Toofer Tuesday

Somehow I think
it’s appropriate….

since my long
dreaded semi-annual
visit to my crusty,
trusty Dentist is
scheduled for today,
that we choose
a topic that
reveals just how
past generations
regarded the
of the exodontist.

They didn’t
seem to like em.

Just sayin’.

Hey, don’t shoot
the messenger,

It’s not that
he ain’t a
great guy
– he is –
and it ain’t like
his cute nurse
ever hesitates
to hold my hand
and make me feel
like I don’t really
hate everything
about what I’m
about to be going
through in that
damned glorified
barber’s chair….

And he’s never
objected, not
even once, to
my Ipod blaring
in both of my ears
in a vain attempt
to block out the
mental screaming
emanating from
the back of my
amygdala —
and my not so
silent, but very
desperate desire
to escape the
reality of the

The receptionist even
saves me a couple red
lollipops for when the
mostly imagined
agony is all over.

they’re all lovely
in that office.

It’s me with the
attitude problem
about it, and
I know that.

If I had spent
one hundredth
of the time
taking care of
my purleys when
I was a young man,
I wouldn’t be wasting
half my life in there,

So, I gotta
just suck it up,
like one of those
noisy, invasive
devices the nurse
is always shoving
down into my
lower lip.

And now that
I think about it,
why does the
application of
the pain killer
hurt worse than
just having the
work done
cold turkey ???

( I imagine,
anyway…. )

Oh sure,
I don’t like the
look of those
needles he uses,

All pointy
and stuff.

It conjures up
images of Doctor
Frankenstein —

He’s ALIVE !!!!!!

And why
should I have
to have an XRAY
every time?

I feel like my mouth
is going to be glowing
in the dark before
too long.

I have a sneaking
suspicion that the
X-Ray technician only
flirts with me so I
won’t make a fuss,
I must say.

Sure it works,
why wouldn’t it ?

I’m human.


!!! HOY !!!




Down In The Mouth

downBack to the dentist again….
Getting older sucks, man.

Another one of my teeth
have suddenly decided to retire.

And not quietly, either.

So, here, I sit,
my face all swollen,
catching little drops of blood
dribbling slowly down steam
one corner of my mouth in a plastic cup.

I spent most of what
would have been a
pretty, sunny afternoon
having my dentist
poke, prod, and pulverize
the lower half of my jaw
with various weapons of
mass dent-struction.wait

What fun.

And despite having my
Ipod turned up loud enough
to burst the little speakers
in my earphones,

…..I could still distinctly hear
the sounds of teeth cracking,
jaw heaving, and dentist grunting.

Never mind the sensation,
— of which I will have
practically nothing nice to say,

But I will admit to ranking my willingness
to undergo such a thing again only rose
slightly ahead of having Rosie O’Donnell
give me a full body Brazilian wax.

So, you can probably figure
I ain’t gonna do that anytime soon..
…… without being bound head and foot.

They practically had to do that this time.

Actually, the dentist and his staff
were the nicest part
of the whole thing.mouth

I’m not a fan of the dentist–
ANY dentist–
don’t get me wrong.

I got to that point early, let me tell you.

You’ve heard of painless dentists, right?

Well, Navy dentists in particular
are the complete opposite of that concept.

If it doesn’t hurt,
and you ain’t screamin’ your ass off,

—  that just means to him
that he must not be doing it

So my current Dentist is
not on my active hit list.

Give the devil his due, ya know.

I remember a story about a lady
going to a dentist for her first visit,

……and as the dentist stooped over her,
she grabbed his cajones .

Madam, ” the dentist said,
trying to remain calm,

I think you have your hands
on one of my private, sensitive areas ….”

The lady smiles up at him and says:1910

Yes, and now that
we’re so intimately acquainted,

.…. we are both going to be careful
not to hurt each other, aren’t we ?

All I’m saying is
that it’s a tough job.

I had been putting off having these
problem teeth looked at for some time,

…. hoping against hope
that they would be satisfied
with simply causing me
a bit of pain, and
not raise much more keepworking
hell than that.

Well, one decided to go
completely ape shit ,
spreading it’s mining activities
to the surrounding nerves and teeth —

…..until, in a surprisingly
short amount of time,
my whole bottom rack o’ teefers was
as sensitive as a cat’s tail after a day
in a roomful of rocking chairs.grape

The last straw was
on a late night flight,
while biting a grape —

— yes, one goofy little grape —

that somehow was able to generate
a level of pain that was last seen
during the Spanish Inquisition.

Are you alright ? “,blimey
— that’s what the lovely
Flight Attendant was saying.

All I heard were the roaring of hooves–

— of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It’s amazing how much noise such a
little thing like a tooth can make-

— and cause enough pain to make a
275 pound Powerlifter wanna cry
like a baby for his Mama.

And I woulda, too,
if I thought she had
c. 1928a couple of Vicodins on her.

As it was, I decided that
I’d better go see a professional.

The most amusing part
of the day was relatively early on….

He was happily tapping on teeth
on the wrong side of my mouth,
trying to figure out exactly what
and where I was complaining about…

and I was perfectly happy pain
with him doing it, too.

It was only when
he got to the sore side–

He said to me…
“Oh. This might hurt a bit“.

Then he tapped the tooth
at the center of the
whole oral conspiracy.

Now, I’ve never been a crier,
or a shouter, or a howler, two
or any of the rest of that stuff….

At least not when I’m in pain,
either for fun or otherwise.

I like to remain stoic.

Stoicism on this occasion was right out.

I yelped like my ass was on fire.

This prompted the pretty
dental assistant to hold my hand.

It didn’t help…

……… she had to let go
because I almost broke her wrist.extra

I’m not saying it hurt, exactly.



I was determined
to write down my impressions,

so you, dear reader,

can somehow benefit from my experience,home

…….. should you ever be
a silly enough goofball
to expect a sore tooth
to just magically go away
and stop botherin’ ya.

That’s jest crazy, man.

Take it from the guy who
just got out of the asylum.

And, to pass along my favorite dentist joke,

….which notably, my own dentist
didn’t think was at all funny.cavity

A dentist examines a patient
and then says to him:

“That tooth’s gotta come out.
I’m going to have to give you a shot of Novocain.

The guy grabs the dentist’s arm,
No way. I hate needles I’m not having any shot!”

So the dentist says,
Okay, we can go with N.O. gas.”

The man replies,
No, No.. That stuff makes me
very sick for a couple of days.
You can’t use gas on me, either

So the dentist steps out and
comes back with a glass of water and a tablet.vintage
Here ya go…. take this little blue pill.

The man asks “Ummmm…..
What is it?”

The doc replies, “Viagra.”

Surprised, the man asks:
Will that stuff really kill the pain ?”

replies the dentist:
but it will give you something to hang on to
while I pull your tooth!”


I dunno….

Maybe I shoulda told that joke AFTER he worked on me.