The Friday Mailbag

The Friday

A Friday
tradition since ….

Oh, ok,
I dunno if it
qualifies as
a ‘tradition’,

Maybe a ‘habit’
would be more
appropriate, huh?

bad one?


… it’s gotta be
better than
chewing tobacco
or scratching
your ass

Not as
I’ll grant you,



we’re gonna
dip down
deep into the
feel around
and see what
we come
up with.

Let’s see…..

coarse hairs?

Those sure
ain’t mine.

Now, I wonder
if it’s a demented
kinda thing that
our regular readers
would know exactly
how I know that.

Is that
what they
call T.M.I. ?

Hey, we’re totally
into sharing
around here,
ya know.

‘Sharing is caring’
and all
that rot.


you can’t use
my motorcycle —

A guys’
gotta draw
the line

it seems like
we are just
dilly dallying
around ,
but the truth is
that we’re just
gonna go balls
-out- random

Forget all that
stuff I’ve said
previously about
always having
some kinda
hidden topic …

This one is so
completely and
utterly random
that they’ll have
to redefine the
whole fucking

You’ll think you’re
reading my answers
to my 11th grade
algebra tests, that’s
how seriously desultory
and scattershot we’re
going for today.

(Thanks to my old
football coach
and algebra teacher,
Mr. Murphy, for
passing me, anyway,
cause otherwise, they’d
been short a full-back,
and we mighta lost the
Division IV semi-finals
against St. Thomas
Aquinas. )

Oh yeah….

  • nobody knows
    random like yer
    old buddy


!!! HOY !!!



William Henry Ellam Ephemera

One of the things
that always surprises
me about postcard
collecting is the
paucity of information
available about the
creative illustrators
themselves ….

— sometimes,
especially in the
case of early
1900’s artists,
there is little
credible background
information about
them –

– even the most
industrious ones.

A good example of
this is the case of
English artist
( and sculptor )
William Henry Ellam.

His work was published
by several large London
producers of postcards –

– like Raphael Tuck and
Sons –

— but yet, very
little of his pedigree
information can be

( I was ,
weirdly enough,
able to find a
picture that I
could verify as
him… which,
I guess just
proves how
well known
he was in
his time )

What I can tell
you was that
he was a very
popular creator of
political, sardonic,
and comic cards
from around 1900
through until 1925,
after which he
seems to have

– he was born
in 1858 at
Enfield, Middlesex,
England, worked in
London, first as a
stockbroker, and
then as an artist,
and died in 1935.

The first trace
that I can
find of him in
is from
1905, a card
which sarcastically
mocked the
participants of
the Russo-Japanese

— those were
published by
and Company ;

– after which there
are cards from the
A.G. Company,
C.W. Paulknert,
Wilde & Cray,
and an array of

There were a
large variety
of his designs
on cards dealing
with the geo-
political events
of the times,
and especially
World War I and
the class conflict
during and after.

It was during
this era
that his
most well
series, based
on :
Mrs. Caudle’s
Curtain Lectures

were released;
although others
of his anthropo-
morphic characters ,
like: ‘Little Teddies’
‘Cats’ sets also sold
very well —

and his ” Seashore ”
subjects were a
regular feature at
postcard stands in
much of Western
Europe, and were
available in several

Ellam definitely
seems to have
had a taste
for bad puns
( ‘ the Nuts ‘ ),

– and also for
the macabre,
and several of his
odder cards were
designed to appeal
for holidays, such as
Valentines, and as
Halloween items.

Another set of his
creations appeared
with cigarette packs;

dating from around
1910 and produced
for the Cope’s
Kenilworth brand –

Notable, despite
the fact they were
technically not
postcards at all,
but a variety of
card-size cut-out
paper ‘toy models’
– like a stage for
Punch and Judy.

His work is
usually signed
” ELLam “, although
this is not always the


!!! HOY !!!


Take A Swing

swingHappy Wednesday.

I was browsing my
postcard collection
the other day,

and happened
to notice an
interesting phenomena —

(well, to me, anyway)

— the plethora of cards
dealing with pretty girls
in/on garden swings.

I wondered,
if maybe,
it was just
a resultim-getting-the-swing-of-things-here-posted-1913-vintage-comic-postcard-1784ffe4e6cd85266cd83040a181997a
of a peculiarity
in my personal

After all,
I’ve really
got nothing
against pretty girls
on postcards doing
just about anything,

and the typical garden
or porch type swing
does offer up
certain opportunities
for …

…. well,a1
wait a minute,

I already got
called a ‘perv’
once this week,

I know the lady
in question meant it
as a joke, and I took
it that way, I did…

In the best
possible way.

So, I’m just using it
as a cheap gimmick
to drive a post write…

although I certainly
don’t think being
a perv is a bad thing,
or could ever
take it as an insult…

— at least at
my age 😀

Ahem. summer

A man finds a
good imagination
key to keeping
his interests
in life and love alive–

— and his hormone
levels up —

cause you never know
when a situation
could arise to
make that sorta
thing useful .

Here’s hopin,

And, hey-
they don’t even
pay me a2for
writing this
and chaotic blog —

so you gotta take
ideas and inspiration
where you find it
sometimes, man.


Be that
as it may–

let me
pick my way
a little more
carefully through
this one…..a5

a large number of
vintage postcards
have been issued
on this very theme —

— the common
‘swing’ —
over the years.


Just imagine that.

all of the
other stuff
a person,
or persons,
could use
to accommodate
their swinging
lifestyle ….

like the half moon,
(or a full moon,
for that matter)
the stars at night,
a low hanging balcony,
the saddle of a live
bucking bronco,
the music of
a bad-ass big-band,
a hanging log,
even a fishing line,

— or for that matter,
any one of a number
of other implements…..

It seems that the
simple garden
swing is king.

As we’ve
already discussed,
I’ve decided to spare
y’all the lecture —

without explaining
all of the possible
of what went
into the popularity
of these cards,

… including all of the
obvious things
that might naturally
occur to any
mature-minded perv —

I’ll just leave it
with the symbolism
involved —

you know,
from the perspective
of the swingee —

from the usuala667

the simulation
of flight,

and the value of a
strong, cool
vertical breeze
on a hot day….ne

All that.

We will not discuss
the implications
to the viewer
of said swingee.

You know,
—-  all them
pervs to whom
they sold all
those cards to,

quite obviously,
being a leading one.

HOY !!!!!!



Your Time Is Up

brothel timerI have some
cool friends,

My old buddy
from VA has
sent me a couple
of unique pics
from the turn of
the century on a
subject that I’ve
never paid much
attention to before ;

I guess it should
have been obvious
that something like
these existed, but it
just never came up ..
… if you know
what I mean.

Yes, these are
brothel candles —
used by ladies of
the evening for the
purpose of keeping
well, let’s say,
coming and going.

They burn down
slowly, taking between
7 and 10 minutes –

( half that time if
you’re one of those
guys who burn their
candle at both ends…. )

— so, at the bordello,
or anywhere else for
that matter, your
friendly neighborhood
courtesan lights it as
you cross her palms
with gelt, and when
it goes out, so do you.

They’d have been one
of those necessary
items for the trade,
I guess ( along with
a block and tackle in
my case, absolutely
necessary to get
Lil Elvis up once
he knew that any
financial transaction
was involved ).

You had to be
careful with these,
cause they’d get
very messy and
drip all over

Maybe they have
digital ones now,
for all I know.

Ah well.

An interesting
bit o’ history,
don’t you think?

brothel timer