Dive In At The Drive In

driveinI guess it’s inordinately dating me,
when I’m tellin’ ya that I always loved going to the drive-in theatre.

Oh well,
I damn sure did.

And going on a date to the drive-in lived up to all the stereotypes–

Depending on who you went with–

you could either spend your time:

watching the movie,
eating popcorn,
and enjoying each other’s company,


steaming up the windows,
swapping bodily fluids,
and enjoying each other’s naughty bits.

it was an inexpensive (cheap) way to score,
—– or to strike out.

And if all else failed, ( you poor soul )
—- you could always hang out at the snack bar.

Oh sure, the food sucked —

but the stuff you could see in there, and from there,
—– was well worth the greasy residue.

Where I grew up in South Florida,
…….. they had a huge multi-screened drive in theatre called the “Thunderbird” —

thunderbird(They had 14 screens — 14 !!!!

—– I think it’s still there as a flea market )

…. and if you parked in the right place, you could watch three or four movies at once.

— even the triple RRR movies–

What’s now called soft-core or “sexploitation” ones —

So, if you weren’t 18 yet, you just went into, say Screen 4, which might be showing some pap like Bambi, then pointed your car in the right direction, and voila

You might get : s

Vampire Hookers in 3-D
Can You Keep It Up for a Week
Chicks in Chains
She’s No Lady

Wanda the Wicked Warden
Confessions of a Window Cleaner …..

don’t get me wrong—


Not all the movies they showed over there in the adult-only lot were as good as those.

Some of them, like:

Tarz and Boy and Jane and Cheeta
The Girl from Starship Venus

Trip with Teacher
Cathouse Cowgirls
Chesty Morgan, Double Agent
2069 – A Sex Odyssey

were so bad,
……… you actually wanted to watch Bambi.

Of course, you might think that we couldn’t hear the sound on those ‘adult’ theatres,

……. but you’re forgetting an invention they came up with the 70’s —

Radio transmission of the movie tracks. aa

We wuz way ahead of the curve, man.

You just tuned your AM radio to the right station, and the sound was better than what came outta those old beat up speakers they had next to each parking space.

Yes, the drive-in was the heat ….

………. especially with the South Florida humidity.

And you haven’t lived until you’ve canoodled in the back of an AMC Gremlin.

The coach woulda said that it was good for your flexibility, anyway.



The world’s first drive in theatre was opened in 1933, in Camden, (Pennsauken) New Jersey– right across the bridge from Philadelphia.

Richard Hollingshead nailed a white-washed cloth screen across a field, and nailed it in place to some trees.

The projector, a 1928 Kodak 16mm, was initially set up on the hood of his car.




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