I Think, Therefore I No

Some people find
absolutely nothing
funny about philosophy.

I find it hilarious.

Maybe part of the reason is,
it’s the only subject that
really makes you realize
that the more you learn,
the less you really know.

The sheer futility of it
has to make you laugh.

And if it wasn’t for Nihilism,
a lot of people would have
nothing to believe in.

Ok- so,
you might have
to let that sink in a bit….

In the meantime,
some music
to philosophize by,
— and another joke.

The French existentialist
philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre
is sitting at a French cafe,
revising his draft of
“Being and Nothingness”.
He says to the waitress:
“I’d like a cup of
coffee, please,
with no cream.”

To which the waitress
replies: “I’m sorry,
monsieur, but we’re
out of cream.
What about with
no milk instead


Ok– so, I didn’t say
it was a hilarious joke….

But it does illustrate the
humor that is inherent in
philosophy —

A line of reasoning that
might at first seem like
a matter of semantics
can quickly spiral into
the carnfusing-est mass of
possibilities about how
you choose to look at things.

It’s about choice –
and even if you say
that you refuse to choose,
well, you’ve still made
a choice of some kind.

Complicated, ain’t it ?

But I’m really not trying
to burn out your synapses
freak you out, or to
bring on some kinda
existential crisis …..
(been there, done that)

Truthfully, I’m more
like that Soupy Sales guy —

(or Space Ghost, if you’re
so irritatingly young as
to not remember that
Soupy Sales guy….. )

I’m just here setting up
the next cartoon.



PS: Thanks to Jen at Blog It Or Lose It
for the Donut Philosophy cartoon.

Gabbing About Gestalt

legsOne minute you see it,

One minute you don’t.



It’s hoodoo —
or voodoo —
or witchcraft,
or something…..animals


It’s way more
spooky than that.

It’s about human psychology–
and how we perceive things.

Gestalt is a funny thing.

Observing how your mind
takes a single line,
shape, color, or contrast–
—  or a group of them,

and turns it into a
whole concept
is not only interesting,

…… but can produce
some really startling

For example…..gestalt

Do you see a pretty girl,
or a guy playing the saxophone,
in this picture?

Look again, man.

Anybody who’s ever gone to a psychologist….

( and as a child, I went to many —
— surprise, surprise, huh?

…… knows what a
Rorschach ink blot test is.

You’re supposed to look
at a blob of nothing —

….. and tell them the
first thing that comes
to mind.

Of course,
a reasonable
person would think —

But no, that’s nota
how it’s supposed to work.

And with me,
it seemed
to go rather badly.

The guy would hand me
one of those
ink blot things,

and I’d say it looked like a naked lady.

He’d hand me another one,

….and I’d say that one
looked like a naked lady, too.love

After a couple rounds of this,
he finally remarked :

It seems like you might have
an obsession with sex, young man.

I was shocked,
mortified, stunned …

( ok… not all that much, really )

Hey,”, I said ..

You’re the one that keeps showing me dirty pictures, man.

It’s all a matter of perception, ya see.


Look at this picture.


Maybe it just looks like
a bunch of blocks to you.

And really, that’s all it is.

But your mind wants to put
it all together into a unified package.

So, back up a bit from the screen,
and presto — you’ll get the message.

I’m not sure it’s all that accurate, mind you …

I’ve been wearing glasses
all my life and …. wait .


Next slide, please.


I’m gonna give you a little task to perform.

No— not that.

Later, perhaps.

Quickly– I want you to tell
me the color each of these words.



Not what the word says
but what color the word is.

not all that easy, is it ?

You look at the word ORANGE,
and it’s hard to say BLUE,
…. even though you see it IS blue.

That’s because the brain
stores color information,
and language information,
in two different parts of the brain.

And the information from
one part is overriding the
information from the other part.


Welcome to my world, baby.

Often, an image or representation won’t give you a lot of information.

And your brain will try to
fill in the blanks, as it were.

Observe the simple cues in the picture —
color, shape, and a few letters.

Yet, very few people
would fail to come
to a quick conclusion
of what this image is.

Corporations use this concept
a good deal to their advantage,

………….. in everything from logos to advertising.

After all, why tell you stuff
about their product that
might be true, or might not….

…. when they can lead you
to draw your own assumptions/conclusions.

And since all the parts necessary
to make an accurate decision aren’t provided,
well, it’s not hard to see the
potential errors that can be made.

Harmless or not, these kinds of ads
are very persuasive, and appeal
to the deepest reaches of the mind.

But it’s not the only technique they use on you.

Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Take this example —
the new Wendy’s logo. mom

See the word under the girl ?

Why is it there?

To give you a
subliminal impression —
home, apple pie —
and, of course, MOM.

Again —
‘they’ don’t want you
to notice it consciously.

They’re playing upon a
necessary function of your brain —
— the ability to make
sense of the world around us –

but, of course,
using it for their own purposes.

Me, I prefer more recreational uses.


Tell ’em, Frank.



You Go To My Head

A melody can evoke
memories like no other
stimulant of the senses.

That song–

— you know the one–

the one that
you hadn’t heard
in many years ..

and then,
so vaguely
hauntingly familiar.

Flashes of faces,
and places.

A smile slips slowly
across your lips.

A warm feeling,
and for just a second,
you’re back there
all over again.

You can’t help
but wonder —

What happened to
that particular
instant in time —

— that very special spot
on the space-time
continuum ?

And just where
in that refrain
were all those
remembrances stored ?

If you had the
old sheet music,
would you find
it encoded
somewhere deep
between the notes,
beats and rests —

– – a mere breath – –
– a whisper –
a 32nd of a 64th ?

Perhaps it was
in the key —
or the harmonics.

Something made that
piece stand out from
among all the
and syncopated
of daily life….

What was it —
— that brought back
that time,
and that place.

And oh,
That Face.


! HOY !