The Friday Mail Bag

It’s true.

Very much
like a cheap motel
that you paid
12 bucks a night
for ’cause
you were desperate
for some sleep —
(or something else

You nevera1
really know
what’s gonna
turn up
around here on
the Müscleheaded Blog.

Might even be fun,
you never can tell.

clean sheets?

Ha —
think again, man.

Sheets are only
really clean if they’ve
been steamed after
washing —

And that only happens
in the high fallootin’
places, anyway.

Otherwise, you’re in
bed with everyone and
anyone who’s been in
there before you.


It seems like
I’ve heard
that allusion before,

Ahh well,
sharing is caring,

Over the years I’ve
been doing my blog,
I’ve collected some
very interesting images.

a2Some of which
I’ll never be able
to find a legitimate
use for.

Uh huh.

But one must remember,
when you’re hungry
and strapped
for creative provisions,
that the scraps
in the mental refrigerator
(or in this case,
— the detritusfancy
of a digital hard drive)
can make for quite
a palatable tasting menu
when handled correctly.

Ok —
so enough of the
flowery puffing —
onwards toward the
‘comme ci, comme ça’ .

Like virginity,ban
perfection is
overated , anyway.

(… as if I would know
anything about virginity)


speaking of
tasting menus,
that’s pretty much
what we have for today.

A little of this,
a little of that.

A blogging
banana split,
if you will.

Not cohesive,
and certainly
not tasteful, dineomat
but it’ll probably
fill you up
all the same
if you can keep
it all down.

Just chock full of:
bad writing,
mixed metaphors,
oddball humor,
questionable images
bettyand inside jokes.

and don’t forget
the sexy girls.

pretty typical
for the
Müscleheaded Blog,
you’re right.

That’s just the
way we roll, man.

PS: Thanks to my friend
J for the motel signs.




It’s All Junk In The Trunk

b3I’ll let you in on
a little secret if
you’re at all interested…..

Despite appearances,
and no matter how
wonderfully prepared,
and executed
that this post looks —
(yeah, right)

I was frankly pretty bumfuzzled
about what to blog about today.a3

Originally, I was going to post
about more bad album covers,
having discovered a cache of them
at a local church’s annual
charity garage sale —

But I realized that some
of the other stuff I found
was just as trippy, dippy,
or downright weird,

so I figured it might be
a good time to have one
of those aimless posts
that go absolutely
nowheresville, man.a5

And I totally get you
about the whole
‘Oh, so what’s new’ thing,
I really do.

It’s funny that I still feel like
I gotta explain something
that has become such
a recurring theme…..

Still, it seems to me
that this stuff,
while it is admittedly kinda
a mish-mosh of mélange,
might hold some passing interestz3
to the more kitsch-minded
readers among us.

Knock on wood.

That record carrier’s actually
got a lid and bottom made out of it.

I was actually pretty surprised
more people didn’t glom onto
some of this cool stuff….

Everybody who was there
seemed to be looking for
expensive antiques only
as junk.

But it was mostly just junk
disguised as junk.b1

Which suited me just fine.
Cause, dammit,
I like junk.

It’s sorta in my blood.

Junk is kinda the ‘mongrel’
of the personal possessions genre.

Like the Müscleheaded Blog
is the mongrel of blogging.

Arrf, aarf.musta

Of course,
getting the stuff home
gave a whole new meaning
to the expression
“Junk In The Trunk” —

Especially considering
I was on my motorcycle.

when that beautiful
Junk Muse comes a callin’,
I’m right there with
my shield and sword.

Talk about a mixed metaphor.



Saturday in a Giffie

smokinIt’s been a wild week
around here,
but it’s also been
a great week for the mail bag.

You guys have been finding
some seriously weird
and funny vintage stuff !!!!

I love animated gif’s !!!

Let’s see —

Where to begin…
where to begin.

I know.100

Tracy sent me a picture
from her latest vacation….

maybe that’s not
the right one.


It certainly looks
like it’s somebody’s trip.down

Animation like that
really draws you in.

Pulls you in.

You know what I mean.

I could look at stuff
like that all night….

Except maybe I got to finish
this post and all.hi

I love weird
and fun
gif’s of all kinds,

it’s amazing what curves
can do to a man.

Or like this
next one–

It’s magic.


How could you go wrong
with Buster Keaton, right?

A Tumblr friend was kind enoughmagic
to forward it with a note
not to reveal her name,

…. lest she be besieged with ….

I dunno exactly.

I don’t blame her
for not wanting to be tied in
with THIS mess of a blog.

Matthew sent me this next one.

I think it’s very cool.

It’s called a Phenakistoscope .PHENA 312501

It was a way of simulating motion
invented back in the 1830’s or so.

This one looks pretty old, too–

Comets and planets and suns,
oh my.

Old stuff like this
really makes
you appreciate
how our smart
our forefathers
really were…

They may not have
had digital technology,

— but they could sure
entertain themselves, right ?

I wonder if they made any dirty ones.anticipation

Maybe not–
— who knows.

Ah well….

One thing hasn’t changed —

We’ve always got
our imaginations
to fall back on, don’t we?