get me started on something.


Well… ahem.

That lace lingerie is giving me some ideas, it’s true.

It’s not helping me write, though.

But I ask you,

aren’t lace lingeries the greatest invention since burnt toast ?

There’s something patently unfair about a woman wearing a lace lingerie —

A man’s got no defense against it.


Excuse me —
I’ve suddenly got things to do.



It’s On The Map

Whenever I travel,
I like to raid the
postcard racks
in the local gift shops
and see if there
are any forgotten
‘vintage’ ones still
in there —

–you’d be surprised
how many times you’ll
find some old goodies –

– which goes to show
just how long ago it was
that anybody actually
took inventory in the place,

(or dusted, for that matter)
I guess….

They probably just change
(price) sign once in a while.

That’s quite
all right with me.

Finding almost anything
vintage in those places
is preferable —
— except when it
comes to tourist MAPS.

Now, out of date maps
may look cool,
be very collectible–

— but usually,
they’re worthless in
helping you find your
way around a strange city.


I don’t like or even trust
those consumer quality
GPS systems —

oh no….

— one missed update,
and you’re lost —

you might as well
just have an outdated map,
without the benefits
of cool graphics
and collectibility.

And when you think
about it, old maps can
be a lot of fun
as long
as you don’t really
need directions.

Being a Florida boy,
it was quite common
to see maps that pointed
people to ‘attractions’
that were no longer extant —

— still being stocked
and sold for a good
long time after.

Some places have left
absolutely no other
trace of them ever
even being there —

except on the maps
of the time, and,
of course,
the postcards
of the place.

Combine the two,
and whammo

— you got today’s post.

And no update required !

whatdaya want
for nuthin, anyway?

!!! HOY !!!!!