Vintage Pin Up: Teich Postcard



World War II Era Sexy Postcards

c51Today’s post should
be a lot of fun —

Especially if you’re a fan of pin ups,
— vintage World War II style.

The Curt Teich Company
was a very large postcard
publishing company,
based in Chicago…

They produced
beautiful color
postcards starting
around 1900
through to
the mid 1970’s.

As a matter of fact,

— at one time —teich

Teich and Company were the
largest producer of
color postcards in the world.

They were highly thought of,
at the time,
as a quality publisher —
engravers, posters, etchings etc.

Their postcards,
in particular,
are highly sought
after by collectors, today,
because of their:c53
sharp lines,
bright colors,
and great art.

Wonderful altogether.

Teich postcards ran the gamut from:
“Greetings From _____ “,
picture souvenir cards,
humorous vignettes,
and of course,
during and after World War II,
— much sexier subjects.

The Teich Company considered
the pin-up cards they produced
as a part of their contribution
to the war effort —

And actually,c58
so did the United States
War Department.

You know,

—- keeping the troops UP.

—– their morale up, that is.

Some of these cards were so sexy,

I’m not sure they didn’t give
the men’s magazines of the time c55
a run for their money.

My favorite Teich series from the period,

was the ‘C-5* series’ —

All of the cards on this post are from that series,

— and are numbered c-50 thru c-59.

They feature cute girls in various states of undress,

and a sexy verse to go with it.

Card C-55 will give you an example
of the kinda thing I’m raving about.

A very pretty redhead
(– is there any other kind?– )
seated on a cushy chair,
holding a hand fan,
and wearing a sheer robe ……..c59
so far, so good, right?

She is saying:

” I’m revealing to you
How hot I can get
It takes more than a fan
To cool off , my pet “



I totally get that. TEICH

Imagine you’re a serviceman
overseas on duty,

and when it’s time for mail call,

——– this card arrives.


morale instantly improved.

C-57 —
( on the bottom of this post ) 05
also featuring a cute redhead,
lounging on a dark sofa,
smoking a cigarette,
and wearing not much more
than she was born with…..

When the weather is hot
I feel in the mood
To take off my clothes
And relax in the nude !

farThere does seem to be a
paucity of air conditioning,
going on here,

….. not that I’m complaining.

Yes, her toes bug me a bit.

But it took me a long
while before I noticed them.

And I mean,
I’m a man
if I’m nothing else….

who can blame me ?

I hope you enjoyed them, too !

HOY !!!!!