Life Can Be Beachy

Man, do
I miss the

I grew up in South
Florida, and I rarely
took advantage of
the opportunity,
despite living within
5 or 10 miles of all
kinds of great beaches –

— now that I live in
the Piedmont of
North Carolina, I’m
too far away from the
coast to just casually
go anytime I want to.

I was kinda reminiscing
about that out loud in
the gym yesterday,
as one of the guys
asked if I had learned
to surf while I was
living down there….

No, of course,
surfing in Florida
is much like mountain
climbing down there –
– if you can find a hill
a wave big enough
to suit you-
good luck to you.

As I recall, the highest
elevation in the State
was an arched bridge
on the Florida turnpike,
and aside from during
hurricanes, you’ll never
see a wave over 5 feet.

(Remind me to
tell you about the
time I had a spare
tire from another
guys’ trailer bouncing
along with me on the
side of that bridge
going 60 MPH
during a hurricane. )

So, anyway,
better to save your
big board aspirations
for the Golden State
or Hawaii…..

— you got a better
chance of hanging
yourself on seaweed
than hanging ten
down there.

Still —
there are beaches
in the Sunshine State
that can compete
with the beauty of
anywhere else’s
beaches –

— many of them are
hidden away , far
from the hub-bubhop
of Daytona Beach,
hurly-burly of
or the hum-drum
hubris of Miami

(but, I gotta say,
if you like Deco,
Miami Beach is the
place to see it )nf

Places like
Captiva Island,
Bahia Honda Key,
Naples Beach,
or St. George Island.

I like St. Augustine’s
small town vibe, too.

Like the song says:

” I’ve still got
sand in my shoes, 
And I can’t shake
the thought of you 
I should get on,
forget you 
But why would
I want to? “


!!! HOY !!!

A Vast Radiant Beach And A Cool Jeweled Moon

Oh, I suppose
you’re probably
gonna be wondering
what I could possibly
be up to with a
post title
like that…..

… knowing perfectly
well that I’m not above
using rhetorical tricks
and hyperbole to
drag folks kicking and
screaming into what
we saucily call the
Muscleheaded Blog

Actually, my friend
D gave me the idea.

In this case, I stole
the phrase from Jim
Morrison’s (Doors)
The Ghost Song” –

— which I thought
would be fun to
feature today, while
I still honestly have
no idea about what
supporting images
I’ll be able to come
up with.

a tricky one.

Well, never fear –
your Ole Buddy
Muscleheaded will
sort it all out,
no worries .


” Ghost Song ” 
by Jim Morrison


Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.

Choose the day
And choose the
sign of your day,

The day’s divinity.
First thing you see.

A vast radiant beach
And a cool jeweled moon.

Couples naked race down
By its quiet side,
And we laugh like
Soft mad children
Smug in the wooly
Cotton brains of infancy.

The music and voices
Are all around us.

Choose they croon
The ancient ones,
The time has come again.
Choose now they croon
Beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake.
Enter again the sweet forest.
Enter the hot dream
Come with us.

Everything is broken up
And dances.

Indians scattered on
Dawn’s highway bleeding,
Ghosts crowd the young child’s
Fragile egg-shell mind.


!!! HOY !!!