Do You Remember


I had an interesting
email from a new
reader yesterday.

I guess the writer must
be pretty young,
because although,
there were plenty
of positives in the note –

— there was also
the gist that this blog
relies way too much
upon references,
and illustrations
that are:kiddie
out of touch,
out of date,
and just plain out.

Basically, I guess
that means
we’re dusty,tryand
musty and
crusty, even.

Our frame of reference
is rather passé,
and old fashioned.try

so right.

And I don’t mind
any, or all, of that.

Because while
the email gave mesuit
some pause for reflection,

(and made a good topic
for our main post today–)

— the truth is that those very
propensities toward the
arcane and archaic are
a big part of what thisprop
whole blog is about.

A guy in his late 50’s (like I am)
learns (or, hopefully learns)
to be able to distinguish
between the oldies,
the goldies and the moldies.

Hopefully, we can interpet themkids
all on the Müscleheaded Blog
in a way that is still meaningful….

— and if not that,
then at least,
we can have
some fun with them.

Remembering the relics
of the past is part and parcelfredstone
with learning from the past –

It’s important to understand
that living, breathing, feeling
human beings, just like us,
produced and enjoyed them-
they meant something to them.

Yes, just as our relicsforgetbeach
mean something to us,
and as we’d hope that
they mean something
to someone in the future.

Perhaps it’s too much
to expect that they will
feel the same about them
as we do…..forge

…… but it’s enough
that we can share part
of those things that
we experience in our
short time here.

Let succeeding generations
make what they will of it.bathing

I am content.


!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!


The Devil’s In The Dance

orgiesWell, if I’m not careful,
my rather cavalier attitude
about things will have
put me on someone
else’s naughty list…..


I need to be reminded
that drinking, carousing,
dancing and music
are well-lit road signs on
the Route 666 straight to Hell.

Or maybe just the
dirt road to ruin, I dunno. like

I’m a sinner,
— taken that for granted.


— so would somebody please
hit the panic button already?

dancing and music
always seemed pace
like such an innocent thing
to me, ya know.

How was I to know that
it was just a Red Menace/Satanic plot
to get you to let your moral guard down?

Or worse–

Man, did you know
that listening to:

“.. razzy, jazzy spasm bands
would strouse uncontrollable sexual desire ? “

that’s gotta make you think.

(What the hell is ‘strousing’ anyway,
…. and how do I get some of it ?)

And, further–

that in ‘Jitterbug’ dancing:
girls are violated and
despoiled visually first,
and often otherwise afterward”.

Oh, for heavens sake.

I just thought it was
a goofy looking dance move…morals

…….. nobody ever told me it
would make girls ‘ loosey goosey ‘.

I knew I shoulda learned to dance.

But, we’ve been over that
ground, before, I think.


That’s the premise of an old pamphlet I found,
written by one Dan Gilbert, LLD,

…. dating from the 1940’s,heritage
called “Heritage of Hell–
The Modern Dance

Among other things,

the learned Doctor Gilbert informs us
that dance music was a greater threat
to Western Civilization than Hitler…

And that “ 97 per cent of juvenile delinquents
took “their departure from the path
of virtue and purity
” after a
dance or attending a movie.

Going to the movies can really do that ??

Who knew.

I bet that’s where they first learn tango
that trick with the popcorn box, too.

I am aghast, man, aghast.

Other wonderful titles
written by this guy include:

The Vanishing Virgin
( over-rated, if you ask me )

The Conspiracy Against Chastity
( I’m sensing a theme here… )ballroom

Evolution: The Root Of All ISM’s

( what the hell is an ISM? )

Now, you’re probably thinkin’
one crack-pot, no big deal.’

Au contrare, mon frère.

I think there’s still lots
of folks that think that way…

And certainly,
plenty of examples twist
of literature about it.

that is Ann-Margret –
— thanks for askin’ )

Another classic of this knee-jerk genre,
— is a pamphlet by John R Rice–

….. called “What’s Wrong With The Dance“,
and dating from the same general era (1935).

And as maniacal as the above good Doctor seemed,
—- this Rice guy is even more rabid about the subject.

He explains his concept in terms familar
of who hangs out at dances, like:

tough nuts,
crack-brained bullies,
drunken blackguards,
low down dirty rakes who would
seduce any girl and lead her to Hell,

the rotten-as-hell adulterous crowd,
whiskey drinkers,
high school kids doomed to car crashes,
and of course—
your sons and daughters

Oh man.

He “double-dog dares” someone to defend dancing,

( yes, he did actually use that exact expression )dance

….. since it’s responsible for all
adultery, murder, idolatry,
drunkenness and nakedness”.

His fashion sense is also offended:

“Women don’t wear corsets
anymore to dances”
, he complains.

Oh, shucks.

And, in that special, homespun,
inimitable style that is all his own,
he has a gentle piece of advice for mothers, too:

Listen to me, sisters, you bunch of hens.
You who have been carrying on these
dances in your homes, don’t open your chops.
You have paved the way for lewdness,
trained boys and girls for it.

Dammit, MOM.bestial

—— was I at summer camp or what ???

How’d I somehow miss out
on all the damn lewdness training ????

I’m telling you…

I’m always outta the loop, man.




Dancing French Couple

Dancing French Couple

The Green Book

a6a6I know I can be,
at times, rather
hyper sensitive
to certain kinda stuff.

But, on those days
when I’m feeling4trav
particularly fucked with,
I try to remember
that there are
many large groups of
fellow human beings
who are/were fucked with
much more mercilessly
by almost everybody else.

Ever heard of
‘sundown towns’ ?

It meant that if you
were a person ‘of color’,
— it was a place that was
dangerous to be in after dark.

Just driving through
one of these towns
at night could get you
arrested, harrassed,a5a
killed even.

And NO,
not just in the
Southern United States, either —

— there were more ‘sundown’
towns in the Midwest and
North than in the South.

There were sundown towns
in Canada and Mexico, too.

The Negro Travelers’
Green Book was aa2a
travel guide published
between 1936 and 1967,
by the Victor H. Green Co.
for the express purpose
of giving directions to
and the addresses of
gas stations, motels, and
restaurants that were
open to folks of all colors.

It first came to be published
by a black man who
had plenty of problems
travelling cross-country,a5aa
and decided to do something
to help other folks travelling
in similar cimcumstances.

And it was an
practical solution,

— was both effective
and popular —

and widely available
at many gas stations,
motels, book stores etc.

The real question onea7a
must ask, though –

Why should a thing
ever have had to exist
in the first place?

Let’s try to love
one another, dammit.


!!! HOY !!!