November’s End

The end
of November ?

Seriously ?


I mean,
– ok –

If it means the end
of hurricane season
and these nasty storms
we’ve been getting in
the Carolinas, I guess
I’m cool with it…..

— though,
I don’t have
the slightest idea
where the hell the
year went.

What year
IS this, anyway?

Damn it,
I’m gonna start
dating my checks
“TODAY” instead of
trying to keep
remembering to
change the year
every 365 days…

I was using 2017
well into June this
year it seems like.

Yeah, so
I hate change.

knows that.

And I guess the whole
idea of changing the
number on the year
has something to do
with time passing –
– I get that –
but do they
have to do it
every year ?

if you ask me.

I mean, can’t
they just use
“Second Decade of
the 21st Century” –

– wouldn’t that be
just as good ?

Even I can
to change that.

Of course,
I’m still
adjusting to
this being the
21st Century….

… but that’s for
another raving
post entirely.


HOY !!