louiswainOne of my old buddies
from the service called
me over the
holiday weekend,
and we had fun catching up.

It’s kinda humorous in a way —
–our lives seem
to have developed
as if in a parallel universe…..

He has two kids,
a boy and a girl —

and of course, bestwish
I have a son
and my daughter,
(as much as they’d probably
like to deny it…)

He just got a new pet.

We just got a new puppy-
Daisy Doggy.

He just got another cat.

proposeI always had him
figured for a dog guy.

And I told him that…..

He replied that
the breed of cat
that he has
is more like a doggie
than your average canine…..

It’s called a Maine Coon Cat.

Not being a cat person myself  —

( I have always preferred dogs —
even to many people,
but that’s somethingalong
else entirely…. )

I laughed
and told him
‘good luck with that’.

Then, I turned
on my TV 1903
and on one of
my favorite shows, “Chopped”,
there it was again —
— the Maine Coon Cat. 

it wasn’t
a secret ingredient, either.

Apparently —
Bobby Flay owns three,
and Ted Allen’s got two.

And they basically
said the same thing–
a cat that acts more like a dog.

So, what’s the story
on this up and coming
cat breed, anyhoo?

Far be it from me
to turn up my nose
to any kind of pussy,
and pardon me
if I get confused easily,

— but why not just have
a dog that acts like a dog?

!!!! HOY !!!!