The Daily Retro: Never Did Run Smooth



Scottie- Beam Up The Mailbag

Thank you,
thank you,
thank you

Hey, man,
my mailbag is
full of great stuff
from our lovely
readers —

(and the really
hot ones, too)

— and I can’t wait
to share some of
what’s in there.

Vintage postcards
are always welcome
here at Muscleheaded
Central, ya know.


(and we’re taking
suggestions for
the Saturday Car Post —

— if you have a vintage car
you’d like to see featured –
send me a piccie! )

Now, I admit,
today’s general
of miscellany isn’t
really a cohesive

Our subject matter is so
diverse …

so maybe there IS
a theme hidden here
somewhere )

And it only
makes sense
as a post that
doesn’t really
go together does.

But, I love it,
so I don’t care,
and I’m just
‘a grabbin
and ‘a postin.

And I don’t
what anybody says….

Hee Haw was a
very funny show.

If you don’t agree,
well, you just
tell Junior all about it-

— call BR5-49.


where oh where
are you tonight —

why did you leave me
here all alone —

I searched the world over
and thought
I’d found true love –

you met another and
phhhhttt you was gone.

Gives ya the
goose bumps, don’t it?

!!! HOY !!!!


It’s Muscle-headed Mutt-headed Day

I’m sorry…

There just ain’t
another animal species
that’s cooler than the
one we feature
in today’s post.

The great
Canis Lupus Familiaris .

Otherwise known
as the Dog.

I’m sure there’s
plenty o’ folks
who would argue
that a Cat,
a Norwegian Blue Parrot,
or an Alligator
would make much
better companions —

— but that’s just
crazy talk, man.

Cause everybody should
know by now that you
just can’t trust a cat —

And that Parrot-

the only reason he
doesn’t drive you
completely ape-shit
crazy squawking all nite
is because he’s pining
for the fjords.

Beautiful plumage,

— as for Alligators—

Well, they get to
smelling pretty bad if
you don’t keep them
in the bathtub
all the time.

And I like to take a
bath myself,
once in a while.

Not that I probably
smell any better.


Anyhoo —
I found a whole bunch
of vintage doggie themed
post cards and thought
that we should declare
a Muscleheaded Blog-wide
holiday in honor of our
canine companions.

I think we’ll call it
something appropriate —
like MuttHeaded Day !

So, let me be the first to
wish you a
Happy Muttheaded Day.

! YAY !

Oh sure,
you cat people are certainly
welcome to participate, too —

if you’re not too busy trying
to figure out where the hell
your mouser even is,

or brushing cat hair
out of your bedsheets,

scooping kitty litter
for the 18th time today,

or out buying persnickety
provenders for your
picky pussycat.

As for you
alligator fans —

why don’t you get
something a little more
normal like a rabid ferret?

Just sayin’.

And while I’m on
the subject,
let me remind you that
— National Dog Day

(which is a slightly bigger
event than our
Muscleheaded Muttheaded Day)

is scheduled for August 26 —

so, be sure to
get your leather leashes
and collars ready.

Aww, now …..

have you ever
got a dirty mind.

!!!!! HOY !!!!!


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