Ava Gardner says:

“She made movies,
she made out
and she made
a fucking mess
of her life,
but she never made jam.”

( Ava Gardner describing her life )


The Daily Retro: Ava Gardner

Here’s North Carolina’s beautiful Ava Gardner in two 4th of July themed pics.


Ava was born in 1922, in Smithfield, North Carolina on a tobacco farm.

She graduated from Rock Ridge High School in Wilson, NC, where she also attended the Atlantic Christian College.

At age 18, her beauty and charm won her a 7 year contract with MGM.

She loved North Carolina, continued to visit her family here up to her death in 1990, and is buried here.

There is an Ava Gardner museum located close to where she was born in Smithfield, and it’s well worth the visit should you be anywhere near Raleigh.