Ride, Ride

rideAs I think back over many years of conversations with people at the gym,

I can only remember two or three that had anything at all to do with the Muscleheaded Blog.

It’s like the hours I spend at the gym, and the hours I spend on the blog, are two disparate parts of my life…

….. having very little to do with each other.

I’ve been fine with that…

I’ve never been all that interested in ‘promoting’ my blog just for the purpose of adding readers,

And, anyway, I figure sharing a gym with me a couple hours a day would be MORE than enough for most people.

Somehow though, this last week one of my gym friends and I got talking about blogging… and that led to her checking out my blog.

Boy, if I had known THAT, I woulda dressed this place up a bit.

Those curtains need a good steam, too.

Ah well.

I’m pretty much a slob at the gym, too, so I guess she’s used to it.

Apparently, she does a poetry blog over on another site, which I promised not to mention–

I guess because maybe she figures my readers are all barbarian-types or sex bombs — which of course, isn’t true at all….

I have mostly very smart and very kind readers, and only one or two barbarian types, and not near enough sex bombs for my taste, thank you.

Hey, you know who you are.


We decided to give each other a weekly ‘prompt’ to blog about.

I have done this kind of thing before, on Xanga, and MySpace, and while it was challenging, it was also a lot of fun, mostly.

I even re-posted one over here on WordPress…
“Fun With Razor Blades” 

Not a work worthy of Hemingway, I grant you, but I’ve never been one to stress the importance of being Ernest.


I also wrote a post on a prompt from Uncle Spike– about Strongman- which should be showing up this weekend sometime on most of these same stations.

OH, and before I forget, if any of you wonderful readers wanna join in, I’d love to exchange prompts with you– just drop me a line at carolinamuscle@outlook.com — or in your comments on this post.

The only rule ( I hate a lot of rules ) is you have a week to post on the prompt, and then we repost each other’s work.

I think this kinda thing can improve our writing skills, and force us to stretch our pre-conceived limitations.

It doesn’t have to be in a specific form, it can verse, poetry, short story, rant, fiction, non fiction, a dirty limerick, a fervent prayer, I don’t care — whatever you wanna write.

Since the lady in the gym likes to write poems, I gave her a prompt of “Indian Summer” , and she gave me “Motorcycle”.

………. that covers a lot of ground.




I guess I could be a smart ass and do one about “Summer on an Indian Motorcycle.”


I think that would just confuse the issue.

But, I will try my hand at a verse or two.

So, let’s rev this thing up and see how we do.

And please lemme know what you think.



Ride, Ride

A kick to bring the machine to life
All air and sunshine and motion
Your image whirls by
In sign and sound
And the road remembers

when I tell you
you are the starlit canopy
to my heaven
the tropic in my paradise
and the fairy in my absinthe
I wouldnt tell a lie

ride, ride, take me with you

breath you take from me
as the breeze that blows
your auburn locks
years can go without the slightest notion
that you are still as you were
smooth and soft and unashamed

ride, ride, take me with you

A pull to move the machine to speed
All growl and torque and traction
Your image whizzes by
In reflection and mind
Yes the road remembers

when I tell you
you are the inside
of my inside out
the saint in my valentine
and the warmth of my Indian summer
I wouldnt tell a lie

Hey —
Whatdaya know….

I got that Indian Summer thing in there after all!  😀



Just what the hell is it all about anyway?

cI like it, but what the hell is it supposed to be about, anyway?

I don’t get all that many emails, but I got this funny one yesterday….

A reader who just started following me wrote me a very nice little note about the Muscleheaded Blog– in which the above sentence was the prominent point.

I’m always happy to hear from folks who read my blog, and to answer any questions about it.

( mailto: carolinamuscle@outlook.com )

yodaAnd after we got to understanding each other a little bit better, I asked the reader if they’d mind if I based today’s post on it.

‘Cause I’m not at all surprised about the question…..

I betcha even my twin brother ( if I had one ) wouldn’t understand just what the hell my blog is about.

I’ve got one of those fancy ‘sticky’ intro posts that run on the top of the blog, but I don’t guess it really does a good job explaining it.

So… just what the hell IS IT all about, anyway? borders

Well, it kinda goes back to what I like to call my short attention span.

I’ve got a list of stuff that I’m keenly interested in…..

…. it’s not really a very long list,

but it does run the gamut……

from Redheads to Motorhead ,
from Strong Drink to Strong Arms ,
from Pinups to Pickups ,
from Travel to Trubble ,
from GIF’s to MILF’s,
from History to Histrionics…..
and from Sex to …… well…, Sex.

source: drjimsthinkingshop.com

You know…

Things that just about any normal red-blooded American male would be interested in posting about, if he wasn’t scared of being criticized, ostracized, or somebody at work finding out.

holinessI ain’t scared of shit.

I don’t try to make a living blogging,
and so I don’t give a hot damn if what I say isn’t Politically Correct,

….. or if offends some group of blue noses or man-haters somewhere.

Don’t like it?
Don’t read it.

Truthfully, I initially envisioned the blog as an online humor magazine for muscleheads and other folks with an off kilter sense of humor….

…….. and I’m still working to do that, plus .

catI have a favorite maxim —

nothing succeeds like a little excess

— and yes, I think you can probably see that maxim at work in my blog.

Sure it’s weird.

Sure it’s a little on the dirty side.

Sure it’s iconoclastic.

Sure I use big words that most people never learned in skool.

Sure I’m a big, androcentric, sarcastic son of a bitch.

And that kinda sums up what you can look forward to,
if and when you join this crusty crew of wonderful (but slightly demented) Muscleheaded Blog followers —

Stuff that comes to you steaming hot and directly off the top of my pointed little head.

Makes ya wanna jump right in with both feet, right?

Oh well.