Dem Ole Deadly Sins

enAs much as it
may or may not
surprise some folks,
I don’t consider myself
much of an expert
on the concept of vice ……

Or of the old Catholic
and literary traditions
of “Cardinal Sin” —

Otherwise known as the “Seven Deadly Sins” .pride

I guess if I did call
myself an expert,
I’d be guilty of one of em –



I’m already almost
a poster child for that one,
— now that I think about it.

So maybe I’d better pick
another one
as an example……lust

After all,
there’s 6 other ones
that I’m sure
I don’t know
anything about.

Uh yeah.

Like Lust.

Like lust ?

I do like lust, avarice
thanks for asking.

A lot.

Uh oh….

Five others to choose from.

to spare you an awful lot
of hemming and
hawing around,
I’m just gonna give you
the rest of the list —envy

–cause we both already know
that I’m no saint in any of these areas……….

Let’s see–

We started with Pride.

And actually,
biblically speaking,
that’s where all the hassles
in the Garden of Eden started….

Interesting coincidence.guttony

Then there was Lust.

And lust certainly
was a big part of the whole
“Landlord revoked our lease-
everything must go,
especially us”
 thing, too.

As it is in real life, often enough.

I’m sensing a pattern here.


Before I forget,
I want to point out that the illustrations
of the ‘big 7’ (pics 2-8)
on this post were done
by the renowned French artist
Bernard Charoy in the 1960’s.

He draws great pin ups, too.

But, back to the rest of the list.

Number three is Gluttony.
Then, there’s Greed.
And Envy.anger
Number six on the
sinners hit parade is Wrath.
And let’s not forget,
— bringing up the rear is Sloth.

Now, as I said,
I don’t have to act all innocent
and pretend I’m not totally
conversant in most of these things —

I mean,
I would if I could sell it,
but I don’t really think 12
my regular readers
would buy it.

But, truthfully,
the various potential permutations
can boggle the mind.

If they’ve got Lemon Gelato on special
at the local Ice Cream shop,
you can bet I’m going to be theremaxbruening
— spooning out the ‘Gluttony’ —
one cold, lemony,
sweet and sour bite at a time.

And, yes, perhaps
I do have somewhat of a reputation
as a super big pain in the ass
when I’m pissed off  –
which certainly could be translated
as ‘Wrath’, I guess.

And I have to admit that
the grass at my house definitely needs
it’s first Spring cut-
overdue, in large part,
because of a tendency of mine toward ‘Sloth’.

And because it’s been
raining like cats and dogs,
…… dammit.

I’m not an ‘Envy’ kinda guy, though.

And I actually find ‘Greed’ and ‘Hate’
to be the most detestable of sins.

I know ‘Hate’ ain’t on the official list.

But it is on mine.

I wonder —

Is it bad
that I hate greedy people?

Ah well….

A man’s gotta have vices, right ?

HOY !!!!!!