Out Of Touch

wallI musta been crazy.

A buddy of mine
brought his two
teen-aged daughters
into the gym,

— and they were
trying to be nice
to the weird lookin’
muscular old guy (me)
who was their father’s friend
by talking about how
important their cell phones,
and particularly,
D13714_2their time online,
was to them.

They meet their dates online,
they keep their selfies online,
they learn their exercise routines online,
they stay in touch with their friends online —
—- they post their entire lives online.

It’s not like the old days,
when people actually
had to see each other
in person to relate to them —

Now, you can carry
on your whole life ONLINE,
and never have to
worry about things
like getting dressed up,
going somewhere,
and then dealing with germs,
bad food, awkward
bad breath,
bad dates,
bar chemistry,
or the heartbreak of B.O.

so I admit the
seemed rather
patronizing to me —

And so I,
deluded as it may be,
— informed them
that I was indeed
also ‘with it’ —

Because I have a blog.

Man, the look I got was …..


Giggle, giggle, giggle.

Daddy, that is
soooo last decade.

Your friend is obviously clueless. grandma

O K.


I hate to tell y’all who are reading this tripe,

—- but apparently,
so are you,
if you’re a blogger.

We are to current
electronic media trends generation_gap
what ‘Pong’ is to XBOX 17
(or whatever the fuck number they’re up to now)

We are dinosaurs, baby.

We are out of sight,
and out of mind.

Washed up,
done over,
and flotsam falling
off the edge of the world,
never to be seen again.

And it’s not even
like I didn’t know it — oops
— and like you don’t know it.

so we ain’t hip,
hop, hep, hot, ho,
or hics with a
yen for chit chat.

What we’re doing ain’t
got nothing to do with
or Twitster,
or FlipBook,
or Snapsnort —

We’re as anti-cool
as an Easy Bake Oven.

I, 4 1 (for one),
am down (OK)
with dat (that)

Just sayin.

!!!! HOY !!!!!