Your Time Is Up

brothel timerI have some
cool friends,

My old buddy
from VA has
sent me a couple
of unique pics
from the turn of
the century on a
subject that I’ve
never paid much
attention to before ;

I guess it should
have been obvious
that something like
these existed, but it
just never came up ..
… if you know
what I mean.

Yes, these are
brothel candles —
used by ladies of
the evening for the
purpose of keeping
well, let’s say,
coming and going.

They burn down
slowly, taking between
7 and 10 minutes –

( half that time if
you’re one of those
guys who burn their
candle at both ends…. )

— so, at the bordello,
or anywhere else for
that matter, your
friendly neighborhood
courtesan lights it as
you cross her palms
with gelt, and when
it goes out, so do you.

They’d have been one
of those necessary
items for the trade,
I guess ( along with
a block and tackle in
my case, absolutely
necessary to get
Lil Elvis up once
he knew that any
financial transaction
was involved ).

You had to be
careful with these,
cause they’d get
very messy and
drip all over

Maybe they have
digital ones now,
for all I know.

Ah well.

An interesting
bit o’ history,
don’t you think?

brothel timer


Vintage Marital Sex Guides

Something that always
strikes me as funny
about our modern
technology levels…..
is just how simple it is
to get information on
just about any subject.

I mean, it’s not
necessarily accurate information, granted,
but just type any
old term into a
search engine and
**PRESTO** —
there’s a gazillion or so
references of one type
or another.

Now, I remember just
how it was to find
information on stuff
before the net —
especially controversial,
esoteric, or anything the
slightest bit ribald .

(three of my favorite subjects.)

Digging through the stacks
at the college library was
absolutely no picnic, and
usually you came out of
there with more allergies
than new information.

And if your interests were
more on the risque side ,

— all you could hope for
was something they used
to call ‘marital aid books’
like these.

I doubt anybody really
read them expecting
advice even at the time,
but as far as openly
obtainable books,
these were about it in
the 1950’s and 1960’s,

I’ve always liked to
read them –
early on in life,
hoping for a cheap thrill,
and then later-
because they really
are pretty funny,
especially as
regards to the way
they avoid the ‘nub’ of
whatever topic they’re
supposedly discussing.

For instance,
you might
find an article
on cunnilingus,
but it’ll end up being a
couple of ‘case studies’,
some vapid research facts,
and an over-technical
(perhaps in Latin)
that won’t exactly
send your prurient
imagination into
outer space.

The illustrations,
if there were any,
seemed more in line
with an anti-VD textbook
than anything else….

and after reading them,
you usually ended up
walking around why
they bothered even
printing the damn things
in the first place.

But they were
to the publishers .

As silly/simple as the
information provided
often was, the local
authorities would often
raid the sellers
and publishers
‘to protect the public ‘ —

— which drove up both
demand and prices
on the things.

Ads advertising books like:

” Sex Life in Marriage “
” Eugenics and Sex Harmony”
” Picture Stories of the Sex Life ”
” 10 Lessons In Sex Technique ”
” Ideal Sex ”
” The Modern Sex Manual ”
” The Pleasure Primer”
” True Love Guide ”
” Freud to Kinsey ”
” Marriage Mischief ”
” Sane Sex Life & Sane Sex Living”
” Sex and Marriage ”
” Yours Alone “
” The Love Life of
Modern Homo Sapiens”
“Secrets of a Healthy Sex Life”
” The Ideal Sex Life ”
appeared almost everywhere
– – even in comics.

And if one good publication
was banned from the mails
as ‘obscene’ (like several
early guides on birth
control were) several
of lesser quality
would quickly take
their place –
which meant
that by the early 1950’s,
it was almost impossible
to read anything on the
subject in the U.S. that
had any substance.

It wasn’t until the
early 1970’s that this 
trend started to reverse.

Books like the ‘Joy of Sex’
demystified the genre once
and for all —
with detailed and accurate
information and illustrations.

And while I very much appreciate that fact —

— occasionally I do
miss the more furtive
and hush-hush tone
of the old marital
sex manuals;
just a tit.

!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!

Safe As A Registered Letter

beatall“Safe as a registered letter “.


I’m not sure, with the
miserable state of the
Postal Service these days,
that slogan would work
all that well today,
but that indeed was used for
one of the many brands of
“French Letters”, 3flappers
— otherwise known as condoms,
available in the 1930’s.

It gets pretty interesting when
you consider the history of the
noble rubber –

— it wasn’t that long ago
that one of the first things
a ‘ gentleman about town ‘
would do after an illicit liason
was to ‘do his laundry‘.

shirts were not involved. dry

Basically, it meant a man
needed to wash out his
condoms after every use.

Then he would hang them to dry, so they would be ready for re-use.

Yep —

aabefore Latex became
a common material
with which to make condoms,
they were often made out of common rubber —

and reused.

Hence the slang name
most often used in the United States for them.

Before that,
… well …
all kinds of stuff were used.3knights

condoms actually have
a very old tradition —

going back past even
the ancient Chinese,
and Egyptian cultures.

It’s thought by some scholars
that there’s a cave paintingakron
of an animal bladder condom
being used on the wall of the
Grotte des Combarelles —
—- from 15,000 years ago.

The early Chinese versions
were made of coated silk,
and covered only the head
(glans) —

— they were expensive, blondtex
of course,
and had to be custom made.

No ‘one size fits all’ here.

And these types of condoms,

along with linen ones
and ones made of horn,
were being used in
1500’s Europe, too —

they were actually tied
on with a piece of ribbon.carmen

Animal bladders,
which allowed for the
entire organ to be covered
and were easier to keep on,
became more widely distributed
by Dutch traders to the world,

and they were very popular,
especially in
France, England, and Japan.

But all these optionsmore
were very expensive —

and so,
their use was limited only
to those who could afford them.

It wasn’t until
Galvanized Rubber
was invented in the late 1830’s,
did condoms become available
to the every day working man —

They weren’t all that comfortable,
or reliable, for that matter —

but, they were appreciatedhercules
by most folks as a hedge
against pregnancy and
Venereal Disease.

As the popularity of the
‘rubbers’ caught on,

there also grew a
‘stiff’ resistance to them —

In the 1880’s,
the United States restricted
them from being sold in the mail.vd

Some U.S. states
banned them outright —

as did the Republic of Ireland.

So did Italy under Mussolini,
and Nazi Germany.

( It didn’t stop folks from
getting them, of course. )duke

Many churches were outraged
that such a product even existed,

and there are still sects
that do not permit their
adherents to use them.

The social antipathy
that condoms generated
also caused a new coded
slang to be developed —

A condom could be how
cryptically referred to as

Jimmy Hat
Love Gloveamo1
Cock Sock
Naughty Bag
Venus Shirta1
Safety Vest
Tool Bag
Willy Wrap
Dirty Laundry
Pecker Poncho
Shower Cap
Baby Baggie

.. etc.drx
…. etc.
……. et cetera.

Latex was invented
in the 1920’s–

and almost overnight,tijuana

made the condom cheaper,
more comfortable,
and, of course, disposable.

Most male condoms today
fall into three categories :
and ‘Skin’
(treated animal bladders, etc).

Of course,
you can always get a
“French Tickler”,

if you think you need
a little extra zing….

And a more
‘custom fit’

called “TheyFit”,

is available currently in
Western Europe
in a variety of sizes…

but the ‘One Size Fits All’
theme still dominates
the market.

There was actually a
‘Spray On’ condom
invented a couple
of years ago,depends

— but since the product
required minutes to
set up and cure,

it proved to be —

let’s say ‘impractical’.

shrinkage is a problem
in every industry,
I guess.






Strange Loves

” For hundreds of years men and women have talked with hushed voices about “STRANGE PEOPLE” …. ” 

I’ll tell ya —
I’m amazed at the lengths
I will go to find material
for my blog sometimes.

Like reading,
cover to cover ,
a 1933 pseudo-scientific study
about sex- called :
” Strange Loves – A Study
In Sexual Abnormalities ”
by Doctor La Forrest Potter .

I originally found
an ad for it
in an old magazine,
and then dug the actual
publication itself up.

And I dunno what
I was expecting…

maybe I was hoping to
find something spicy,
or salacious, or even just
a little interesting piece
of historical perspective-
– but no luck, Chuck.

And no pics, Chix.

Other than his obvious
fetish for Eugenics,
which he defines as :
” The science of racial
by means
of sexual selection.

It’s so mean, Gene.

Just no joy, boy.

So throw out the book,

I can also tell you that
according to the good doctor,
society coulda learned a lot
from the Nazi Germans as
far as dealing with anybody
who didn’t subscribe to
conventional sensibilities
about sex —

— you know, anybody not
big into missionary vanilla –
and especially, those
” strange brothers ” –

Bizarre little tid-bits from
this timorous tome can be
found in the definitions glossary:

Tongue Kiss:
Insertion of the tip of the tongue.
(Wow– how many years of
research did this one take?)

An emission of semen during sleep.
(Wet dream ?
Call the E.P.A. !!!!!!!!! )

Urning :
A male homosexual.
(It’s new term to me, so it’s a tid-bit.)

Invert :
A male homosexual.
(It’s another new term
to me, so another tid-bit.)

Fairy :
Yeah, you guessed it.
(He’s got plenty more
where those came from.)

Men or women practicing abnormal sex.
(I’m beginning to think he’s
got a hangup or two himself)

Multiple sexual indulgences.
(You’re NOT supposed to
enjoy yourself, apparently.)

Morganitic Marriage :
A form of concubinage.
(Now, I had to look
this one up outside his own
nebulous explanation —
it basically means to marry
outside your class.)

Well, alright —
let me just boil all of the
very tedious 237 pages
down for you —

(there were about 5 blank pages,
— probably the best parts of it )

— and tell you that the ads
were 100 times more interesting
than anything in the book it was selling.

(note- these last 3 pics weren’t in the book )

Boy, oh boy,
— the things I do for blogging.

!!!!! HOY !!!!!

Alexandra Katehakis says:


“Spiritualizing sex is actually a movement of energy, feeling and emotion

— that rises within you and moves into your sexual physicality as an alive, tender, erotic, or passionate expression.

Your bodies move without inhibition so all the energy can flow out of you and between the two of you.

You allow spiritual energy to express its dance through you.

Sexuality can be a profound demonstration of your love, and especially your freedom, to express and bond.

Spiritual sex, then, combines how you express your love with the intentions or blessings you bring to your partnership.”

Skin and Bones

My lovely friend Ret
recently suggested,
in order for me
to take my mind
off redheads
(and sex in
general, I think),
that I should ask
more questions.

And I’ve decided
to take her advice
because my hormones
do seem to be running
on high RPM’s these days…..

not, that I think
that’s a bad thing,
but I recognize that
it does rather skew
my subject choices
for posts.

So , question:  does it
make me weird that
even though there’s
another month or so
before we get to the
whole Hallowe’eny season,
and despite the fact
that I was going to hold
these things for
Vintage Pin-Up posts
for that time,
that I couldn’t help myself?

They’re what I like to call wonderfully wicked –
a description that basically
means that it turns me on
in an indescribably dark place
just to the left of my medial
orbito-frontal cortex.

Maybe it’s got to do
with my penchant for
wearing skeleton costumes
during my pre-pubescent
Halloween experiences.

Well, probably not….
but, what do you think?

I can’t help thinking about
all the stuff you would see
sometimes when people
opened the door for
trick or treat, though…..

— makes one wish for all
kinds of time travel options.

In that vein, time travel
sounds like it could be
kinda fun, doesn’t it ?

It did seem like the adults
were enjoying the holiday
a bit more than us kids.

Or something a little kickier?

I dunno – where Halloween
parties really wilder back then ?

I was just knee high to a
grasshopper and only
interested in candy —

so, what people were doing
in the background when
they weren’t shoveling
full size candy bars into
my bag was only of
passing interest.

Could it have some latent
effect that I’m only now
becoming aware of ??

Some demented
mechanism at play here?

Obviously, from these pics,
generously sent to me from
one or two of my wonderful
readers who will remain
anonymous (to protect
Katie and Cyn’s reputations,
you know )
— other people also find
these freaky nudes a bit of a rush.

Is it a weird ‘beauty and the beast’ ,
or ‘the wages of sin is death’ thing?

As for me, I might be totally
ignoring the skeleton altogether
and focusing on the beautiful
woman, who knows?


HOY !!!!!