Deciliating and Frecking

zarrcghIt might simply be
an indicator of how
society has changed…..

In 1950 the average 14-year-old
had a vocabulary of 25,000 words —

By 1999, the average 14-year-old’szquarse
vocabulary had dropped to
only 10,000 words.

A more recent study showed
that the average 30 year old
person’s range of vocabulary
in conversation has been
reduced a staggering 28%
since 1995.

School children are being taught
over 60% fewer words than theirshort
predecessors of 40 years ago,
which might explain the

limited range of song lyrics
these days.

People in general are using
fewer, shorter, easier words
to carry on their daily conversations.

Now, some people might think
this is a wonderful trend–meh
bringing us closer to
‘universal understanding’.

I see it quite the opposite.

When you have a limited vocabulary,
it limits what you can say,
and how you can say it.moaning

It affects shades and depths
of meaning in every
form of communication,
…. it reduces the capacity for
rational and abstract
thinking and expression.

We are less precise in our
daily interactions,
less accurate in our daily work.

George Orwell predicted this trend
as one of the hallmarks of totalitarianism —
….. by reducing the range of vocabulary,
you narrow the range of thought.word

By removing the words capable of
expressing nuance and shading,
you reduce language to a
simplistic diction expressing
only basic concepts.

And simply put –
— that makes us
all a little dumb-er-er,
and worse: less free.

So, I’ve come up withmomma
ten more words
that need immediate rescuing
from the scrap-heap
of dictionary deletions —

And I’d like you to try and
use one or two of
these in a conversation today,
(it should be a pretty
amusing experiment)

…………. and be sure to let me know
how you do with it , OK ? 😀


1: Deliciate.

I know you might have been wondering
about this word in the title of the post.

It means to immerse yourself
with joy into something.

That something doesn’t have to be dirty,
although I prefer it.

For instance, you could deliciate with
some gelato this afternoon, if you’d like.

Make mine lemon, please.


nixon2: Ludibrious.

This word might be an appropriate
descriptor for the Muscleheaded Blog.

It’s saying something so ludicrous
as to make yourself open to be
criticized or lampooned.

Nixon saying that
he wasn’t a crook….
talk about a ludicrous statement.

Hoo boy.


ali3: Freck.

To freck, or not to freck,
that is the question.

Freck means to move swiftly and deftly–
— to bob and weave.

I see guys trying to freck through traffic
while I’m riding my motorcycle.

I’d never do anything like that, of course.


dach4: Brabble.

We all know people who love
to brabble about petty stuff.

It means to nit-pick, nag,
or quibble about minor things.

Like my boss —
he brabbles when I wear my kilt to work.

Hey– everybody was always asking
about what we wear under em….

I was just trying to be helpful.


confused5: Jargogle.

You know when you use a word
that sounds vaguely familiar,

…. but those around you still
don’t know what the hell it really means?

Congratulations —
……you’ve just jargogled ’em.

Befuddled, confused,
utterly discombulated them.

They’ll probably be twattling among
themselves all day about it, now.


gossip6: Twattle.

This very old word means to gossip
or prattle on about nothing in particular.

‘Stop your twattling’ is just
another way of your boss telling you
to stop yacking and get back to work.

Wasting time waggin’ your jaws.

It also sounds vaguely dirty,
……which is why I use it all the time.


enquir7: Spermologer.

Quite a few of these great old words
sounds kinda dirty, now that I think about it.

This word ‘spermologer’ means someone
who collects gossip, trivia, weird news, etc.

Whether what they’re saying has
artistic or journalistic merit,

….. well, that’s another question all together.

I never would admit to such a thing,
…………. but, I guess you could say
this blog is sorta like that.


drunk8: Fuzzled.

Alrighty —

you remember that bachelor party you threw,

….. when the groom drank so much,
he super-glued his
tongue to a stripper pole?

He, my friend,
was what you call fuzzled.

He was also another word that
started with the same letter,
…………. once his fiancé found out.

I detest people messing with
helpless fuzzled-wastoids z1
like this guy….

Even when he drinks, drank,
and has drunken himself past
the point of complete incapacitation.

But, remembering that
a man chooses the people
that he hangs around with….

It looks like he sure did ask for it.


action9: Englishable.

Some of you are tempted to go
looking for this one on Google,

……….. ’cause I must be making it up, right?

It’s a real word,

—- and it means anything that
can be translated into English.

Simple, huh?

Try rendering that sound your girl-friend
makes in bed Englishable,

………. if you think it’s THAT simple.

Give it a try, and make the bard proud.


10: Zaftig. curvy

Here comes one of them Englishable words, now.

It’s drawn from a German word,
but it’s in the English dictionary,

……….. and it represents a concept
near and dear to my heart.

You know how, for as many years
as this blog has existed….

……….. I’ve been telling you
about the virtues of curvy women?

That’s zaftig.

Curvaceous, bodacious, buxom.

And that’s one word that’s never
gonna go obsolete in my book, brother.