Christmas With Donald McGill

Regular readers of
this crazy, mixed
up digitized,
blogified world
called the
Muscleheaded Blog
will remember the
work of a certain
British illustrator
from the early
20th Century
Donald McGill –

– and that he was
called the
“King Of The
Saucy Postcard

Well, it’ll probably
come as no surprise
that he did some fun
Christmas themed
cards as well —

– with maybe a little
extra cranberry sauce
thrown in for good

(Hi Feve ! )

I’ve always found
the flirty undertone
of the holiday
one of the more
interesting features
of it, and
I’m not
alone in that.

These McGill cards
sold millions in
Great Britain, Canada
and the United States.

Several were placed
on local censorship lists,
but to my knowledge,
none in the U.S.

It’s really amazing
anybody could get
that worked up by
these harmless
cartoons and
their captions-

and yet-
I still get an
email once in a while
complaining about
silliness like that.

And blue-noses,
for some reason,
are even more
sensitive around
Christmas time –

– imagine ,
a holiday
that originated in a
fertility festival
bringing out a
castration urge ?

Hooo boy….

… doesn’t make
much sense,
does it?

But it’s cool
with me if they
don’t like what
we post, really.

They can
just steer
their browser
in totally

— and leave
‘we happy few
who like such
things to our
own devices.

not that
kinda device,

really into it.

Or if it’s
just too
damn quiet
the house.

two’s company
and one’s
a total drag.

I feel ya.

Just remember-

– extra batteries are
always a good idea
around this time
of year.

‘Nuff said?

Buzz, buzz.

!!! HOY !!!