Candy Bergen says:

“Hollywood is like
Picasso’s bathroom.”


Gotta Match ?

m7Any excuse to post
about pin ups is a
good enough excuse
for me.

Sexy matchbook covers.

how in the world
can I say no to
THAT concept,
I ask you?

I’m not all that
good at NO, anyway.a1

So, of course,
I won’t.

Matchbooks were
so common
in the 20th century,
that almost everyone,
and anyone, carried em.

“Got A Match?”
was a question
that could mean
anything from :

I need a light a2
for my cigarette

Don’t I know you ? 

I think you’re attractive .

My gas/pilot light
has gone out.  

Do you want to
go somewhere ?

What do you mean you
don’t have a flashlight?isiher

Come in for coffee.  


You’re about
to be mugged


What are you doing
on this side of town?

or even:m6

I brought the gasoline,
so it’s your turn.

or just:

Light My Fire, Baby.



I’ll admit…..

Playing with matches
was one of my favorite
activities as a kid,
that is,
before I discovered
the wonder of girls,
of course.

Just the simple idea that
you could get a flame
anytime you wanted
with a simple flick
of a finger
and a spark from a
cardboard strikerleader
was quite a cool thing —

— you didn’t need
a fancy Zippo or
even a blowtorch —

— you didn’t need
to sit for hours
with a magnifying glass
and a piece of paper….

— you didn’t need to
spend hours rubbing sticks
together like we did a122
in the Boy Scouts…

— or wait for a lucky
(or unlucky)
lightning strike.


Any idiot could
operate a matchbook,
and they were dirt cheap.

Often they were free.

Some idiots even learned
to make their matchbooks
double in value —

When I first
joined the Navy,
we would split
matches vertically,a12
so we’d have twice as many.

Try it if you don’t believe me.

Once you get the hang of it,
you’ll do it all the time.

It’s a shame that splitting trick
didn’t work with cigarettes, too,
but still….

And best of all —

Many matchbooks
came with free ART.

The kind of ART I always liked.

not Picasso.

Although,a12a1 if I
looked hard enough,
I’d bet I could find that, too.

I like art with
women’s parts
shown in their proper
places, though….
so, no thanks.

There were also
‘special edition’
matchbooks that had
die cut matches
and designs right
on the match.m1

Those are especially
collectible today…..

Although lighting
those kinds of matches
would seem to have
been an awful waste.

Function over form ?


Well, ok,
I guess.


But it does
go to show you —

that these things
came in every
imaginable style.

Simple Technologies.

Simple Joys.

That’s me all
over, man.

HOY !!!!!!