The One About The Farmers Daughter

477_farmers_daughter_01In our constant quest for
interesting vintage items
to feature right here
on the Muscleheaded Blog,

sometimes, I have to admit,
we find stuff in the most
unexpected places…..

I had been driving myself
absolutely crazy–

searching for a long
lost image–
that I was just sure
I had stored477_farmers_daughter_02
in my media library
a good while ago ….

I went all the way
back to 2013,
(and never did find
the image I had
been looking for)
— when I first opened my
WordPress account
to begin with.

The site my blog
was on then
was about to go:
… face down,
… down for the count,
… belly up,
… pushing up the daisies,
… dearly deceased,
… late lamented,
… obsolete,
… deceased,
… off line,
… out of business,
… not of this mortal coil,
… no more —

you know —
it was dusted. 477_farmers_daughter_04

… well, anyhoo…

Apparently, I had saved
a few cool, vintage things
in anticipation,
if I ever moved my site,
which of course,
I did,
I would
use on it —
which of course,
I didn’t.
Weird as that may,
or may not seem,
(or sound) —

here’s some of those
vintage, cool things
to prove just what
the hell I’m saying.

This group is called
the “Farmers Daughter”,
and it was part of
a larger set
of humorous vignettes
appearing in the now 477_farmers_daughter_06
quite deceased
men’s magazine
in December 1950.

I love the art,
and I cannot believe
I didn’t use these before !

Well, I’m going
to rectify
that inexcusable error
right now, dammit.

I just hope our
Muscleheaded readers477_farmers_daughter_07
appreciate the art
and humor in them,

— as well as
the amount of pride
I had to swallow
to admit the
human-error aspect
which only goes to prove
that even perfection
has it’s imperfections sometimes.

yeah, right.