The Stars of the Mail Bag

I think it’s
probably relatively
common knowledge
around here,

— that we’re pretty
partial to certain
artists when it comes
to posting our
favorite vintage

An artist’s style
and sense of humor
can really
make, or break
a card for us …

Hey, with that,
and a funny theme,
and we’ll always want
the whole set
if there is one.

We don’t care
if it’s a little
bit old-fashioned.

In fact,
we prefer it.

Such it is,
with such great
postcard illustrators

Albert Peter Carmichael


Clare Victor Dwiggins
(better known as Dwig)


Cobb Shinn


Larry Smith
(#4) ,


Fred Spurgin


Richard F. Outcault


William Wallace Denslow,


Mabel Lucie Atwell,


George Studdy,


Bernhardt Wall,
(known for his
wide-eyed characters)


Donald McGill,
(the ‘king of saucy
postcards ‘)


And so many
of these talented
artists did work
in other media
other than postcards —

for instance,
was well known for his
” Wizard Of Oz ” pieces…

George Studdy sold
many millions of books
based on his “Bonzo”
the dog character ….

Outcault did so
many advertising pieces
that he’s remembered
more for “Buster Brown”
than just about
anything else…..

today, as you probably
figured, for our Friday
Mail Bag post,
we wanted to feature
one card from 10 or so
of our favorite
artists who specialized in
witty, comic postcards.


I didn’t even have
room for some of
the other wonderful
artists who did
amazing work in

Artists like :

Charles Twelvetrees,

Ellen Clapsaddle,

John Held Jr.
(bottom illustration)

Earl Christy,

et al.

But I promise you
we will catch up on
those very soon….

You bet !


HOY !!!