The 1975 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet

I’m not much
into import cars….

although, of course,
vintage English
sports cars
are completely
excluded from that rule.

And, truthfully,
in Europe,
and for that matter –
most of the rest
of the world,
you won’t see a
ton of vintage
cars puttin’ around
that you’d really wanna
bring home to American Mother.

Unless you got the money
for the one Ferrari Modulo
ever made, ( with the cute
blonde driver included )
or a vintage 288 GTO,
in which case,
I ain’t talking to you anyhow.


But, this little French
number is certainly
pretty enough –
and rugged enough –
to meet Mom, Dad, or
any of the bad roads
in your old R.F.D.-

It’s the tough as nails
1975 Peugeot
504 Cabriolet.

it is French.

Sure, I know —

France is the land
of architecture,
art, and love.


They are not,
generally speaking.

Just ask Monsieur Hulot.

Just remember
the infamous
Citroen 2CV – a top speed
of 60 and a rollover
just waiting to happen —

France was also the home
of the K-V Mini 1 – the
car that made it seem
possible for anybody to
build one in the garage
out of scrap metal and
motor parts.

— and don’t forget
Renault’s answer
to the Chevette —
“Le Car”.


But, I have to tell you,
the 504 is different.

Rough and ready, used 504’s
are still popular in all those
places where car comfort
is important, but road
quality ain’t a priority……

Which is one of the reasons
over 3 million were built and
sold between 1968 and 1983.

I like the ’75 504 Cabriolet –
the first year with the new
163 c.i. V-6 making about
120 horsepower —
– sure, not powerful enough
to show off your speed
on the Autobahn, but perfect for
most of the roads in Europe
of that era…. and the body
design on the Cabriolet
was top notch and

There was also a 2304 cc
diesel offered that year,
which was less powerful
(70 HP) but absolutely

As proof of how
great a car
the 504 was-
I only need
to offer these
examples of
the road rally
the car won in
the mid 1970’s–

The East Africa Rally
in 1975 and 78
The Morocco Rally
in 1975 and 76-
The Ivory Coast Rally
in 1978 –

These races were over
some of the worst roads
and roughest terrain in
the world.

So, next time you see a
vintage 504 pass you on
some dusty back road —
remember to shout:

” Vive l’automobile
Peugeot 504 Française ! “


!! HOY !!!


Sunday Morning Music

Hey ya……..

Welcome to our Sunday
Morning Music festival.

This week we’ll turn on the IPOD
and go totally random off one of
my gym playlists.

(excluding a request or two-
see if you can figure out
which ones those are…. )

It’s mainly 1970’s-1980’s
rock with a smattering of jazz,
bossa nova, and R&B……

So, let’s see what kinda musical
mischief we can get into…..


River Matthews–


Van Halen —
” Drop Dead Legs


Byrds —
Renaissance Faire


Chris Rea —
” I Can Hear Your
Heartbeat “


Isaac Hayes —
Walk On By


Beach Boys —
Wild Honey


Randy Newman —


Shannon —
” Let The Music Play (remix)


Elvis Costello —
” What’s So Funny Bout Peace 
Love and Understanding (live)”


Swing Out Sister —
Am I The Same Girl (live)


Outsiders —
” Time Won’t Let Me


Quincy Jones and Nancy Wilson–
” In The Name Of Love “


River Matthews —
Undo Ordinary


Gino Vannelli —
People I Belong To


Bebel Gilberto —
Port Antonio


Spanky & Our Gang —
Like To Get Know You


Tom Petty —
Breakdown (live) ”


Incognito —
Still A Friend Of Mine


Jamiroquai —
Virtual Insanity


Mercy —
“Love Can Make You Happy


Michael Franks —
Heart Like An Open Book


Al Green —
You Oughta To Be With Me


Earl Klugh —
” Pretty World


Marvin Gaye —
You Sure Love To Ball


Bee Gees —
” Night Fever


Isley Brothers —
” Groove With You


Steely Dan —
Everyone’s Gone To The Movies


River Matthews —
Light The Way

Not The DeLorean DMC-12 Again


So, every car-oriented blog
eventually talks about the
famous (or infamous)
DeLorean DMC-12 –

– you know, the car that was
used as the time machine
by the mad professor in
“Back To The Future”.

But, there are some
interesting historical
tidbits that are usually
skipped over that we
might have some fun
with on our Saturday car
post- since we’re less of a
car oriented blog and
more of a smart-assed
one, anyway.

Most folks think that the
DeLorean DMC-12 was the
first stainless steel bodied
automobile — it was not —
the 1936 Ford SS Tudor
Deluxe was.

Stainless Steel is an excellent
material from which to make
a car– rust-resistant, durable –
– and John DeLorean definitely
had the right idea.

There are several reasons that
automakers use to explain
why it isn’t used — but the
truth has some to do with
added expense and a lot to
do with planned obsolescence.

Cars that don’t wear out
fast, don’t get replaced fast.

Sales suffer.
Auto executives don’t get
their million dollar bonuses.

So it was, certainly, something
that rankled his competition-

– but, truthfully, the failure
of DeLorean’s company had
very little to do with his choice
of material.

You might know
that the car
was made in a plant in
Northern Ireland, near Belfast.

But, did you know that
originally, DeLorean had
planned his factory to be
located in Puerto Rico,
and that the government
of Northern Ireland gave
him about 170 million bucks
to build it there instead.

DeLorean had several popular
celebrities as large investors
in his company as well —
including Johnny Carson
and Sammy Davis, Jr.

The engines in the DMC-12’s
were descended from the one
in the Renault Model 30 –
– a Peugeot-Renault-Volvo
2.8 liter V-6, and were built
in France.

So were the gearboxes-
the car was available in
automatic and a 5 speed
manual transmissions.
It had a top speed of
about 110 MPH.

DeLorean originally considered
calling his new car the ” Z-Tavio ”
– a conglomeration of his son’s
middle name, and his father’s

But the ” DMC-12 ” designation
was chosen instead, because the
planned retail price for the car
was going to be around
$12,000 U.S. –
– after production began,
it turned out the MSRP was
more than twice that –
and the selling price was
about $15,000 over that –
making the average price
paid, in 1982, about $50,000.

Never intended as an
economical car, three
gold-plated DeLoreans
existed as of 1983-
2 were manufactured for the
American Express Company,
and one —

well, that’s part of another
interesting DMC-12 story…

It seems that there were
several hundred cars left in
some state of assembly when
the DeLorean company went
belly up.

Those cars, along with spare
parts, licenses, stock,
everything – got sold after
receivership to a company
which finished as many of
them as they could.

One of them was the
third gold DMC-12.

And the company?

Consolidated International.

Otherwise known as Big Lots.

Funny how stuff turns out
sometimes, ain’t it?

!! HOY !!

Sunday Morning Music

Hiya !
Nice to see you!

Today’s request day
on the Sunday Morning
Music Post —
and we’ve some
great ones lined up !

For instance:

The lovely Mrs. Fever had a
couple fun ideas :

The Cars
” Just What I Needed ”


Simon and Garfunkel —
” Hazy Shade of Winter ”


Heather wanted a couple of
wonderful vintage pieces:

“Ventura Highway”


Ten Years After:
“I’d Love to Change the World”


and The Hollies:
“The Air that I Breathe”


My friend C mentioned this one:
Beach Boys :
” I Wasn’t Born For These Times ”


My pal Katie suggested this next one,
— and it’s a goodie.

Eric Clapton —
” Promises ”


My buddy Scooter wanted this one:
Beach Boys :
” Don’t Worry Baby ”


and DSS wanted more
Ruby Starr :
“Did It Again  ”


I got a nice email from a lady
who’d like to hear more
Van Morrison:
” Wild Honey ”


Van Morrison :
” It’s All In The Game ”



I think I’m caught up with
requests …. so let’s see what
else I can work up here….

When you’re ready for
a song to stir your soul,
Ole Blue Eyes has a whole
catalog of music
that’ll fill the bill.
Like this one:

Frank Sinatra —
I’ve Got You Under My Skin


Diane Shuur can put notes together
that most singers would never attempt-

And you can see what I mean in this piece.

Diane Shuur —
Louisiana Sunday Afternoon


I remember when
Maurice White
passed last year..
what a loss.

Earth, Wind and Fire —
All In The Way


A lyric that can resound
with just about anyone
makes for a memorable song:

“Being without you
is all a big mistake,
instead of getting any easier,
it’s the hardest thing to take ”

Chicago — ” Hard Habit To Break


Here’s a very cool piece —

It’s very down-beat,
and there’s something
about the saxophone
that makes it really
move you.

Illinois Jacquet —
Harlem Nocturne


Speaking of Jazz…
Yeah, sure we were, man.
Miss Sarah Vaughan
had no equal
when it came to
singing songs like this.

Sarah Vaughan — “ Misty


Ok —
she was under-rated,
and pretty much
ignored by most folks.

I have no idea, man –

I think she was great.
(sure, a bit of a crush….
what can I say,
— an outcast girl with
a beautiful voice
always did grab my attention )

Laura Nyro —
La La Means I Love You


Love songs have to have
a depth of sincerity and passion
to really sing directly to the heart…

Forget the fancy footwork
and dance moves —
Listen to the voice.

I really feel the work of
these next two artists,
and I think you will too….


Glady Knight and the Pips —
Neither One of Us
( ok, never mind
I always had a crush
on her, too —
and I just love her
chicken and biscuits.  )


Harold Melvin and
the BlueNotes —
I Miss You


The ‘Disco’ bands of the 70’s
weren’t always about ‘boogieing down’….
There were some really lovely,
romantic, soulful songs in that decade.

Like this one :

Heatwave — ” Always and Forever


I love this song —
and although most folks
have never heard it, or her —

I’d stack this lady’s voice up
against any of the currently
more popular singers.

She’s got the voice of an angel –
which I guess is no wonder,
since she was a Sunday School teacher.

Oleta Adams —dog
Get Here


Our album of the week is here —

Michael Franks —
Time Together


And our featured playlist is here:

Al Jarreau —
Love Songs


Have a groovy week !!!!!!




The AMC Gremlin

Cars can be a
very funny thing —

they create an
emotional connection
with people, that
is quite surprising.

For instance,
I have a friend
who owns what
has to be one of the
unconventional production
cars ever —

A 1971 AMC Gremlin.

I love the damned thing.

He loves the damned thing.

But his wife hates it
with a passion that is
usually reserved for
and obnoxious guys
with comb-overs.

And everybody in his family
agrees with her-

— that the thing should
be donated to
some charity like :
oh, I dunno…..

Hell, she’d probably happily
pay to have it hauled away.

But as long as my buddy can
keep pumping up the leaky
tires – it’ll stay right where it
is- covered up in his backyard .

(Cause, of course,
it doesn’t RUN anymore,
and repair/restore
parts are almost
impossible to find.)

The Gremlin was a
very unique car,
and there’s no doubt
about all that –

– seeing one intact (nearly)
50 years later ( ok, 48, but
a guy’s gotta be optimistic,
ya know )  is for many folks
a cause for all sorts of
reminiscing, good or bad.

It was billed as a
‘sub-compact’ car…
in an era where there
weren’t a lot of cars in
that class.

As a matter of fact,
American Motors called it
“America’s first subcompact” –

(it wasn’t-
think Nash Metro

and it was meant to
compete with the
Chevy Vega,
the Ford Pinto,
the VW Beetle and the
Toyota Corolla —

Sure, I guess it had
compact o-plenty.

It was also surprisingly
affordable — you could get
a brand-new and
very nicely equipped Gremlin
in 1972 for around $2200.

And Gremlin was special
in another way –
it looked very different
than anything else
on the market. 

Actually, the car was
a AMC Hornet
with a dramatically lopped-off
rear end, and a strange little
cartoon character as a
mascot/namesake – but the
end result was dramatic.

people either loved it
or hated it.

Gremlin also offered
the largest range
of options and engine packages
of any compact car to date.

Depending on the year, you
could have your Gremlin
in an array of bright colors,
in a two door or four door,
automatic, 3 speed, 4 speed,
4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, even
an 8 cylinder engine:

The performance on the 8
cylinder version was
so good that a popular
magazine at the time
called it :
the poor man’s Corvette ‘.

(Yep- believe it or not ! )

Special editions, like
the 380 horsepower
with a 401 V-8,
the ‘X Gremlin’
with the trendy
‘Levis Jeans’ trim,
and Gremlin ‘GT’

And the car was especially
popular with car customizers,
circuit track and road racers
because of it’s potential
weight-to-power ratio and
relative durability.

It’s a shame there’s
not a lot of them
left around —

( AMC is long gone,
and they stopped making
Gremlin in 1978 )

— ’cause they really were
fun to drive, too.

!!! HOY !!!



Sunday Morning Music

a1Hey Ya !

How’s It Going?

I hope all is well on your
end of this blue bubble
in space we call Earth.

We’ve got some great music
picked out for this edition
of Sunday Morning Music…

So why not pull up a chair and set a spell ?

I’ve got my high-tech turntable all warmed
up for you.

don’t stay on the fence-

I hope you’ll drop me a line
and let me know your favorites !


The Police —
Wrapped Around Your Finger




Steppenwolf —


Eric Burdon and War —
Tobacco Road


Al Stewart — ” Time Passages


Focus — ” Hocus Pocus


Steely Dan —
Reelin In The Years


Todd Rundgren —  ” Hello It’s Me

(If you love this song, like me,
check out 11 different versions of it here )


Player —
” Baby Come Back ”


Carpenters —
Hurting Each Other


Grand Funk Railroad —
I’m Your Captain/ Closer To Home


Eagles —
“Lying Eyes “


Emerson, Lake and Palmer —
Still You Turn Me On


Outlaws —
Ghost Riders In The Sky


Ace —
How Long


Rare Earth —
I Know I’m Losing You


Ruby Starr —
That’s It


Led Zeppelin —
Ramble On


Iron Butterfly —
” New Day “


Marshall Tucker Band —
” Running Like The Wind  ”


Yes — ” Roundabout


Allman Brothers —
Blue Sky


Here’s an obscure one
from just a couple of
years ago that I still like a lot:

Molly Hatchet — ” One Last Ride “

and a favorite novelty piece of mine,
from the “Horrible Histories ” series —
Monkees move over !


our playlist selection of the week is :

Jazz Cafe

HOY !!!!

julie bobbytroup


Sunday Morning Music

Hey —

Nice To See You !

Just in time for
Sunday Morning Music ,
are ya?

Well, pull up
a bean bag
and get ready
to rock out !

(Bongos are optional)

Be sure to lean into the curves !

Motörhead —
” Rock and Roll “


Eric Burdon and War —
Spill The Wine – (LIVE)


Kingston Trio —
They Call The Wind Maria


Steely Dan —
” Dirty Work


Janis Joplin —
To Love Somebody


The Great Society —
” Darkly Smiling ” 


Black Cat Quartet —
Unchain My Heart


The Equals —
Baby Come Back “


John Lennon —
” Starting Over


Ronnie Spector —
Don’t Worry Baby


Canned Heat —
On The Road Again (Alternate Cut)


Joe Cocker —
” I Put A Spell On You


Rare Earth —
” I Know I’m Losing You (Long Version)


Debbie Harry —
Ghost Riders In The Sky


George Harrison —
Crackerbox Palace


The Animals —
” Sky Pilot ” 


Dave Clark Five —
” Glad All Over


Grace Slick —
” El Diablo ” 


Roxanne Potvin
” Too Sexy “


Led Zeppelin —
I’m Gonna Leave You


The Strangeloves —
I Want Candy


!!!! HOY !!!!