Shoot, I’m Hooked

As much as I love
the great outdoors,
I have to say that
fishing and hunting
isn’t really on my very
long list of vices.

A defenseless,
hungry animal’s
instinct for mating
and survival is going
to be overmatched
by a high-powered
hunting rifle and scope
every damned time–

— it hardly seems
to qualify as much
of a sport at all.

Oh sure, you gotta
lure em in with lures,
trickery, and the smell
of deer urine and
three day old beer …

.. and it’s probably
a good enough excuse
to wear camo gear ,
I guess, but I already
got my fill of that
in the military,
so … ehh.

And fishing, well…

To me, it just seems
like another
form of nothing to do.

However, that’s just
my stupid spin on it,
and admittedly, I’m
not in a position where
I have to scrounge up
my next dose of protein
from whatever morsels
Mother Nature is willing
to offer up —

— supermarkets aren’t
available to everyone
in every situation,
and I respect that.

Doing it just for fun,
well, I don’t get that at all.

Wedging my poor,
cold ass into a narrow
tree crevice at 5 in
the morning after
lugging 50 pounds
of gear into the
wilderness –

— and then slogging
home wet, tired, and
out of ammunition —

— all to prove that I can
hit a 800 pound,
7 foot tall moving target
that’s basically standing
right in front of me ?

Why wouldn’t I be
happier driving to my
friendly neighborhood
shooting range
and evaporating paper
targets all day long in
comfort ?

The answer is –
of course I would.

And they even got
free coffee, and a
coke machine,
with three kinds of
soda, and Gatorade, too.

Oh, and a real
working toilet.


But, since the more
traditional forms of
hunting and fishing
are still very popular
as sporting activities, 
we’ll just have to agree
on a variant of
‘live and let live’ –

— in this case….
would that be
‘kill and let kill’ ???

Oh, how the hell
should I know.

Anyhoo —
I have an awful lot
of vintage hunting
and fishing postcards
in the archives (‘drive x’)
and so, as you can
probably glean from
all this, I’m planning
on dumping some of
them into today’s post.

I’m a giver,
what can I say………

Oh —

way —

a big ole

My good friend
reminded me
of the
set of
‘Hilda goes
pin-ups by
Duane Bryers,

and since she’s
such a nice lady…..

I figured that
posting one
just wasn’t
be enough —

here’s my
three of my
from that set !

I hope you
( and D )
enjoy em !!!!!!