Vintage Citrus Labels

Y’all might
that I grew up in

And there ain’t no
real debate about
where the best
juice-oranges in
the world are

That’s right.

Even today.

Of course, when
it comes down to
other kinds of
oranges, like those
beautiful Valencias
grown in California,
eating out of hand
is perfect for them.

And the blood oranges
from Spain —
– color and a bite –

Or those lovely
little Mandarins
from Southeast Asia.


So, when it comes
to oranges, it’s all
in what you wanna
do with them.

And this post is
sorta like that….

I wanted to post
some beautiful
vintage citrus
fruit crate labels
that I especially like.

And so it seemed
natural enough to
start with my
favorite –
— oranges.

But ya know,
there are other
citrus fruits-
some of which,
you’ve probably
never even
heard of…..

Like “Pompia”
from Sardinia —
where the peel is
much more tasty
than the fruit.

How about
“Buddha’s Hand”,
which is a variety
of citron that is
so fragrant, it’s used
primarily as an air

Or the “Oroblanco”,
which reminds one of
a sweet grapefruit,
but is a lively
color of green when

And you can’t forget
the noble “Kumquat” ..
— honestly —
with a name
like that, you
know it’s gonna
be a treat, right ?

Been to Jamaica?
Well, while there,
you might have seen
a strange looking
citrus fruit there
that looks like a
Pomelo’s homely cousin.

And it’s got a
name to match:
the “Ugli” fruit.
It tastes like a cross
between a tangerine
and a lemon.

Another lesser known
citrus is “Bergamot” –
which is quite tasty
when it’s used in
marmalades, candy
and Lady Grey Tea.

Today’s whole lineup of
citrus fruits is thought
to have descended from
oranges –

— which developed
in the foothills of
the Himalaya Mountains,
a couple million years ago.

And it’s antiquity
might go far
to explain it’s
connection with
the various
religious cultures
of the world.

The Citron,
or “Etrog”
for instance,
is significant
to Hebraic peoples —
as it is to Hindus.

The bitter orange,
or ” Daidai ” is
essential to Japanese
New Year celebrations.

And, in Europe, an
orange in your stocking
at Christmas means
the promise of good
health and vigor.

it really never
was just about
orange juice,
ya know ?

The crate labels
we feature today
are beautiful examples
of the form —

I wonder
if anybody
noticed that
I snuck one
non-citrus label
in there,
as a ringer,
simply because
it’s so terrific.


!!! HOY !!!





Sunday Morning Music

Hi !

We have a wonderful
mix of rock, jazz, fusion
and funk for you
today on this Sunday
Morning Music Post.

I hope you dig it.


Crusaders —
” Good Times


Robin Trower —
Lady Love


Poco —
Call It Love


Dave Stahl —
Scream Machine


Crusaders —
It Happens Every Time


S.O.U.L. —
Peace Of Mind


Blind Faith —
Sea Of Joy


Greg Lake —
Still You Turn Me On


Chicago —


Boz Scaggs —
Rock and Stick


Crusaders —
” Keep That Same Old Feelin


Jefferson Starship —
Mountain Song


George Benson —
Give Me The Night


Woody Herman —


Beth Hart —
Bang Bang Boom Boom


Crusaders —
Chain Reaction


Beatles —
” Revolution


Iron Butterfly —
Flowers and Beads


Leo Sayer —
 More Than I Can Say


Prince —
Diamonds and Pearls


Crusaders —
Feel It


Bill Chase (CHASE) —
” Close Up Tight


The Pissing Fountain

Belgium is one
of my favorite
destinations in Europe….

Brussels is home
to quite a good
number of restaurants
and bars, along with
friendly people and
plenty of sights
to visit.

And beer

several of the best
beers in the world
are brewed there.

Despite some similarities,
it’s quite different from
France in many ways,
as I’m sure Monsieur
Hercules Poirot would
be quick to tell you.

One of the more peculiar
landmarks one should see
in the city of Brussels is
commonly called the
“Pissing Fountain” –
but more correctly:
the Manneken Pis
statue …
(or ‘Little Piddler’ ).

It’s called that because
it looks like the bronze
kid depicted by the
statue is pissing on

and not only
is it famous, but
there’s been one
like it in Brussels
since 1618, although
it has been moved,
as well as re-cast,
several times over
it’s history.

Originally, it’s main
purpose was to provide
fresh water to local
residents, but by the
middle of the 1800’s,
it had evolved into
more of a local
landmark, and over
the years, has drawn
attention from not
only tourists, but a
number of thieves
as well.

It was first swiped,
in 1747, by a couple
of French Grenadiers
who had been posted
to the town –
– the residents were so
enraged about it, they
threatened to revolt.

The King of France
ordered it returned,
along with a gold
brocaded robe and a
sword for the statue.

Which kinda
to a tradition that
continues to this day –

– a couple times a week,
the statue is dressed up
in some kinda costume,
from a wardrobe that
contains over 1000
different ones.

And on the anniversary
of the founding of the
Free University of Brussels,
November 10, the statue is
connected to a keg of beer
for the benefit of visitors.

As one can imagine,
souvenir postcards
from the site are
very popular,
— and we have
several really cool
vintage ones today.

I hope you like em.


!!! HOY !!!

Vintage Automotive Gadgets

A hearty
to you,

Thanks for
stopping by
our Saturday
car post.

We have a collection
of interesting vintage
gadgets today…

I’m not sure how
useful they ended up
being, but they do
show a good bit of
resourcefulness and
ingenuity, if not
good judgement.

The first one was a
dog-powered tractor,
which the inventor
claimed could be
a boon to mid-century
farmers and ranchers
without the worries
about fuel and ….

Who would do this
to a dog ?

Well, he would.

if you weren’t willing
to put Fido into a
giant hamster wheel,
you might consider
turning your car into
a farm implement
instead …..

The “PullFord” device
‘easily’ converted a
Model-A Ford into
a combination tractor,
plow, grader, feeders,
hay bailer,
and all kinds
of other stuff.

You just popped the
rear end off and …….


That don’t
sound too
‘easy’ to me.


How practical does an
in-car coffee percolator

Brew fresh java while
you drive.


Even comes
with it’s
own open mug,
so you can
spill nice
hot coffee
all over you,
your nice new
jalopy, and that
pretty lady who
used to be your


that’s shocking it
didn’t catch on.


!!! HOY !!!

Friday Mail Batch

I’m sure you sheiks
and cuties have noticed
that today’s regularly
scheduled program has
been pre-empted for a
special presentation
from your friends here
at the Muscleheaded Blog.

So it’s not the
today —

It’s the
Friday Mail-Batch.

Actually, if you want
to know the truth,
only the name has been
changed to protect ..

…. well, ok,
exactly innocent
around here…..

we’re just trying
to make it look
like we’re doing
something totally
new —
— instead of the

Cause it does certainly
seem to work
for all those
big media/airline/
companies when they
want to swallow up
the smaller ones —

— they make a
big deal out of their
new corporate name
instead of reminding
you that it’s same-old
product or service with
a brand-new higher

coming up with new
flashy names
is expensive……

All those pesky
focus groups
and surveys.

And what about
all those jobs
lost in the merger ?

Well, getting rid
of old office furniture
can be also very,
very expensive.


So anyway —
in cooperation
Merican Airways

(big theme

The Friday Mail Batch.

(canned audience

Old Postcards.
More Vintage
Crap Like That.

With a special

A Pin Up.

provided by:

Who Gives A Shit


who reminds
you that
your personal
is our personal

!!! HOY !!!