Ruth Sawyer says:

ruthsawyer“To be a good storyteller,
one must be gloriously alive.

It is not possible to kindle
fresh fires from burned-out embers.

I have noticed that the best
of the traditional storytellers

whom I have heard have been
who live close
to the heart of things —

— to the earth, the sea, wind and weather.

They have been those who know solitude, silence.

They have been given
unbroken time to feel deeply,

to know the power of the spoken word.”

Catherine Millet says:


“Dirty words need less
reciprocation than caresses do
(and are) always more stereotyped,
and perhaps some of their power derives from the very fact that they belong to the most immutable inheritance.

So, in the end, even words–
which should help to
distinguish us from each other–
— serve to fuse us all together,
and to accelerate the annihilation of the senses that we are all trying to achieve in these moments.”