The Green Book

a6a6I know I can be,
at times, rather
hyper sensitive
to certain kinda stuff.

But, on those days
when I’m feeling4trav
particularly fucked with,
I try to remember
that there are
many large groups of
fellow human beings
who are/were fucked with
much more mercilessly
by almost everybody else.

Ever heard of
‘sundown towns’ ?

It meant that if you
were a person ‘of color’,
— it was a place that was
dangerous to be in after dark.

Just driving through
one of these towns
at night could get you
arrested, harrassed,a5a
killed even.

And NO,
not just in the
Southern United States, either —

— there were more ‘sundown’
towns in the Midwest and
North than in the South.

There were sundown towns
in Canada and Mexico, too.

The Negro Travelers’
Green Book was aa2a
travel guide published
between 1936 and 1967,
by the Victor H. Green Co.
for the express purpose
of giving directions to
and the addresses of
gas stations, motels, and
restaurants that were
open to folks of all colors.

It first came to be published
by a black man who
had plenty of problems
travelling cross-country,a5aa
and decided to do something
to help other folks travelling
in similar cimcumstances.

And it was an
practical solution,

— was both effective
and popular —

and widely available
at many gas stations,
motels, book stores etc.

The real question onea7a
must ask, though –

Why should a thing
ever have had to exist
in the first place?

Let’s try to love
one another, dammit.


!!! HOY !!!