Let The Mail Bag Take You

Hey man, just where
did THAT week
go already ?

Time for another
exciting, mind-elevating
and positively dizzying
trip through the Muscleheaded Blog’s

I’m also happy to say,
that some of
this week’s mail was
too dirty to actually post,
and that despite those
pieces not getting to appear,
— I really did appreciate em.

I really did.

Keep up the good work.

It makes the mailbag
one joyful place to dip
into, lemme tell you.

But, we’ve still got
plenty of stuff we
CAN post —

– and it’s ok if it’s not
dirty enough not to
qualify, it really is.

And you know Your Ole
Uncle Nuts is gonna find
a way of making it dirty,
anyway, so –

Just let it take you.

fun is where
you find it.

— Ahem.

For you new readers whose
poor innocent minds
haven’t been sufficiently
warped by this blog, yet,
let me just advise you that
it will happen if you hang
around here long enough.

Whether that’s a promise
or a threat is something that
is also yet to be determined.

welcome, in any case.

I’ve been trying to stick today
with postcards and stuff from
the first third of the 20th

Let me know how
you think
I’m doing —

I never was too good
with fractions.

That said, I’ll leave you
with a quote that comes
to mind from Leo Tolstoy: 

“A man is like a fraction
whose numerator is what
he is and whose denominator
is what he thinks of himself.
The larger the denominator,
the smaller the fraction.”

!!! HOY !!!!

Miss Myrna Loy – 1932



Mars Needs Women

Hi there,
fellow Earthlings.

You may think that
our title today
is just another
one from a long
tradition of Muscleheaded
posts intended to
goad, spur, invoke,
sting, prod, incite,
rouse, inflame,
stimulate, motivate,
or prick
( wait, rub that one out )
the reader to:
“come on in and
set a spell”
you know, like,
read the damn thing
and stuff.

And to be quite
candid with you,
I would never admit
to doing such a thing.

so that’s not really
being candid
about anything,
I admit.

So sue me.

Or, you may be holding
some sneaky suspicions
that I only used that
title as an excuse
to post a picture
of Yvonne Craig in
mild bondage from the
1960’s sci-fi movie
“Mars Needs Women”.
( or maybe it was
“Man From Uncle” )

Which is patently ridiculous,
because I’ve already got
plenty of pictures of Yvonne
in that kinda of spot from
all sorts of movies and TV.

And it ain’t just me –
I’m thinking lots of
folks liked to see her
get tied up.

And she definitely had the
figure to hold up the ropes.

So, yeah,
I guess
there’s always that.


I quite like the vintage
movie ads for monster
and sci-fi flicks —
especially the foreign
language posters.

For some reason,
a movie like :
Ship of Monsters
sounds and looks much
cooler and scarier as :
La Nave de los Monstruos“.

” El Piporro ”
Lalo Gonzalez is in it.

Another thing you’ll notice
is that there are way more
hotties in Mexican posters –

— they’ll never miss an
opportunity to put a girl
in a slinky outfit or a
bathing suit on one,
even if there’s not a
chick in the whole movie.

Talk about goading, spurring,
invoking, stinging, prodding,
inciting, rousing, inflaming,
stimulating, motivating,
or pricking …….
( wait, rub that
one out, again ) .

And I’m pretty sure they
wouldn’t admit it either.

But who are we to
complain about
something like that,

just one more
Yvonne in bondage. )