Sailing Off Into Yonder

a1Did you ever go off in a boat
and not have the slightest idea
of where you wanted to go ?

I grew up in Fort Lauderdale —

and what
with the Intracoastal Waterway,
and the various inlets and canals,

you could lose yourself on the water
and never actually go out to sea.

on the occasional weekend
when I had more than a quarter in my pocket,

I’d go down the boat rental place,
point out a likely looking craft,
and set sail for parts unknown.

(Whether I was rowing,
or motorboating,
all depended on how much
more than a quarter I had —
but the motor was much better,
believe me. )

Once the suitable
water-going craft was secured,
I would keep going until can
either I
or the boat,
started to run out of gas.

At which point,
I’d turn around
and ride out the fumes….
….. hoping I wouldn’t have to push it back.

Did you ever push a motorboat in the water ?

Hoooo boy,
you’ll only try to do THAT once.

I think I’ve still got
that murky Intracoastal water
in my ears, man.

there’s something
very appealing
in being on the water….

It draws you to it. a2

I felt it then,
and I still feel it now.

(it’s certainly
one of the reasons
I went into the Navy.) 1940

It was also a nice way
to impress a date…
(not pushing the boat–
— but renting the boat! )

If she was one of those girls
who lived on the water,
theoretically, you were in.goingafter

You could pull up
right to her dock
and look like Mister Hotshot –
— for about 30 microseconds.

Of course,
the large neon letters reading:
painted on all sides
probably didn’t
add any real authenticity
to your poshy passport exactly,

But at least
you showed
you could navigate,

even if you didn’t have capt
the proverbial pier to pitch in.

being a working class teenager
in a generally upscale area
like South Florida
did have it’s advantages,

in that the rich girls I went z1
to High School with
always seemed to like guys
from the ‘other side of the tracks’.

Or in my case,
the other side
of the North New River Canal.

you may be asking what
all this rigmarole
has to do with today’s post…..

And, well you might ask, too.

I have no idea, man.

HOY !!!!!