Marie Stopes says:

mariestopes” In love it is not only that the yearning of the bonds of affinity to be satisfied is met by the linking with another, but that out of this union there grows a new and unprecedented creation. “


Together, united by the love bonds which hold them, they are a new and wondrous thing surpassing, and different from, the arithmetical sum of them both when separate. “


Robert Louis Stevenson says:

stevenson“Love makes us believe in immortality
because there seems
not room in life
for such a tenderness
and it is inconceivable
that the most masterful
of our emotions

should have no more
than the spare moments
of a few brief years.”

Sylvia Plath says:

plath” So many people are shut up tight
inside themselves like boxes,
yet they would open up,
unfolding quite wonderfully,
if only you were interested in them. “