The Trance Dance

Let’s play
a mind game.

Yes, it is
time once
again for the
Friday Mailbag,
but today we’ll
try something a bit
different from our
usual process.

Instead of
picking content
to match
our theme,
we’ll go for
the opposite –

– we’ll pick a pic …

( try saying that
428 times fast
without losing
count or your mind )

.. out of Ye Ole
MailBag ,
and then
see if we can
find something
to say about it.

I bet you’re
already yawning –
– yet, this idea
seems both oddly
appealing and
challenging, so
I’m willing to
throw in all my
chips and
go for it, and
why don’t you
breeze right along?

Now, the first one
don’t count,
since it’s
just a ‘grabber’ –

– but,
think back –
how did that
one grab ya ?

It didn’t make
your eyelids feel
all droopy and
stuff, did it?

Ahh well,
that happens a
lot around here,
no worries.

Eyes do get
tired, ya know.

I’m not saying
that you go
back to it, and
then stare at it,
or get any sub-
conscious ideas
from it at all…

like that.

I’ll try harder,
I promise.

Just take a nice
long deep breath.

This change of
approach is kinda
relaxing ….

Don’t you think ?

Almost like you
could just
close your eyes
and let it all go..

No big deal.

No, I’m not
trying anything….

All of my tricks
would pass right
over you; like you
don’t even notice

They’re just so
routine for you –
almost boring.

The words
would slide
right over
and through
you, without
your mind
paying them
any attention
at all.

You can relax,
there’s nothing
you need to
worry about.


Kinda warm
in here, ain’t it ?

!!!  HOY !!!!














The Friday Mail Bag

It’s true.

Very much
like a cheap motel
that you paid
12 bucks a night
for ’cause
you were desperate
for some sleep —
(or something else

You nevera1
really know
what’s gonna
turn up
around here on
the Müscleheaded Blog.

Might even be fun,
you never can tell.

clean sheets?

Ha —
think again, man.

Sheets are only
really clean if they’ve
been steamed after
washing —

And that only happens
in the high fallootin’
places, anyway.

Otherwise, you’re in
bed with everyone and
anyone who’s been in
there before you.


It seems like
I’ve heard
that allusion before,

Ahh well,
sharing is caring,

Over the years I’ve
been doing my blog,
I’ve collected some
very interesting images.

a2Some of which
I’ll never be able
to find a legitimate
use for.

Uh huh.

But one must remember,
when you’re hungry
and strapped
for creative provisions,
that the scraps
in the mental refrigerator
(or in this case,
— the detritusfancy
of a digital hard drive)
can make for quite
a palatable tasting menu
when handled correctly.

Ok —
so enough of the
flowery puffing —
onwards toward the
‘comme ci, comme ça’ .

Like virginity,ban
perfection is
overated , anyway.

(… as if I would know
anything about virginity)


speaking of
tasting menus,
that’s pretty much
what we have for today.

A little of this,
a little of that.

A blogging
banana split,
if you will.

Not cohesive,
and certainly
not tasteful, dineomat
but it’ll probably
fill you up
all the same
if you can keep
it all down.

Just chock full of:
bad writing,
mixed metaphors,
oddball humor,
questionable images
bettyand inside jokes.

and don’t forget
the sexy girls.

pretty typical
for the
Müscleheaded Blog,
you’re right.

That’s just the
way we roll, man.

PS: Thanks to my friend
J for the motel signs.



Bag Bag Bag, The Bag Is The Word

Don’t ask me
what that title
is supposed to
mean, man,
’cause I got
no idea ;

but I can tell you
how it was chosen.


I’ve got the Ramones’
version of “Surfin Bird
rattlin’ around in
the back of my
poor, empty head –

– it has been all
damned morning.

And it’s Friday,
hence the mailbag

But like the
original song,
done back in
1963 by a
group called the
Trashmen” –

— the obviously
deep philosophical
meaning still kinda
eludes me,

Maybe that’s to be
expected from a
surf-rock classic
written by a bunch
of guys from the city
of Minneapolis
( the surfing capital
of the Great Lakes? ).

And of course,
I do get the
abstruse significance
of the “Papa-Oom-

I mean,
who doesn’t ?

But it sure sounds
like they stole that
part from the
don’t it ?

There were actually
several R&B songs
in the early 1960’s
that used similar
word play, and 
there was an awful
lot of that kinda
‘borrowing’ in the
music biz ……

So, when you’re
listening to
“Surfin’ Bird”,
you’re actually
listening to an
amalgam of
different musical

Maybe not art,
but FUN,

Ah well…..

– the bird
really still
is the word,
ya know.

But surfin’
dogs are much,
much cooler.

!! HOY !!


Friday Mail Merriment

myrnaWhen you
do a main write
6 days a week,
like we do
here at the
world non-famous
Muscleheaded Blog,

– some days there’s
just no other way
of answering the
posting exigency   —popcornrobot

One just
paddles out
into that
raging stream
of consciousness,

— dragging some
cool chaff out of
that undiscovered
country otherwise
known as the
digital mail-bag ……

related or unrelated,elbows40

to take with you and
hoping all the while
that the damn thing
comes together
cohesively somehow…

… sorta like
Mom’s Brunswick stew,

and hopefully not like
Mom’s world-famous
mixed-leftovers casserole.

Sorry, Mom.3
and all Irish cooks

it’s not like
I grew up hungry.

One look at me,
and you can tell
I never missed a meal.

Flavor deprived,
maybe –
– but never hungry.

where Bobby Flay
was poolwhen Mom was
learning to cook,
who knows the answer
to that one.

She had a few dishes
she could knock
out of the park,
and the rest were…
— at best,

Now, you might just be
thinking that I’m using
my Mother’s cooking
as a scapegoat for my
utter lack of creativity
in coming up with a
topic for today’s post….

— and while
I patently deny
such an allegation,
it’s true that I am kinda
scraping the proverbial
bottom of the scorched

Oh well, dance
Mom stopped reading
my blog after I made
those snarky remarks
about my Aunt Mary’s
penchant for sexy
stockings a couple
months back,

I’m still
sure that the
belated-ness of my
birthday present from
her is completely
unrelated, and simply
a matter of postal
service technicalities
of some sort or other…

— and will hopefully
be rectified without
the force majeure
requiring retraction
and/or apology.

Damn it,
I gave her
my list in January……

so I’m not
really sure
why she couldn’t
have sent it a higuyz
little farther

I shouldn’t
have said
‘no home-cooked items’,
I dunno.


!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!



Well, I’ll Be Dog-Gone

If there’s one
kinda post I can
always get behind,
it’s one that extols
the virtues of man’s
best friend –

— his doggie.

And I guess I must
not be the only fan,
( by a long shot ),
because over the
years, fun loving
canines have
been a favorite
subject of postcard
producers, too.

It’s actually quite
amazing, the
large variety
of vintage cards
that our favorite
type house-pet
has been featured

I specifically went
looking for cards
that exemplified
one of their most
beloved attributes:

– their sense of humor.

Now, you might
be one of those
folks who doesn’t
think that dogs
have one –
but they do,
and very,
very dry.

Not only do
they think stuff’s
funny, but they
also know the
difference between
having a laugh
with you,
being laughed

Let me
tell you-
they will never,
never let YOU
have the last
laugh on them.

It’s gotta
be the
in them,


(yes, “if’n” is
a perfectly
valid Southernism)
you pull a dirty
trick on your dog,
and not only will
she remember it,
and give you the
evil-eye for weeks
afterwards, but just
when you’re least
expecting it,

in your slipper.

a dog-dish served
very cold, man.

Take it from
who has been
a dog-lover
all his life,
don’t piss your
dog off.

Just don’t.

!!! HOY !!!


Sunday Morning Music

It’s the second
Sunday of July –
– already ?

Time sure flies when
you’re having fun.

You are having fun, right ?

Well, let’s see if we can’t
improve the chances of
all that, with a ‘good times’
music playlist that I hope
you’ll like !


Van Morrison —
” Across The Bridge


Swing Out Sister —
Somewhere In The World


Jackson 5-
I’ll Be There


Robert Palmer —
Mercy Mercy Me


Al Jarreau —
Breakin’ Away


Dennis Wilson —
” You And I


Lionel Ritchie
w/Candy Dulfer —
” Brick House


Michael Franks —
Now That The Summer’s Here”


Love —
She Comes In Colors


Boston —
More Than A Feeling


Sade —
Cherish The Day


No Doubt —
One More Summer


Rolling Stones —
” She’s A Rainbow “


Santana —
Oye Como Va


Chic —
Everybody Dance


Gabriella Quevedo
Here Comes The Sun


Shocking Blue —
” Venus “


Van Halen —
” Where Have All The
Good Times Gone”


Haircut 100 —
Fantastic Day


Esther Ofarim &
The Bee Gees —
Morning Of My Life


Fine Young Cannibals —
She Drives Me Crazy


B-52’s —
” Quiche Lorraine


Simply Red —
” Sunrise (Extended)


Tom Jones & Janis Joplin —
” Raise Your Hand


Edie Brickell —
Good Times


Beatles —


!!! HOY !!!